Restrictions of Outside Food in Multiplexes Should Be Lifted

Restrictions of Outside Food in Multiplexes Should Be Lifted

Maharashtra faces the challenge of overpricing of foodstuff and beverages in the multiplexes. A heated debate ignited by the opposition leader Dhananjay Munde revived the anger of the people.

Protest by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

Complementing the argument that was raised by Dhananjay, a case was reported in the recent weeks of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. The party staged enormous protests inside the multiplexes in various areas such as Mumbai, Thane, Pune among other cities. It was noted that a pack of popcorn retailed at Rs 5 outside the multiplexes while the price inside hiked to Rs250.

Activism by Jainendra Baxi

Due to the escalated complaints and disappointment among the populace, the activist Jainendra Baxi filed a case in the Bombay High Court. It was ruled to the petitioner’s favor. The court argued that the prices charged in the multiplexes were far ahead of the actual tickets rates.

Ruling by Bombay High Court

The ruling directed the government to file its affidavit in the next four weeks, to defend itself against the accusations. The president of COEA, Nitin Datar, confirmed that they had not received any directive from the government concerning the issue.

 He was quoted saying that they would comply with any directive from the state. He also acknowledges that there was a divergence in the prices of foods and beverages. The outside prices were lower than inside, which jeopardized the rights of citizens.

 In the same vein, he asserted that there existed much difference between the privately-owned multiplexes and the ones operated by large corporations. The two differed in terms of prices they charged for food and tickets.

Opinions of COEA President

Datar postulate on the need of regulation cutting across all businesses instead of targeting cinemas alone.  However, he refuted the fact that foodstuffs and beverages are sold to patrons in multiplexes or cinemas. He restates Indian jurisdictions which prohibit selling items inside the auditorium.

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