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Studying at law school and facing tight deadline with your law coursework? Need to handle a bunch of other assignments at the same time and looking for reliable law writing services? We have got a perfect solution for you! Peachy Essay would like to offer you timely and professional law coursework help!

Peachy Essay has a team of professional writers who worked as attorneys, barristers, tax advisers at top American and British legal companies. Furthermore, a lot of our professionals graduated from one of the following prestigious universities. We value your time. Once you choose the writer, you can be 100% sure that your law coursework will be delivered in time. Our law services are included but limited to:

Why it is important to get Law Coursework help

At Peachy Essay, we understand the complexities that you are subjected to trying to get your law course work completed. As a result, we always ensure that we meet all the requirements of proper law papers. When you hire our law course work writing services, we ensure that:

  • We consult the principle sources of information in order to provide valid information.
  • All issues are always well analysed and thought out.
  • Good reasoning is used in the writing process.
  • Diverse range of custom writing services suitable for any subjects at any level.
  • Ideas obtained during the coursework are well incorporated into your papers and the arguments and conclusions made are in line with the acquired ideas.
  • All papers are written clearly, relevantly and articulately.
  • Our papers are all broken down into manageable pieces and proper use of headings to break down sections is used.
  • All the content that we include in your papers is relevant and builds up the ideologies that you want to put across.

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We do understand how hard it is for an average college student to receive his/her first internship at a law firm. Internship interview is the most crucial stage when applying to internship and, therefore, should be approached seriously. Your employer will evaluate your candidacy based on your ability to take responsibility for your actions, ability to take the right decision under pressure, your communication skills, etc.  We have prepared for you some tips on how to successfully pass an interview at the law firm:

  • First impression: It is really important to approach your employer confidently and keep an eye contact. Don’t forget to switch off your cell phone or make it mute. Another important point is handshaking. Make sure your handshake is confident.
  • Good clothes open all doors: Dress formally. Make sure your suit, shirt and trousers are neat and fit you well. Polish your shoes and remember that your hairstyle should be neat and your nails clean. Use your perfume or cologne wisely, especially when it is hot outside.
  • Make your CV stand out: Make sure you include relevant skills and working experience in your CV. Make use of original templates, which can help you better present information in a structured form. Your employer will not have much time to read 3-4 pages of your CV. Keep it concise, highlighting the most important information which is related to the legal position you are applying to.
  • Present your portfolio: Portfolio is a great way to show your skills and impress your employer. Make sure your legal samples are error-free. We also advise you to ask for copyright permission your previous employer, if your legal samples are related to your previous job.
  • Highlight your strengths: Take some time to write down your 10 strengths beforehand. Your employer will definitely ask you what makes you best candidate for this specific legal position. Provide real-life examples from your legal practice to maintain your strengths.
  • Investigate. Be curious: Learn more about the legal company you are applying to. What legal services do they offer? Learn more about their values, corporate culture and history. This will help you impress your employer and, consequently, make you stand out from the crowd of other applicants.
  • Get ready to answer tough questions: Your employer wants to be sure that he/she hires the right candidate. Get ready to answer the questions similar to the following ones:
  1. Describe your leadership experience when you had to manage a large group of people.
  2. What was the biggest failure you overcame?
  3. What qualities do you believe will make you a successful lawyer in the future? 
  • Don’t be shy: Interview is the best way to show your communication skills. Don’t turn the interview into the monologue of your employee. Ask questions regarding the legal position you are applying to. Show your employer that you have a genuine interest and want to bring a significant contribution to the company.
  • Some questions are better to avoid: It is wise not to ask about the salary, bonuses or working hours during the interview. You need to assure your employer that you have a genuine interest in the position you are applying to and that you are not focused on money matters only.
  • Give some positive energy: Have a good sleep prior to the interview. Remember, that body language plays a crucial role during the interview. When you feel tired, depressed, incontinent or feel anxiety, your employer will feel this immediately. Smile genuinely and prove your employee that you will easily keep in touch with the team and cope with the tasks of any difficulty.
  • Write a letter: We recommend you to write a brief letter and thank your employer for the interview. Write it no later than one day after your interview. This will create a positive impression of you and will improve your chances of being hired on that specific position.

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