Reducing the Sound Impact of Domestic Appliances

Reducing the Sound Impact of Domestic Appliances

Noise can indeed irritate your ears especially when your focus is set on other activities such as reading, meditating or even sleeping. In a family setting, noise could result from the activities of other family members especially when they are washing clothes, using kitchen appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, tumble dryers or refrigerators. It could be that the room adjacent to the kitchen is your bedroom and every time the microwave door is opened and closed, it sounds like the wall is being slammed with a brick and whenever the machine is working, you can hear it humming right through the wall. Well, all problems can be solved,and in this article, we outline some of the best solutions for the noise menace in your home.

Kitchen Appliances

If the source of noise is a kitchen appliance such as a microwave, you can consider fixing a sound blocker membrane on the wall behind the microwave. The sound blocker membrane is an innovative material utilizing up to date technology, synthetic rubber and special heavy fillers producing a revolutionary acoustic membrane. The membrane provides a minimum loss of room space for maximum noise reduction since it is only 1.2 mm thick. Not only is it versatile but it boasts a veryhigh-performance noise reduction level. 

Washing Machines and Tumble dryers

Noise from washing machines and tumble driers can be a nuisance. Essentially, several factors may be the cause of this noise. The washer could be old and ready for replacement,and even if it may not be too old, it may be in need of some repairs. The machines may be in direct contact with hard surfaces such as tile floors, walls or hardwood surfaces and the good news is that you can easily prevent your machine from vibrating against these surface when you implement some true soundproofing techniques.

You can start any soundproofing job by assessing the possible sources of noise.The first step could be asking yourself questions such as; what kind of surfaces is it touching? it is old enough to be replaced? Since many machines have a tendency to skid along the floor, noise may be the result of their vibrations. To prevent this from happening, you may choose to have some kind of non-slip material under your machine. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase rubber anti-vibration pads and mats for the washing machines. In case you are not willing to spend money in your search of a solution, you may choose to fold up an old blanket and slide it under your machine. However, since that may not help the machine to remain steady, you might end up getting a rubber mat in the end. Additionally, covering your machine or tumble dryer with blankets is another good suggestion. You may choose to purchase soundproof blankets that are as wide as the washer and long enough to reach the floor.


Unlike the washing machine, refrigerator noise is rarely loud enough to cause physical effects such as hearing loss. However, a noisy refrigerator can contribute to increased stress levels in a home. Noise occurring when the fan or ice maker turns on and off may startle the babies. Noises coming from the outside of the refrigerator may be due to the condenser fan or the compressor,and occasionally, noise can be the result of a loose door rattling.  Therefore, you can solve the issue by examining your refrigerator to ensure that the doors are not loose, or fixing the motor properly.  For a certainty you do not need to punish yourself with noise for solutions do exist.