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Short beginner`s guide to writing an academic essay

Every student is faced with academic essay writing sooner or later. If you’re at the beginning of your journey, this article will explain the basics to you.

What academic essay writing is all about

If you are about to get a diploma of any kind, even a high school one, you will learn what an essay is early on. It will be the first time of paper you are going to be acquainted with in your first ears of high school. You will write essays on the books you read, controversial points that are relevant to what is going in the world around you and many more. All in all, college essays are meant to teach you how to do research and express yourself in a proper academic way. And when the focus of your work is your writing skills, the topic and type of the paper is not that important.

The task of your teacher will be to teach you as much as they can about academic writing while you are still in high school. Writing an academic paper has its own specifics. You will use certain language and type of words that you don’t use in everyday life. You will learn how to read the right books for your topics and present the information you have found. And, more importantly, you will learn that there are all kinds of academic papers and what each one of them means.

Writing an academic essay – how to know what to write about.

When you are assigned an academic essay, your teacher will likely either give you a topic or a specific type of essay to write or both. Here we will try to teach you the different in various essay writing types and what to focus on in each of them.

  • Descriptive essay. Here you will write a very detailed description of an object, a process or an event. Your essay does not have to have sources, but you need to be as detailed as possible – every little thing counts.
  • Definition essay. Think about a word definition given in a dictionary. You will have to make your essay more detailed than a one-paragraph dictionary entry, but it is essentially the same thing.
  • Compare and contrast essay. Here you will choose two objects, theories or events that have something in common and discuss how they are alike and what are the main differences between them.
  • Cause and effect essay. This type of paper mostly focuses on an event, historical or recent. You have to describe what happened and what other events led to the one you are describing.
  • Narrative essay. Mostly written from the first point of view and tells a story that you or someone you know has lived through. It can be any event that you went to or an unusual story that happened to you once.
  • Argumentative essay. In this one you will have to pick up a point of view and defend it in front of your readers, persuade them to adopt your position. Thorough research is normally required.

Now, you will have to keep in mind that all of these types only apply to actual essays. However, the world of writing an academic essay does not stop there. Later, you will receive all kinds of other papers, including term papers, research papers, course works and many more. You won’t be able to apply the same information there, so stay vigilant!

The process of writing academic essays – what you should know.

We’ve talked about different essay types and what you should focus on in each of them. However, there are things all essay writers should know. They apply to pretty much all essay types there are, so it’s going to be easier from now on.  The main thing you need to know is that every essay has a specific structure. No matter if you order your paper online or write it yourself, your paper has to have an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. Here is what you should include in each of them.

The first one is introduction. This is where you will give your readers first information on what you are going to be writing about. The paragraph often begins with a thesis statement, which is the place where you give the main idea of your essay. Introduction does not have to give a lot information or provide too many specifics. But it does have to make it clear for the readers what the paper is about and be interesting enough to make them stay till the end.

The body of the essay is the main part where you will be expressing your ideas and/or information you have found. Unlike the introduction and conclusion, it rarely consists of just one paragraph. Typical body length starts from three paragraphs for a one-page paper and then depends on the total length of your essay. This is the place to put in all the main information you want to share with your reader. Make sure your thoughts flow well and your paragraphs are well-connected.

Next and last part of your paper is a conclusion. Here you will sum your ideas and leave an impression on your readers. Any professional writer will know how to present the information properly and make sure the reader leaves with the correct thoughts on the subject.

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