The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Part 1.

In ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’, the main protagonist is arguably the Third Little Pig, while the antagonist is the Al who is also referred as the Big Bad Wolf. The Third Little Pig is the brother of the Little Pig and Second Little Pig. He is described as being the brains of the family since he built his house of bricks. He is the protagonist, as he is the hero of the story who managed to lead to the arrest of the Al. Al is the antagonist since he is the bad guy who ate First Little Pig and Second Little pigs. In the story, the flat character is AL, as he doesn’t have emotional depth. He hasn’t changed his personality as he devoured First Little Pig and Second Little Pig. The book has secondary characters who are arguably First Little Pig and Second Little Pig. They help to showcase how Al is bad and also teach about folly. They also help showcase how Third Little Pig is clever as compared to them since he built his house to be stronger and out of brick as compared to theirs, which were made of straw and sticks, respectively. The main character of the story would appeal to young readers as they teach them about personality and character. First Little Pig and Second Little Pig teach us about not being foolish. Third Little Pig on the other hand teaches about being clever and finding ingenious ways of survival and dealing with cunning people like Al. Al, on the other hand, is the villain and teaches the young readers about the characters they shouldn’t have so as to avoid being considered bad and unacceptable in society.

Part 2

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs encompasses a number of literary elements. The characterization element of the book has been effectively showcased since the three pigs and Al, the wolf show diverse personalities. All the Three Little Pigs are shown to be good and Al is showcased to be bad. The plot of the story is interesting and flows well since it logically describes the way the content has been arranged. It shows how Al started moving from his home and why he was going out, and ends up explaining why he was arrested and termed as the “Big Bad Wolf.” The plot is also effective as it’s not only interesting but entertaining. The story lets the reader look at it from two diverse points of view. The views under discussion include Al’s point of view and Third Little Pig’s point of view. On one hand, Al says he is innocent and has been framed as he arguably didn’t kill anybody willingly as he blames it on the cold. On the other hand, he is showcased as being bad as he actively took part in the killing and eating of First Little Pig and Second Little Pig. The setting of the story effectively goes in line with the plot and themes. The storyline is set on a street where Al goes from house to house asking for sugar. The arrangement of the houses aids in showing his character and intentions. The major theme showcased is that of taking time to do the right thing. Third Little Pig took his time to make a brick house, as his brothers, who were arguably lazy, made theirs out of straw and sticks and made weaker houses. It shows that hard work pays off.

Part 3

The literary elements are an important part of a story as they dictate the storyline and give it meaning. The plot in ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is episodic as it shows how the events took place. The episodes start at the Al’s home and ends up showing how he became a villain and was arrested for being bad. The climax of the plot is when Third Little Pig calls the police on Al and it leads to the arrest of Al. The setting of the story is entertaining and logical as it describes how Al moves from house to house in the street. It paints a vivid picture of what the street looked like with houses made of straw, sticks, and brick. The setting is a backdrop since it tells a story that happened long ago. The characters in the story effectively fulfill their roles in helping derive the main themes and also expound on the plot. First Little Pig and Second Little Pig are different from Third Little Pig, and that explains why they died easily. Al is cunning and gluttonous as he believes it’s disrespectful to leave without eating First Little Pig and Second Little Pig. The interesting point of view in looking at the story is using the voice of Al. It makes the story interesting since he claims to be innocent. It gives the reader a broad view of the story. There are many themes shown in the story, but the most viable one is the one discussing how hard work pays. The most engaging and interesting element is character, as it manages to educate the reader on the many types of people and characters in modern society.