Over 3.1 billion people in the world have access to the internet. This includes almost 84 million Russians, 280 million Americans, 642 millions Chinese, 243 million Indians, and many others. The base of modern society is on the high-speed and affordable broadband internet connectivity. All experts agreed that the internet is the invention of America. America is included on those countries that have most access of broadband internet. Many people think that American people have most access of internet than the other countries but the reality is very different. When we talk in sense of population America is behind from many countries. Recent research shows that Bulgaria is on number 1 in this list where almost 96% people have internet access. America is in the 13th number according to the speed of internet. [1]

On the per capita basis, the European people have most access of broadband. Almost 26% citizens of European countries have broadband access. The active users of mobile broadband service are increasing daily. According to the ITU survey the total number of user in 2012 are 5.9 billion which 4times than the number of users is in 2011. Due the huge number of people, the number of number users is increasing in India and china rapidly than other countries. The U.S is on seventh number in mobile broadband penetration. [2]



The national plan to increase the broadband coverage can vary. The main thread of broadband technology is to spur economic development of all countries and can transform a delivery of social services like health, education, and e-government. All countries of world are trying to improve the life of their citizens by digital divide. In addition, these countries are doing this task by broadband initiatives. In addition to the expected economic benefits of these initiatives (such as growth in gross domestic product per capita, job creation, increased tax revenue and so on), enabling universal access to a fast and reliable broadband infrastructure will lay the 21st-century foundation for a nation’s competitiveness and innovation. To design a good quality and reliable infrastructure of broadband to access all over the world is a complex and difficult task. The main factors of national broadband strategies include a clear and comprehensive plan, political will and vision, strong funding plan, strong co=operation, and strategic partnership with companies. To implement a broadband plan is costly and capital intensive. [3][4]

Some countries like Germany adopted the public-private partnership for implementation model. Beside the Germany, Malaysia, Tanzania, France, UK, and Thailand are the examples of countries that implementing the close co=operation model to apply broadband strategies. The public-private partnership model, implemented in these countries, where both public and private stakeholders participate to implement this broadband plans. These things increase the mutual understanding and able him to implement the plans throughout the nationwide. These types of projects require expertise, large skills, and resources.

The second Broadband strategy model is government ownership model that is used in Australia and some other countries. In this model, government has the ownership and operates it nationwide. This model was created in 2009 in Australia. Each country has their own problems and challenges. These challenges include the existing infrastructure, and availability of resources and ICT knowledge within the govt, sixe of national geographic broadband, and technology expertise. The new wireless technologies 3G, 4G are cost-effective and easy for a government to implement if for far areas.

Part 2:

The name of national broadband plan in America is Federal communication commission, which was launched in 2010 in first time in America. On that time, America was the 52nd country that launched his Broadband national plan. The main objectives of this national plan are to get access over 100 million U.S. homes and download speed at least 100 mb per second. The America country will lead in mobile innovation by providing extensive and fastest wireless network. The internet broadband has equal benefits in both social and economic areas. The broadband system has applications and content, networks and devices. The main key feature to run this cycle that is interdependent. If broadband services are fast, widely available, and reliable to se then companies will invent more powerful and good devices to connect it. This scheme causes to bring new users. [5]

In January 2018, the president Donald trump signed a bill that will enhance the broadband access to the other countries and Remote areas of America. President Trump signed a repeal of Obama broadband privacy rules; this is considered a big victory of internet service providers in America. The main objective of this bill is to provide internet services in rural areas. In America, almost 23 million people do not have access to broadband services.


USA is trying to solve the racial segregation for centuries. After many years attempt now the racial problem are decreasing in America by providing the equal rights to all people. However, this divide is still found in digital area. According to the survey, almost 50.3% of white people have access of probing web and only 23% black or Hispanics are able to perform this task. The digital divide in America is still present and influence prejudice within the American society. The main reason for this digital divide is the financial problems, race and ethnicity, employment status, etc. The USA government is trying to reduce the digital divide in America by implanting different plans. By placing computers and internet connections on public place, such as schools, library, and allow to use it to those people which don’t have access to internet.[6]

People that have internet access and those who don’t have internet access are called the digital divide. Mostly the low income, rural areas people don’t have internet access. The community type and Race, and age are also a factor that reduces the chances to get internet access. [7]

There are some plans that USA government applying to address this problem. By placing computers and internet connections on public place, such as schools, library, and allow to use it to those people which don’t have access to internet. Beside this, Government also trying to produce less or cheap computers and internet services so that a low-income person also get access to the internet services.


There are some countries or states where the people have very internet access rate as compared to the other countries. The list of low rate internet access countries is listed:


  • Timor-Leste 1%
  • Myanmar 1.16%
  • Burundi 1.39%
  • Sierra Leone 1.49%
  • Somalia 1.51%
  • Niger 1.61%
  • Ethiopia 1.7%
  • Guinea 1.7%
  • Congo 1.92%

All these countries are for from the other countries. The main reason of low internet access is the far areas countries and its poverty. All these countries are poor and people don’t afford the internet facilities. Therefore, internet companies also don’t take interest in these areas because there is no profit in these countries. The internet access rate in these countries is very low. Low education and poor government policies are also the key factors of low internet access in these areas.


The broadband technology is power technology in the world of internet and he has numerous benefits in all the fields. Some main key benefits of Broadband are mentioned below:

  • Broadband survive cheap than all other types of internet connections.
  • It has low cost wires and the price of wire can be change, depending on the speed and type of vendor.
  • It has high speed that ranges between 128kb and 1.56mb per second. The speed of the connection depends on the distance.
  • It always remains on and you don’t need to wait for connectivity
  • It also comes at fixed prices on monthly basis in most countries.
  • Beside this, it has benefits in online education, business, etc.


The high-speed connections save the time and you can get instant access to your desired site. People don’t like low connections. Te high-speed internet has improved the lives of people. Due to the high-speed internet, connection people are able to get online education without interrupting. Thousands of people running his online business and all this due to the quality internet otherwise they may be face some problem while facing their clients. Beside this one can do online shopping, online ticket books, etc. The fast internet connection also able to watch online TV, listen your desired music and play online games which is not possible on slow speed internet connections.

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