Should Prostitution Be Legal?

Naked City and Las Vegas; Two Different Worlds


Given the sacred nature that rests behind sexual activity, prostitution should not be legalized no matter what. Presently, many countries are keenly looking into legalizing prostitution, and thus decriminalizing the illicit sex industry, as established by Raymond (2003). I beg to concur with Raymond’s (2003) views that legitimizing prostitution does nothing close to empowering people, particularly women, on the contrary, legalizing prostitution will end up reducing females to sex slaves.


In the bid to support my case as to why prostitution should not be legalized, I provide forth reasons, why decriminalizing the vice would spell more harm, than good. First, it should be noted that prostitution, as presented by Demand Abolition (2017) is a form of gender-based violence. As a matter of fact, legalizing prostitution would only mean that women are placed at a disadvantaged position, given that most sex buyers tend to be males (Demand Abolition, 2017). Secondly, legalizing prostitution would mean that more harm and trauma is inflicted on the prostituted. Interviews done with prostitutes, in different areas around the globe, as revealed by Demand Abolition (2017) have shown that majority of prostitution acts are violent and abusive. In countries where the vice is decriminalized like New Zealand, the narrative confirms that the abusive and violent natures of the sex buyers have not reduced with the supported legalization of prostitution (Demand Abolition, 2017). Thirdly, it is essential to note that legalization of prostitution does not reduce the stigma and isolation that is felt by prostitutes, and countries that have legalized the activity like New Zealand confirm this fact (Demand Abolition, 2017). The meaning is that even with the legalization of prostitution in other countries, the story is highly likely to be the same, where stigmatization will continue to manifest because of the devaluation of the human body, a thought that is held by the opponents of the activity.


The few examples presented above confirm that legalizing prostitution is not in any way beneficial. Coupling the above points to the fact that prostitution is ungodly, for the lack of a better word, it is apparent that decriminalizing the activity should not be considered by countries. It is high time that we get our moral act together and say no to vices that are fashioned to merely reduce the value of the bodies of humans, particularly women who have struggled and some are still struggling to be unchained from oppression, sexual oppression included for that matter.