Reflection of My Nursing Philosophy on Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is the primary authorized children hospital in South Florida. It also has branches spread in other states with more than 130 pediatric sub-experts and over 650 physicians. The operation criterion of the clinic is to guarantee that the health care practitioners are zealous and additionally utilizes every available technique to ensure that children are cared for and their families supported. The healing center has values and guiding principles, which include support, compassion, duty, and joint effort to mention a few (“Our mission, vision, and values”). Without a doubt, it is among the best healing centers that give paramount medical services to children in the US. The hospital abides with my philosophical principle, values, and trust.

I believe that nursing is a calling that requires a medical attendant to have empathy and be caring. I endeavor to offer the best nursing care by envisioning on the primary needs of patients, my key responsibilities, and my personal values. Nursing is a science, and it is an art. A medical caretaker provides care to patients with sympathy and in a professional way. By linking these components to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, I conclude that the clinic stands for all of these qualities.

Nursing is a field within the healthcare discipline. It is based on particular aptitudes and essential considerations. The reason for this training is to give the assistance patients need to adapt to their medical problems. In order to achieve this, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has an internal Auditing office. The mandate of the unit is to carry out independent, objective, and assurance consulting activities that add value to and enhance the hospital’s operations (“Ethics & compliance and internal audit”). Moreover, the hospital accomplishes its goals by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes, which increase the efficiency of various practices in the hospital. However, it fails in maintain constant communication with its clients. Therefore, the management of the clinic needs to revise its contact strategies within the society to ensure swift and improved health services.

Finally, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital stands out among the best medical centers that provide excellent services to children worldwide. With that, it abides with my nursing philosophy, values, and trust. It shows its obligation by establishing an internal auditing office, which ensures provision of quality services. It also guarantees efficiency in its services by using a systematic, disciplined approach in its management. However, in order to ensure swift and improved services, the hospital needs to improve on its communication strategies with its clients and the society.

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