Scholarship Funds for Women

Scholarship Funds for Women in Engineering

Despite all the progress made in regards to racial equality and women’s rights, women—particularly refugee women—face structural barriers to education and employment. The specters of institutional racism and white privilege linger over higher education, preventing minority women from achieving their dreams in science and engineering. Finding scholarships for women in engineering is even more difficult.

That’s where we come in. We are stepping forward to give refugee women a leg up in their educational goals through our scholarships for women in science. We are pleased to help rectify historical deficits of women and minorities in higher education through helping them pay their tuition fees. With our scholarships, you too will be able to achieve your dreams of success in your chosen career field.

Scholarships for Women in Science

At Peachy Essay, we understand the value of equality and diversity. We understand that academia is overly dominated by white men, and their biases and prejudices create a hostile environment that is not conducive to academic success for those from less privileged backgrounds. We also realize that for individuals from LGBTQ backgrounds, their struggles against institutional bigotry are even more difficult.

Uniquely among essay services, our workforce is 50 percent female. In addition to this, we have a commitment to helping LGBTQ, women, and minority students succeed. Our goal is to create a more equitable academic playing field, in which individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to achieve success in their studies and in their careers.

This is why we are now offering scholarships for women over 40. We recognize that one of the biggest barriers to higher education for individuals from minority backgrounds is cost. Higher education is expensive, with many students going into debt just to obtain their degrees. Refugee women are already disadvantaged due to their racial and gender identities, meaning they lack the monetary resources to attend university. This prevents them from being able to impact the glass ceiling.

Our scholarships for female graduate students are intended to combat this. By giving refugee women a leg up in their finances, we aim to help them turn back the tide of institutional bigotry through obtaining a college education. It is only through higher education and its benefits that refugee women will be able to attain their proper role in society, ending years of discrimination and racism that have held them back.

Women Scholarship

Scholarships for Women Over 40

Our scholarships are specifically targeted at refugee women of any age or background, with a particular focus on science, engineering, and business. The reason why our scholarships are targeted at women studying these particular subjects is because they are influential career fields that have historically been dominated by white men, allowing their prejudices to run rampant across society.

We are particularly interested in providing scholarships for women in business because the voices of refugee women are desperately needed in the corporate boardroom. While corporations have made great strides towards supporting equality in recent years, the underrepresentation of nonwhite women in corporate leadership positions is an issue that still needs to be rectified. With our scholarships, we hope that refugee women can power past these barriers and become truly successful.

In that same vein, we are also proud to offer scholarships for women in STEM. Science, engineering, and other similar disciplines have been dominated by white men for the longest time, to the detriment of everyone else. The claim that women aren’t interested in math or science is a cruel lie that prevents refugee women who are interested in these subjects from pursuing. We aim to give refugee women both the resources and encouragement they need to fulfill their ambitions.

Finally, we offer both scholarships for female graduate students and women scholarship for PhD. Regardless of your educational station, we believe that all refugee women deserve a chance to power through the misogynistic, racist, patriarchal barriers that have been artificially erected in our society.

Scholarships for Female Graduate Students

It’s no secret that our world is a difficult one for women, refugee women in particular. The threats of microaggressions, sexual assault and violence, and institutional bigotry hold women back and keep them from achieving their goals. The only way this can be turned around is if people with the resources to fight bigotry throw their time and money into it.

That’s why we are offering scholarships for refugee women: because we believe their unique voices have much to offer the world, and we want to help them raise those voices in support of equality and diversity everywhere.

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