Beginner Writing Rules that Most People Do Not Know

Beginner Writing Rules

Have you ever taken some time to gauge your writing skills? Is it above the required level, or is it below? Do you feel like you can communicate a message effectively?  Do you believe that you can make your audience have a clear understanding of a particular topic? We all know that writing impressive academic papers is not easy. It requires an individual to perform in-depth research of their topic, come up with all the necessary information, organize their findings in ways that make sense to the reader, and finally proofread and edit their work. The truth is that very few people enjoy the entire writing process. If you want to improve your writing skills, you need to have a lot of patience and determination. Unfortunately, your professors will not care whether you are working towards improving your writing skills or not, provided you submit their assignments. On the same note, your professors will not offer you any assistance if you do not request to be helped. This article will discuss beginners writing rules that most people do not know.

Use simple words

To eliminate any form of miscommunication or to facilitate various cognitive processes, you should use simple words while writing your papers. In other words, using simple words will aid in preventing your audience from misunderstanding your intended message. One of the greatest enemies of effective writing is pretence. The majority of the students were once told that they were great writers. As a result, they always want to sound intelligent and smart by using tremendous words to portray their vocabulary prowess. If you want to improve your writing skills, avoid writing to show off. Instead, it would be best if you concentrated more on ensuring that your ideas are communicated effectively. Learn to share your views using the most straightforward words. There is a high probability of a person losing interest in going through your essay if you keep using complicated terminologies.


Are you always keen when writing your sentences, or are they clumsy and awkward? Do you feel like there are times when you have difficulty conveying your intended message through your writing? If the answer to both questions is a yes, there are high chances that you might be suffering from the basic rules of grammar. If you were not taught about these grammatical rules, that should not worry you. It would be best never to forget that all your academic papers should be divided into three parts; the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. All your ideas should flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next. To ensure a good flow of various ideas, you might consider discussing a single idea in every paragraph and connecting them using transition words.

Write one idea per paragraph

One of the best things about academic writing is that it follows a specific process. You research a topic, analyse the findings, arrange your results in an organized way, begin the actual writing process, and finally edit as well as proofread your work. As you go through the various writing stages, you may gain new learning techniques. As you write your paragraph, a single idea should spark the creation of another different one. By describing a single idea in each paragraph, you will notice that you will not have difficulty organizing your findings. In addition, you will avoid repeating yourself. It is essential to ensure a smooth transition from one paragraph to another as you write your paper.

Avoid sardine writing

By the time you are sitting down to write your research paper, essay, argument, or memo, you might be having different ideas running through your mind. Apparently, most of these ideas are usually interconnected. Overwhelming the reader with too many ideas in a single paragraph will make it difficult for them to write your intended meaning. Generally, you should ensure that each paragraph contains a single idea. Students struggling to adopt the concept of one idea per paragraph are always advised to create an outline before starting the entire essay writing process. Developing an idea in each paragraph will help the reader follow your arguments, explanations, or even a story. In essence, one of the secrets that will help you take your writing skills to the next level is ensuring each paragraph contains a single idea.

Learn to edit your work

The brain is one of the most powerful parts of your body. It is a tiny part that holds a lot of information, feelings, and ideas. The brain is responsible for making decisions, and it can perform various activities at the same time. Rather than trying to identify mistakes in your paper one by one, you should instead be on the lookout for common writing mistakes. It is always recommended that you take a break for a few minutes before you resume editing your work. You may come across some of the common grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or wrong sentence construction by editing. If you are struggling to write your dissertation papers, you can take help from experts to learn how to structure them correctly.

Ensure that you read and reread all papers you write

As you write your papers, it is likely that you will make some mistakes. As you learn how to write, always make sure that you read your work after the writing process to ensure that you get rid of these mistakes. When you fail to re-read your work, there is a high probability that you will submit papers that are marred by errors. This part of the writing process is referred to as proofreading and it is considered as very important. When you fail to take this step, your intended message will not be clearly communicated to your audience which means that you are likely to fail. Keep it in mind that a good writer is always a detail-oriented individual that is keen to ensure that everything is perfectly done.

Every person can indeed write, but not everyone can develop quality academic papers. However, scholars struggling to write their assignments should always remember that it is possible to write excellent essays. However, an individual may need to sacrifice a lot of their time and have the determination to bring out the best version of themselves. Most of the techniques that will enhance your writing skills are based on the things you do daily. Most importantly, you should never give up on your dreams. If you are struggling to achieve anything, you should not get tired. The good thing about higher learning institutions is that they have a wide variety of trained professionals willing and ready to assist you with any difficulties you might be experiencing. It is as important to be as proactive as possible when it comes to seeking professional assistance. Whether you have attained academic success or are struggling to complete your assignments, it is important to note that any person could suffer from mental health.