The Amendment of Texas’ Constitution

To revise the Texas constitution, Article 17, Section 1 of the 1876 constitution outlines the process involved in amending the constitution. After the Bill has been made, it is presented in the legislature during regular or special sessions of the legislature. After the proposed amendments have been evaluated, the proposal has to be voted for by 2/3 of all the elected members in the house to move forward being ratified by the voters (Janice, pg. 244). A brief explanation of the proposed amendment and the date of the elections is then published in the state newspaper. The elections are then held by legislature procedures and if the votes cast favor the amendment, it becomes part of the constitution and the Governor makes the proclamation.

Texas constitution needs to be revised and if possible be written afresh. First, the Texas constitution is one of the longest constitutions in the united states of America. The constitution came into effect in 1876 and since then, it has undergone several amendments ( Morrow, pg765). The constitution is poorly organized and this makes the constitution to be complex hence it is difficult for the people to read and understand it. The constitution needs to be amended to curter for the growing needs of the people.

Secondly, specific ambiguous regulations and power allocation among state administrators intensify the situation and make life harder for the people. It leads to paralysis in policies and brings confusion among government officials. For instance, the state’s chief executive shares some specific powers with other elected officials, confusing rights. In addition, this makes the executive concentrate on protecting their rights, jurisdictions, and prerogatives instead of servicing the state and minding the welfare of the people.

Lastly, the current constitution is incapable to administer an effective system to govern the growing urban center. The constitution is unable to fulfill the needs of the twenty-first century (Chemerinsky). The constitution is made up of old and outdated provisions which are inefficient and therefore the constitution needs to be thoroughly revised and most probably, it should be written afresh.