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Words to Minutes Converter

Writing a speech is a time-consuming process. You have to choose a topic, come up with a thesis statement, compose an outline, do your research, and then finally sit down and write the paper itself. Not only that, you have to make sure your speech is coherent, well-edited, and spellchecked, as well as properly cited. What if there was a words to minutes converter that could help you determine how long your speech needs to be?
That’s where we come in. Our free words to minutes converter will give you an estimate of how long your speech will last depending on its length. This will allow you to compose a speech that makes full use of your allotted time, without going above or below the minutes that are given to you.

Free Words to Minutes Converter

For most people, public speaking is an intimidating prospect. Beyond the anxiety that accompanies giving a speech to a group of people, your speech needs to be both long enough to cover your topic and short enough to remain interesting. Unlike in a lengthy essay, the amount of space you have to write is very limited in a speech. You can’t ramble on and ramble because you only have a small window in which to speak and you can’t risk boring your audience.
At the same time, your speech can’t be so short that you basically say nothing. Striking the perfect balance between brevity and content can be difficult, particularly given that the length metric of a speech is not words—which are objective and easy to measure—but minutes, which can vary depending on an individual’s speaking style and level of comfort with public presentations.
That’s where our free words to minutes converter comes in. The ability to convert words to minutes, while not 100 percent accurate, can give speechwriters a yardstick by which they can measure how long their speech needs to be. Based on scientific observations of the spoken English language, you can convert words to time to see how long your speech will last and thus whether you need to trim it or bulk it up.

Convert Words to Minutes

Writing a speech is a unique challenge when it comes to your academic career. Too short and you will fail to cover your topic; too long and you will bore your audience. To determine how many words per minute speech, you need a tool. You need our words per minute calculator. With our words to minutes converter, you will easily be able to determine your words per minute speech, ensuring your presentation is the best it can be.