If a person standing at a height drops a stone, it falls at its own instead of staying at the same point. Well, this is a common observation that the object will fall.

But the questions is, why, the objects falls towards the earth? What does it makes it to fall? What is the role of gravity in our daily life?

The role of gravity is quite significant in the running of the complete universe system. It is because of the gravity the various pieces of the matter gets clamped with each other in order to keep it intact as a separate entity. The movement of Earth, Sun and all the objects of universe are due the force of gravity. It is this force that keeps them together intact in one unit. In 20th Century, one of the greatest scientists, Elbert Einstein presented a new idea of Gravity. According to his concept, the gravity is what happens, when the space that is left in a curved or wrapped, that is wrapped under a planet or star. However, it was later on after a lot of experiments were carried out, it was observed that Einstein concept was right in all aspects. There were a lot of experiments and studies carried out for the said Dining Hall. However, there were a few questions about which even Einstein had no Answers.

For example, if it is the force of gravity that causes the matter to be attracted by all other matters, then why the atoms are of empty space inside. How are the forces which keeps the atoms together in one shape?

The practical applications of the force of gravity are huge in number around us. Almost all the natural phenomena and processes consists of some sort of force of Gravity. Starting from initial discoveries, the concept of force of gravity is basic and is most vital in all processes.

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