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The Conscious Leadership Experience (CLE) is a consultancy firm founded by Paul Sadler. He brings an essential leadership conversation to the world through his coaching, consulting, and online resources.

He creates confidence, increased creativity, and sustainable transformation to your business.



Bringing consciousness into your business is a big sign of prosperity and growth.

Creating a business insight and conscious inclination together is a big way to scale and grow your business. Imagine yourself building a work environment that encourages other to succeed, an environment where the driving force is based on love and mutual respect. This is possible but have you ever wondered how all this can be achieved. Paul Sadler brings his in-depth experience and knowledge of over 6 years to help business owners be conscious of what they need to succeed and help others succeed as well.


Business; the tool to drive positive social change

Conscious business should be a driving tool for positive change in the society. Businesses today are faced with various challenges varying from bad leadership to bad business strategies. It is important to know that for any business to thrive effectively in our society today, there are certain things that should be put in place. There are a number of reasons why organizations might need to experience business transformation. Some of these factors are increasing competition, unrealistic opportunities, big goal growths, bad return on investments. A business transformation to a large extent involves the change in the level and brand of a business and how it stirs growth in the society.  Managing these issues remain a daunting task for business leaders.

There should be a distinctive difference between traditional business and conscious business. Business transformations are sometimes, dynamics and may take long before the effect is felt. It is easy for the change process to get messed up for those involved. Creating the right environment to stir this cause and manage the long-term change involved with business transformation can sometimes be a hard work. This demands good, strong conscious leadership, and the process is always rigorous.

As we get more conscious and aware of our intrinsic and essential connection to one another which is been motivated by deeper inspiration that brings about a positive change in our society. While the bad business idea may have created the problem, increasing our consciousness to business is vital to the solution.

Companies of the word today bring into focus the link that exists between individual success, company success, community success and global success. The focus is geared towards opportunities that improve, support and sustain life on a daily basis. These companies enjoy robust investments from stakeholders, global brands, high market valuation and continuous patronage from the outside market. Employees prefer to work in this organizations, consumers prefer to use their products and they are in the mouth of every individual day in day out. This is not rocket science, it is important to know that while traditional business uses the idea of force to compete, rule, and stay relevant in the rather saturated market, conscious business uses self-consciousness to generate, compete and stay in limelight.

A conscious business proposition that wants to bring about positive change in the society must take the following into cognizance;

  1. Profit, which is financial responsibility
  2. People, who are the driving force of any organization and the agent of social change
  3. Society, which is environmental stability
  4. The existence which is the inner responsibility and deeper understanding that business is needed to support the realities of humans that are related and connected to developing the course of every nation.

In order for business to grow and experience conscious leadership, leaders and business owners need to achieve change through the following”

A clear understanding of why you need to be Conscious as a leader

It is important for business owners as the leaders of an entrepreneur to understand the role self-consciousness bring in the transformation of a business. As leaders, it is important to get every one board with this self-consciousness. It is important to give strong reasons why it is important and necessary for a business to grow and the effect it has on the organization and individual as a whole. One of the ways to ensure consciousness as a leader is to lead by example, build trust, show transparency and explain how consciousness in business can bring about positive social and economic values. A leader should be emotional and at the same time rational ensuring that crucial questions that can build a strong foundation for business growth are being asked and the understanding of it is being shared on a regular basis.

A clear purpose for everyone to believe in

When individuals have a purpose they can believe in, it is easier to awake their consciousness. It makes working together relatively easy as they would have a common goal and target to work towards. It brings inspiration and connections that cannot be found anywhere else. Defining the aspirations and goals of a business enterprise from the start makes them more attainable as people are conscious of what they intend to achieve in the long run. Articulating these goals and aspiration on a daily basis is key as it will help people to be self-aware of the important journey ahead of them.


Leadership is both gift and talent, learn from within

Leadership is a gift every business owner must have to succeed and do well. It is important to apply this to work on a regular basis. It is important for the business owner to incorporate the idea that what comes first before the business is a mission. There should be a clear mission and visions of what the business intends to achieve. Understanding this fact helps organizations and business owners develop a passion to stir their business to greater heights.

Leadership calling can contain product or service that builds community, humanity and the world at large. Individuals who share this basic ideology are better able to embrace the shared responsibility that comes with it. Imbibing this leadership culture help business to improve its vision, mission, passion, performance, durability, balance, freedom, and readiness to operate in the global scene. Leadership role position business owners on the right path giving them a clear idea of what financial stability is, an idea of how to grow revenue, income, and profits. It provides them with a clear understanding of how to explore new opportunities, deal with employee and grow business positively.

If you see the need to take substantial steps to create a conscious path for your yourself and your work with the view of bringing integrity and compassion into your business, the Leadership Coaching experience is something you need to take into consideration. You will definitely experience a life-changing growth with like-minded, and growth professionals who are constantly changing the face of trade across the globe.

What does this course promise?

The conscious leadership experience provides you with a deeper level of understanding and awareness of what you need to know about yourself, your work, and your business. It will provide a deeper transformation which will enable you to focus and maintain the conscious business principles that will grow your business into a global brand.







Conscious Business Declaration               

As an international community of business leaders, we are dedicated to helping business owners develop the alertness and skills needed to transform their organization into a global brand.

Our intentions are listed below

  1. We focus on humanity and life with a view to helping business owners around the world develop a self-conscious effort of what their business needs to grow and also to bring them to an understanding that they are an essential part of a single certainty that is related, connected and interdependent.
  2. This reality has helped us provide the needed leadership training needed by business owners to scale and grow their business with a focus on economic prosperity for all in a bid to improve human lives and create a healthy living environment.
  3. Help sustain a business with the aim to restore the self-consciousness and integrity of business owners around the world.
  4. Provide the model needed for business to operate economically and socially with enough transparency.
  5. Help business grow as a positive and integral part of the global and local community.
  6. Help business owners maximize opportunities that are available and create a business community all can look forward to.

Our driving philosophy is the fact that we understand that good business can be the tool to bring about positive economic and social change that can drive the world to prosperity. We focus on providing a leadership session that will help business owners develop new strategies that will not only scale and grow their businesses but provide total transformation of the world both economically and socially.

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