International relations may be a branch of political science, but it is important that we acknowledge and embrace the discipline as exceptionally in-depth in its own right and capacity. As the world continuous to grow in diversity, international relations will continue to expand and evolve along the same direction the world is experiencing as we seek to tighten the observance of globalization. There is a class of respect and increase in the societal image when one attains a highly acknowledged certificate in an identified field of study. Whereas others may deem this respect as necessary and a motivating factor to achieve more excellence in the field of academia, the motivation factor behind my dream to pursue and achieve greater heights in the field of International Relations supersedes just gathering certificates in the field but rather, to be a pioneer in the area of human rights protection and a recognized scholar in the field of international relations. Interestingly, the world is continuously experiencing and observing the relevance of globalisation making it necessary to build trust and tighten the foundation on which ties between nations are built.

The world has come to accept globalization which is evidenced from the number of multilateral agreements signed by governments of different nations in recent times. If these agreements are anything to go by, considering that governments do not exist to work for themselves but exist to promote the well-being of the population in a representative capacity. What then happens to the population who do not get the chance to review and attest to detail of such agreements? What rights do they have in such scenarios? Do they even have any rights? Even if they do, how do they get to know and understand their rights in such regards? All these are relevant areas of International Relations that need prominent consideration under the discipline. There is the need for greater call to equip the population to understand their rights in economic development, issues of national security and human rights advocacy – industrial relations presents us with a global oriented perspective on issues that transcend national boundaries. The discipline extends to cover areas such as economic integration, environmental protection, unprecedented threat to security and human rights protection thus international relations in this regard lays emphasis on interdisciplinary research that forecasts and addresses with due process, public policy negativities.

On the international level, the study of International Relations will provide me the opportunity to understand how the discipline promotes successful trade policies between countries across the world, encourages business, immigration and tourism through the provision of opportunities for individuals to better their lives, advances human culture through cultural exchanges, policy development and diplomacy and cooperation between nations. At the societal level, the study of international relations will provide me the opportunity to understand the nature and exercise of powers within the global systems of the universe, changing character of state actors who participate in international decision-making, origins of political instabilities and maintenance of peace within our various societies and national level. Studying Political science at the undergraduate level of academia provided me with the opportunity to gather knowledge in the theory and practices of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels centring adequately on subfields such as Political Methodology, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and International Relations. Even though International Relations was a major subfield I studied under Political Science, a further interest to pursue Masters In International Relations as an exceptionally in-depth discipline in its own right and capacity goes ahead to define my dreams and enthusiasm to be one of the leading characters in matters of Industrial relations in the world.

To further gather knowledge and understanding on the discipline, I have been involved in the reading of International Relation novels prominently among them being The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (by John J. Mearsheimer), The Great Transformation (by Karl Polanyi) and Arms and Influence (by Thomas Schelling). I have over the years found myself in seminars which sought to educate individuals on human rights advocacy, issues of national security, political stability and maintenance of peace. I have had the opportunity of working as a research assistant under the umbrella of XXXXX for International Affairs and Diplomacy, University of Ghana (LECIAD) taking active participation in policy briefs writings and desk research.  Between August 2016 and September 2017, I worked directly under the umbrella of XXXXX as a research assistant on one of his projects, disability rights and issues relating to human rights and drug policy in West Africa.  I have also been an active member of XXXXX, a non-governmental movement that seeks to promote societal development and promotion of human rights at the societal and district level. All these experiences drawn have in many ways contributed positively to the development of my communication skills, both verbally and non-verbal and more importantly, my enthusiasm to further gather knowledge in the field of International Relations.

In Africa, prominently Liberia, Somalia, Nigeria, Burundi, Sudan, Libya, Chad and Democratic Republic of Congo have over the years been heavily involved in wars with many of their citizens dispersing to find comfort and settlement in different countries. Many people fail to understand how these conflicts begin, who wins and why? How are wars prevented and what factors call for wars? These are issues of International Relations! As the world grows to become more interdependent, scholars in the field of International Relations are gaining an insight and assigning importance to International Economic activities – In this regard, scholars in the field are analysing international communications, foreign investment, world trading activities, international development, International Security policies, arms control, defence and nuclear deterrence to the relevance of conducive international relations among countries with greater emphasis on globalisation. These are relevant areas of International Relations I dream of pursuing further to help my country, Africa and the world as a whole.

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