100 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics

100 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics

When writing a paper, finding good argumentative essay topics can be tough, for this reason, in this article we are going to show you how to select the best essay topics for your work to stand out from the rest.

How to choose a topic for Argumentative Essay

When selecting argumentative topics, the first thing that you need to do is to get a position, whether in favor or against inside the idea that you are forging.

This way, by being convinced yourself, it is easier for you to convince the reader about your position.

Next, you have to think about how it can be debated!

Choose a topic in which, besides being able to take a firm position, you are able to defend it.

Keep in mind that there are 4 types of argumentative fallacies that can’t support your argument, and in most cases have to be spotted and removed from your essay in order to be taken seriously:

  1. Ad Hominem – To attack the credibility of the person who represents the idea you are against.
  2. Unsupported generalizations – Occurs when you get to a conclusion in your argument without reliable evidence.
  3. The fallacy of origin – This one is spotted when the only argument against an idea is the way or place in which it was born.
  4. Circular argument – You have written a circular argument when you base an assumption on the same idea written in different words or in a different order.

Now, you will find it easier to pick argumentative essay topics. Nevertheless, to make things easier we made a list with almost 100 valid topics that you can use to write your current paper.

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100 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics
100 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics

Argument essay topics about Environmental issues

  • Animals in danger of extinction
  • Effects of environmental pollution on flora and fauna
  • Excessive noise in cities
  • The use of agrochemicals in the fields
  • The role of developed countries in the reduction of environmental pollution
  • The nuclear plants
  • The importance of generating energy with the least impact on the environment
  • The importance of avoiding water pollution
  • The deterioration of ozone and its consequences
  • Global warming
  • Origin, why should it be maintained or rejected?
  • The use of animal skins for dresses. It is a savagery or it fulfills a function.
  • Ways to help the planet.

Argumentative research paper topics on Health and psychology issues

  • Reasons for children not to consume energy drinks
  • Recommendations for exercises in the gym
  • The problem of obesity in adolescents
  • Exercises outdoors or in the gym
  • Effects on health with internet abuse
  • The use of contraceptives
  • Consequences of tobacco use
  • Alcohol: Consequences of its abuse in young people
  • Work from home: Pros and cons
  • The problem of children who live locked up
  • The abuse of video games
  • The problem of school-age pregnancies
  • The problem of the Ebola epidemic in Africa
  • The problem of AIDS in Africa
  • The problem of dengue in Latin American countries
  • The vegetarianism, health facts and opinions
  • Bulimia/anorexia. What originates it? How should it be solved?
  • The result of the excessive importance given to the image in society.
  • Excessive exposure of people to television images
  • The use of stem cells.
  • Is there any relationship between weather and mood?
  • What leads people to want to belong to a group?
  • Violence over others: to what is it due? Why is it exercised and against whom?

Topics for argumentative essay on Social and current issues

  • How to regulate and at the same time respect the rights of immigrants
  • The increase in delinquency in young people
  • The problem of working children in the streets
  • The struggle of feminism in the 19th century
  • Negative effects of the globalization of the “Yankee” culture
  • The conflict in the Middle East
  • The policy for immigrants in the United States
  • Drug legalization. Would it be effective?
  • The problem of abortion
  • The fashion of YouTubers
  • The problem of children and youth and cell phones
  • Relations between the United States and China
  • Relations between the United States and Russia
  • The conflict in Ukraine
  • The problem of machismo in Mexico
  • Privacy on Facebook
  • The Wikileaks scandal
  • Secret accounts in Switzerland
  • The Islamic extremists
  • The role of the United Nations in the reduction of poverty in Latin America
  • The importance of education in art and culture
  • How to educate children in the age of the internet
  • The importance of electronic books in school
  • The importance of using computers at school
  • The use of mobile phones in the classrooms
  • The role of the teacher in the new era of education
  • The use of appropriate films as a valuable training tool
  • Influence of celebrities on youth thinking
  • Alcohol abuse, is it understandable or does it lead to irrational behavior?
  • Euthanasia, legal and moral issues
  • Should Prostitution be eliminated?
  • The death penalty. Is it necessary in a country?
  • Difference between liberty and libertinism
  • Terrorism in the world.
  • Religion: Is it necessary? Truths and deceptions.
  • Fanaticism towards musical groups, actors, politicians, religions

Controversial essay topics about Technology

  • Influence of the internet on education.
  • Importance of new technologies in the management of a company
  • Social networks as a basis for business expansion
  • The use of robots in the future as an assistant in everyday tasks

Argument topics on Economics issues

  • The need to reduce export taxes
  • Tax havens
  • The need to promote the creation of small businesses in young people
  • The importance of a budgetary planning for the support of the home

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