The improvement in technology and industry has been observed to be increasing at an unprecedented speed. The changes and improvement in Gadgets are so fast that the latest of those becomes the antique of tomorrow. As a result of these fast developments, most of the things are now taken for granted. The Invention of Wheel is an example of such an invention. One can hardly find a mechanical gadget where the wheel is not used. After taking a look around, it can be observed that almost every machinery consists of the use of wheel. The word wheel can be considered to derive its name, from a famous metaphor, for the never ending life cycle of the world. The invention of wheel is normally taken as a primitive and humble invention in comparison to the newly developed advanced gadgets. The oldest wheel can be found to be excavated from the archeological excavation from the remains of Mesopotamian around 3500 BC.  The Wheel proved to be a perfect invention from the prehistoric times particularly for the use in travelling and transportation of goods, living things and all types of materials. Now a days, the wheels are used in almost every mechanical invention in almost every part of life. The use of wheel for the domestic purposes such as milling, irrigation, pottery, farming and many other things. Some of the most significant applications of wheel in today’s use include its use in Transportation Infrastructure, Industrial developments, Heavy military equipment and machinery , Huge Ships and Naval Ships, Use in electronic equipment’s, Advanced Toys, Domestic use in farming and cultivation and in almost every other Field.

It can concluded that the “The Wheel is the most significant invention which revolutionized the complete developmental infrastructure of Mankind since the creation of earth”

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