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When you enter a college, you are required to write research papers every academic year. Students write research papers to identify and investigate specific scientific or social issues. The majority of college students end up struggling with endless custom papers, essay papers and term papers. Following these simple steps can help you spend less time writing your research paper:

Step 1. Choose the topic you love

It is very important to carefully think everything out before choosing a topic. There is no need to hurry since in most cases you will be asked to choose the topic at the very beginning of your academic year.

Step 2. Make up the plan

Arrange the consultation with your research supervisor to discuss the plan for your research paper. Make up a list of questions regarding your research paper beforehand.

Step 3. Conduct empirical research

You can always impress your research supervisor conducting empirical research. You are free to choose a lot of methods like interviews, questionnaires, polls or tests. Select the target research group. Never hesitate to ask your college peers to take 5 min. questionnaire or test.

Step 4. Make hay while the sun shines

The majority of college students end up writing research paper one month before the deadline. We highly recommend you to manage your time. Allocate at least one hour a day to writing your research paper. Considering the fact that in most cases you have one term or even one academic year for writing your research paper, that will be more than enough for you to write an A+  research paper.

Step 5. Never hesitate to consult your research supervisor

We highly recommend you to arrange consultations with your research supervisor at least once in a fortnight. Never forget to show your drafts and ask questions regarding your research.

Step 6. Choose another topic

If you find it hard to write your research paper, we advise you to consult your research  supervisor. Check whether your new topic has a good research background and sufficient list of academic sources together with your research supervisor.

Step 7. Make sure your research paper is plagiarism free

In most cases, your research paper needs to be 85 – 95 % original. Always quote your sources and never forget to check your research paper for plagiarism before submitting it to your research supervisor.

Step 8. Double-check your research paper

Make sure your research paper is error-free. Allocate one day to proofread your research paper before submitting. You can check your research paper using Grammarly or Paper Rater software.

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