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One of the most dreaded aspects of writing a research paper is doing the citations. Whether you’re using APA citation format, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or a more obscure format, collecting your sources, typing everything out by hand, and double-checking your work is a thankless task that few enjoy. What if you were able to make citations a snap with a free bibliography generator?

Thanks to us, you now can generate citations easily and quickly with our free citations generator. Supporting MLA and APA formats, our citation generator will greatly assist you when it comes to writing your papers.

The Importance of Citations

Citations are an obnoxious but necessary part of writing a research paper. None of us are sui generis: we all stand on the shoulders of giants. When it comes to writing a paper, not every idea you use is going to be your own, meaning that you need to show where facts and ideas that you use come from. Citations are an orderly and standardized way of giving credit to those who have inspired you and also allow your professor and/or readership to easily double-check your work.

The different types of citation formats exist for different types of papers. The APA citation format is a common, all-purpose format used in many different fields, while the MLA citation format is often used for English and liberal arts papers. Chicago and Harvard are more specialized formats used for theology, business, and other more esoteric fields.

Getting your citations right is important from both a practical and philosophical perspective. If your paper lacks proper citations, you will typically lose points on your final grade, and some professors may outright accuse you of plagiarism if you fail to cite ideas that are not your own. On a more ethical level, your readers will not be able to adequately fact check your work if you don’t cite your sources properly. Our free citations generator can help you do this.

Free Bibliography Generator

Our free APA citations generator is of particular interest due to the widespread use of APA formatting in university papers. By using our bibliography generator APA, you will be able to instantly create perfect citations that are ready to be copied and pasted into your paper. What once may have taken you a half-hour or more to do can be accomplished in less than five minutes if you rely on us.

If your paper is MLA formatted, our MLA citations generator can also help you. MLA citations are not as commonly used and thus many students struggle with its particular formatting requirements. Instead of painstakingly following an expansive citation guide, risking getting your citations wrong and losing points on your final grade, use our bibliography generator MLA instead for speed and reliability.

Our free bibliography generator is continuously updated with the latest APA and MLA citation guidelines, meaning you can trust us to give you the most accurate and useful citations for your paper. Take the busywork out of writing your papers and use our free citations generator to streamline your writing process and become a more efficient student.

Free Citations Generator

Writing out your citations is the part of a paper that every student dreads the most. While composing a paper can be fun due to the fact that it is your original work—and you are often writing about topics of interest to you—having to compose a bibliography in APA citation format is as enjoyable as cleaning up after a party. However, if you slack off on your bibliography, you risk losing points on otherwise well-written papers and more.

Instead of writing your citations by hand, use our free bibliography generator instead. Our free citations generator will create an accurate bibliography for you in a fraction of the time, making you a more efficient writer.