Tourist Resort Management with Business Planning


The seaside and beachside resort is an attraction in recent times for the tourist. From the perspective of the tourist point of view, tourism and visitor management has an interrelated relationship. In this assignment, a major role of the resort manage manager has been emphasised used to have a strong concern on the issue of the resort and its minimisation. There are different learning outcomes which are features, types, packages, location and many others. In the UK, there is a major ski resort which is “Glenshee Ski Centre”. An example of a different hotel chain such as the Tui group is provided in this assignment. The guiding principle is provided to the resort management for the best outcome. A conclusion section is discussed in order to manage all vital facts and factors.

LO1 Examine the different features of common resorts and the potential issues of managing them

Types of the resort, issue and potentiality

There are different types of beach resorts and ski resorts. In addition to this, there are majorly other types of resorts such as ecological resorts, adult resorts, historic resorts and many others. Moreover, all these resorts have a base which is resort management. All these resorts used to have different types of features such as innovative architecture, recreation activities and others. In recent times, there is a major feature which is motel. As a feature of the hotel, there is a service of 24*7 services for the consumer. It has been analysed that in recent tourist rest used to have a strong feature of a boutique hotel.

In a resort, there are different types of issues such as high operational costs. Due to high cost, chunk cost has been improved. In addition to this, there is another issue which is the lack of skilled employees in the tourism industry. Under the tourist business, there are different types of segmentation such as food management, relaxation service, Parlour, gym service and others. It has been analysed that, under the context of the restaurant business, chef and employees cost has been enhanced. Lack of security is a vital issue which is faced by resort managers as well as it used to have an impact on the holidaymakers. Place and position used to play a vital role in this issue making of a resort. In recent times, competition among different ski and roof resorts, motels, boutique hotels and others has been enhanced. The rising global financial recession is an issue that is faced by the resort industry. Labour turnover is a major issue in the tourism industry and it has a deep association with the shortage of labour.

In the context of features, ski based resort used to be known as a multi-billion business. It has been analysed that this ski resort used to invest the amount of $7.3 billion per year. In addition to this, there are a high number of customers which is accounted of 57.1 million. It has been evident that nearly, 15% of the business has been improved in the features of common resorts. As an issue in this ski resort, there is a high chance of “ski injury” (Delibašić et al. 2020). There is a major feature which is lifted transportation.  As an example, there is a reference of a resort which is “Val Gardena ski resort” which is in Italy. The “The National Ski Areas Association” has a strong concern over the growth of worldwide phenomenon to solve all these issues in an innovative way. The “management of congestion of ski resorts” is a major issue that will be faced by this resort industry. It has been evident that heavy road traffic used to lack the safety issue.

As per the view of Dryglas and Salamaga (2018), a common feature of the resort, there is a plan of the spa resort and medical resort. It has been analysed that, in this aspect, local government and marketers used to make an issue. Thus, the business of spa resorts can be improved. As a plan, there is a major factor which is the push factor, which is based on three elements such as “treatment, prevention and tourism”. It is used to improve the growth of wellness seekers.

A difference in operational areas is an issue. Under the context of the package, there is a vital fact which is promotion. In low season and high season, there is a need for promotion. In addition to this, OTA connection is a vital factor that needs to be propagated in an effective way. Along with this, there is a fact which is yield management. For enhancement of sales, hotel and tourism loyalty program needs to be incorporated in an innovative way.

Strategic management

Strategic management is a vital factor in the tourism and resort base industry. It has been analysed that accommodation needs to be treated as a product. Consumer segmentation needs to be taken into consideration as per the budget. Catering service needs to be strengthened for providing people relaxation. There are other ranges of services such as “luxury, commercial and many more” that needs to be expanded. Under this context, there are different types of strategy such as the function strategy, corporate strategy and business strategy. All these strategies need to be implemented. It has been analysed that there is vital management which is divisional management; it needs to be implemented in an innovative way. Divided strategy is based on three other strategies which are intended, realized and emerged”. Under the strategic management, business franchising, joint venture, hotel chain, collaboration needs to be implemented to garb more customers as well as profit. Hotel and resort organisation needs to follow the straight guideline to make the profitable organisation

LO2 Evaluate the different types of resorts and the packages available

Different types of resort package, sales and others

Under this context, there are different types of resort packages which are under the following

  • Daily housekeeping program
  • Kids club
  • Party hub
  • Multiple restaurants
  • Entertainment zone
  • Wellness facilities and others

As per the view by Liao and Chuang (2020), resort packages used to work as a goal for visitors. In addition to this, there are other some facts which are “accommodation’, ‘length of stay, ‘price’, ‘cuisine’, ‘transport’, and ‘season”. Packages have a strong association with destination development. In recent times, wedding floor development used to work as a feature as well as the package of the resort management. The concept of a low-cost carrier is attractive in recent times (Camilleri, 2018).

  • Traditional cruises
  • Fly cruises
  • Cruises and stay
  • Mini-cruises
  • Educational cruises

Under this context there are three vital types of the resort packages as current trends which are under the following

Room only package

This is the package where single option will be provided for the customer. This entitled option used to provide the luxury and supreme room for the staying purpose. The initial cost of the room only approach is low in nature. It can be said that as the process is low in this aspect, chances of travel is high also. It has been evaluated that hotel chains and corporate chains used to take this only room as an attraction for the customer.

Bed and breakfast or full board package

The bed and breakfast option is an elementary option in recent era. It is known as the process of the full boarding process. In addition to this, bedroom and buffet is an option as well. Under this context, there are other features of this package, which is known as the “sunny-side-up, Benedict or poached”. It has been analysed that some hotel used to approach the offer of extra meal; it is a way of profit as well. Because, most of the time, tourists are for vacation, does not want to buy the food from outside. Thus this strategy used to make the hotel packages based on the one fits for all. Under the context of the cost, the degree of concentration is higher in the UK rather than in any other country. In all these companies, there are nearly sales of o (15.5 million sales)”, which is enhanced by the 62% of the sales. Dynamic packaging needs to be incorporated in order to promote the tourism industry. The “Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018” has emphasised three major facts which are “transport, accommodation and vehicle hire”.

All inclusive packages

There is a package which is known as the process of the all inclusive. It has been analysed that, 85% of the hotel industry used to prefer this approach and package as it is a process of the competitive in nature. In this aspect, there is a point of view of which is the “pay off balance which needs to be the equal to service”. It has been analysed that it is a mental perspective of a consumer. In this resort planning, customer needs to pay an optimal payment for the entire feature. It has been analysed that, 30% of the tickets used to be sold in pre-booking by the leading tourism company of the UK. As an example, leading resort package used to provide the aviation booking service for the hustle free journey of the tourist.  It has improved the goal of the direct sells which is a vital plan. Thus, there is a fact which is based on the “one-time payment and all feature”. Under this type of services, there are different types of plan such as

  • Five star restaurant
  • Kids club
  • Luxury budget

As an example, Atlantis Resort & Casino is a major example. It has been analysed that casino hotel is a main attraction and package which used to trigger the customer and tourist.

As per the opinion by Lukianenko et al. (2019), the tourism sector of the UK has faced a vertical business. All these packages used to have a vital relation and association with the tourist flow. Sales of the tourism industry are positively and adversely affected by the different trends of economies such as globalization, internalization, trend transformation and others. As an example, six major hotel chains throughout the world used to provide all these packages which are above mentioned. All these hotels are “Holiday Inn Worldwide”, “Best Western International”, “Accor”, “Choice Hotel International”, “Marriott International”, “Hilton Hotel Corp” and “Carlson Hospitality Worldwide”.

Figure 1: “International tourist arrivals (million) and tourism receipts, USD billion”

(Source: Rahmanov et al. 2020)

There are names of different resorts which are under the lying

  • “Bath Mill Lodge Retreat”
  • Golf resort
  • Grange farm and others.

It can be said that hotel distribution chain needs to be followed all these packages throughout the world. As an example, there is a TUI group in German, used to have all inclusive service which is nearly 150 aircraft, 214000 beds, 300 hotels, 1500 travel agency and 6 airlines. In the hotel industry, recently private investment has been improved which is nearly 27%.  In addition to this, there are two important facts which are cooperation’s and government. Nearly, 9% of the gross development product is developed by the international tourism activity in recent times. Continental Hotels used to make a profit of USD 24 billion, which is an entire asset of 4,800 hotels. In 2016, the global hotel and tourism industry has received as a growth of 550 billion revenue that has been enhanced in recent times. Global export and 30% of the trade is enhanced as well due to the package of the tourism industry in an innovative way. The “British hotel chain Inter-Continental Hotels Group” has a profit of nearly 24 billion, which is a positive factor. As per the report of “UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2015)” influential and dynamic tourism has accounted for 10% of the gross development product. As per the opinion by Ianeva and Gaydarov (2019), the “high-end class hotel” is a type of hotel that has been developed in recent times and used to follow all this plans.

LO3: Business plan

1. Introduction

Resort management indicates an individual plan, managing products and services, as well as a comprehensive market vacation. Two resorts are selected within the UK, and these are “The Headland, Newquay, England” and “Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa, St. Andrews, Scotland”.

2. Situational analysis

SWOT analysis:

Strength- Good stock of holiday camps and guest houses

Weakness- Low returns of investment and not being competitive

Opportunities- Inter-island travel and major resource is environment

Threats- Market economic factors

PESTLE analysis:

Political- Major parties of the UK are conservative, Labour, Scottish nationalist party, and Liberal democratic

Economic- UK positioned 6th major economic country over the world, and BOE (Bank of England) pushed the economy by providing £100 billion to different sectors (Office for National Statistics, 2021)

Social- the UK is considered the biggest consumer market along with 68 million populations

Technological- UK is a great hub for both technology and finance

Legal- “Equality Act 2010” helps to manage any discrimination (, 2021)

Environment- UK’s tourism services contribute to the economy significantly every year

VRIO analysis:

Valuable Rare Tough to imitate Organisation Result
No Competitive disadvantage
Yes No Competitive parity
Yes Yes No Temporary competitive advantage
Yes Yes Yes No Unused competitive advantage
Yes Yes Yes Yes Long term competitive advantage

Table 1: VRIO framework for resort management in the UK

(Source: Self-developed)

3. Desired target markets

The target market can be business travellers for a hotel near a conference centre, an airport and families on vacation for resorts of Golf Resort & Spa, and “The Headland, Newquay.

On the other hand, the major product is “Banqueting”, and it refers to local conferencing, events, and weddings and from this perspective, Banqueting revenue costing is 60% and room revenue costing is 30%. These will attract customers to become involved with these resorts (Tham and Huang, 2018).

Direct reservation and online booking, as well as several feedbacks on websites, can be attractive for attracting customers to the resorts like The Headland.


4. Marketing goals and objectives

SMART objectives:

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time
High standard of services Suitable for relaxation and managing family on holiday Memorable and comfortable experiences can be gained by customers Better services can be beneficial for the future growth 8-9 months approximately

Table 2: SMART objectives

(Source: Self-developed)

Major objectives of a resort-like Golf Resort & Spa are to provide better services and manage good customer experiences along with several opportunities and online booking to the customers.

5. Marketing strategies (7Ps)

In this context, 7Ps is reliable for managing the marketing strategy for a resort-like Golf Resort & Spa, and these are product, place, people, promotion, price, process, and physical evidence. Different opportunities and offers like TV, internet, Wi-Fi connection, car parking, as well as various technologies attract people to enjoy their holidays in these resorts of the UK. Family, friends, and business parties can join these resorts for fun and relaxation (Loo and Leung, 2018).


6. Financial plans

Income and expenditure

During the three months of July, August and September 2019, the OTA Commission was £70,700. This year (2020) was only £9,400, a huge saving in the case of The Headland (Boutique Hotelier, 2021).

Cash flow projection

Previously, about £ 30,000 was spent searching and hiring the right people, but by 2020 that number will drop dramatically to just £1,400, which will be used to promote the hotel’s new general manager (Boutique Hotelier, 2021).

Pricing policies

Pricing policies and Cancellation, as well as prepayment policies, vary according to accommodations type in the case of The Headland.

Profit margin projection

The hotel’s continued government VAT cuts also mean savings of an additional £ 284,000 in July and August and a company-wide savings of £ 142,000 in September (Boutique Hotelier, 2021).

Financial plans

In the case of managing financial plans and their management, several factors like a public offering, angel investors, and personal capital, as well as financial institutes, are involved. Added to this, first-time applicants for the fund are prioritised, and the average grant available is £3,000, but in exceptional circumstances, higher grants may be awarded (Cornwall community foundation, 2021).

7. Repayment plan and evaluation plan that is used as a monitoring system

The repayment plans and evaluation plans are to help manage monitoring systems that can be online or offline mode with the help of websites or their particular apps. All the bookings and hotel services can be calculated through special monitoring systems, and different technologies are included within this. The new building will be built on top of an old tennis court and will include a new swimming pool, relaxation area and outdoor terrace available to guests and locals all year round.

LO4 Apply the guiding principles for achieving sustainable tourism for the chosen hotel resort

Sustainable approach and best practices

Under the context of the guiding principle, innovative network design needs to be followed in an innovative way. As per the view of Favre-Bonte, Gardet and Thevenard-Puthod (2019), the nature of the territory network needs to be emphasised for better and sustainable tourism. It has been analysed that a resort hotel needs to implement the approach of partnership with different hubs and hotel organisations. Guideline principle needs to have a strong concern over the green tourism management. Moreover, a tourism resilience plan is a fact which needs to be incorporated into the best practices of the Tourism Company and resort. Tourism has a major concern with the life cycle of that particular city. Nearly 20% of the tourism is combined with the holiday as well as a self-guided plan. Rural tourism is a major principle in this sustainable approach. It has been analysed that rationale use to the natural resources needs to be implemented for better tourism planning (Boiko, 2020). Under this sustainable planning, there are four facts which are mentioned in the below such as

  • Optimisation direction
  • Managerial direction
  • The direction of inexhaustible resources
  • Social direction.

In UK and Europe, there is a plan of sustainable initiatives which are “winemaking, beekeeping, cheese making, poultry farming, horse breeding”, which has improved the tourism rate in an innovative way. Under the business plan, there is a major fact which is property location. In this location, the possibility of storage, garage, spa and lobby area needs to be done.

Figure 3: Eco and sustainable tourism

(Source: Patterson, 2020)

There is a major fact which is smart tourism in recent times. This smart tourism and destination plan have a strong concern on the tangible environmental, ecological, economic and social and another factor”. It has been analysed that, all these principles used to have a concern over the responsible tourism in Glenshee Ski Centre”. In a tourism destination, local equality, democracy and peace need to be managed by the tourism operator. There is a vital plan which is eco-tourism in recent times under the context, which news to be propagated in Glenshee Ski Centre”.

Under the sustainable practices, this resort needs to implement the plan and usage of local food. A waste management plan needs to be propagated also to make a sustainable plan. The procurement of green space is a sustainable policy of the resort which has a vital relationship with the corporate social responsibility. An energy efficiency program needs to be taken in this Glenshee Ski Centre” resort. It has been analysed that, sun, sea and sand tourism plan needs to be managed. In this tourism and resort industry, there is a 50% chance of urbanisation. Sea related and mountain-related value has improved the economic value by 50%.

There are different principles and guiding lines to make the tourism plan innovative in nature which is under the following

Usage of local and national resources in a sustainable way along with profit

Less wastage plan and high usage and utilization plan.

Integration of tourism into planning needs to be done

The number of skilled employees needs to be enhanced to improve the reputation of the tourist industry

Over consumption of the product needs to be reduced to make the sustainable tourism dimension

It has been analysed that local communities need to be involved in the tourism plan to manage the sustainable picture effective

There is a vital fact which is the management of environmental diversity and biodiversity

Destination management, tourism management, sport management and the principle of hotel management needs to be conglomerated in an innovative way.

The fair equation needs to be improved

A carbon footprint plan needs to be done to save the nature

There is a vital plan which is a plan for resisting climate change.

In the tourism sector, a difference between rural planning and urban planning needs to be taken under consideration to make a strong impact on the profit. Community development needs to be enhanced as it is a plan of eco-tourism. In addition to this, geo tourism needs to be incorporated to cover up the sustainable guideline.


It can be concluded that the resort package is an attraction for the customer who needs to be optimised. Covid pandemic has created a major issue in this tourism and resort industry. It has been analysed that, location is a vital factor which needs to be emphasised. It can be said that eco-tourism and green tourism needs to be emphasised as sustainable principles. The government is known as a major stakeholder in the tourism industry, which needs to enhance the profit maximisation. A spa resort is a trend in recent times. It has been analysed that Glenshee Ski Centre needs to incorporate the strategy of green planning and tourism to move for a great initiative. It can be said that modelling package and dynamic package needs to be propagated in order to manage the growth of the resort industry in the world. Nearly, 15% of the business has been improved. On the other side, there is an adverse fact which is the Covid pandemic, it needs to be minimised.  Strategic management has been implemented to minimise the risk of the industry in an innovative way. There is a major issue in this resort based tourism industry which is the lack of skilled employees. The number of stakeholders needs to be enhanced in order to make the business plan and profit maximisation effective.

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