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Citing sources in your research paper is not as easy as it looks. There are plenty of rules and guidelines you need to follow in order to avoid plagiarism. You should keep in mind that in most American and European universities plagiarism is considered a serious offense. In some Ivy League universities and other prestigious universities like Stanford or Caltech, plagiarism can result in expulsion from the university. You have to remember that someone’s ideas are considered intellectual property. Just imagine that you have to rent a bicycle. You need to ask permission, pay some money for rent and only then you can rent it. If you just take it and ride away, that will be considered a crime because you took someone’s property. The same principle works for academic articles and books. You always need to cite your source to avoid any problems.

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Want to write a high-quality essay or term paper but find it hard to avoid plagiarism? Then we highly recommend you to read about the following strategies on how to avoid plagiarism: In case you do not have an idea on the best tactics to use, you could always have a look at our college essays and research papers for sale. They are well-written and always adhere to the guidelines as mentioned below.

  1. Be an early-starter: Give yourself enough time to write your term paper or custom essay. The more time you have, the more profound your research will be. You should have sufficient time to analyze your sources and cite them accordingly. The less time you have the more likely you are to end up rewriting content under the pressure of approaching deadline. Our writers always take the adequate time to conduct research and write your paper in the best way possible. When you use our services, you can always rest easy knowing that it has been well-researched and formatted.
  2. Cite your sources correctly: Make sure you have carefully read the guidelines provided to you by your research supervisor. Always follow specific standards for your research paper. Our esteemed team of professionals follows this step and ensures that your work is cited according to all the requirements. This is an important step in your work and can determine whether you score high grades or not.
  3. Proofread your list of references: We highly recommend you to scan through your custom essay or term paper to make sure you have arranged your list of references according to the requirements set by your research supervisor. Our esteemed team of editors makes things easier for you. When you take a look at our university essays for sale, you will realize that all the references are well proofread to ensure that you do not need to do the extra work.
  4. Paraphrase: Using too many references in your term paper or custom essay can make it look like a simple copy-paste. To give some originality to your custom essay or term paper we recommend you to paraphrase some information using rewording and changing the structure of complex sentences. Our research papers for sale online are always well paraphrased and easy to read and understand. We understand the importance of good paraphrasing and use it to make your papers unique. We also conduct additional research and always exhibit high knowledge levels in all the papers that we write.
  5. Use Plagiarism Checker: We always use these tools to detect any instances of plagiarism and eliminate them prior to submitting any work to you. In this way, you will always be sure that your paper is unique. Here is the list of the top four free plagiarism checker tools online:
    – Peachy Essay Plagiarism Checker
    – Paper rater
    – Turnitin (all our assignments are submitted with a free Turnitin report)
    – Search Engine Reports
  6. Consult your research supervisor: Your research supervisor will help you detect any inappropriate or incorrect quoting. However, we highly recommend you approach your research supervisor as soon as possible.
  7. Be careful with internet resources: Always check the websites you are going to take information from. If you quote internet source or e-book follow specific guidelines for quoting internet resources.

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