Cause and Effect Topics for Different Fields

Cause and Effect Topics

If you love reading and writing, you will realize that in the English world, there are lots of different types of essays. Day by day, you come across new types and they strike your mind. I’m quite sure there is someone who has never come across a cause and effect essay. Luckily, by mysterious intervention, you have stumbled upon this article with tons of information. So let’s dive in!

A cause and effect essay is an academic essay that reveals the way different people, things or events are connected and the features that don’t make them similar. This is a combination of action and a reaction. Something occurs (a cause) that leads to an effect.

In order to write an interesting essay, you should consider the following tips before writing a cause and effect paper. These are tips that experienced essay writers use.

  1. Your topic should be interesting, up-to-date and its information should be available online.
  2. Have a thesis statement. This event may cause either one or multiple effects. Also, you can explore the possibilities of one phenomenon having many causes.
  3. Get proof from primary sources like books, magazines, eBooks, research papers, scholarly articles, websites, documentaries, and newspapers.
  4. Have an outline and use transition words to show connections between paragraphs. Examples of transition words include, however, weather, in addition, if, due to, because of etc.
  5. Use the latest writing style, including references and citations.
  6. Proofread your essay to get rid of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Note that there are two main types of causes; immediate causes and ultimate causes. Determining a cause and an effect is quite hard and provokes one’s thoughts. Immediate causes are obvious because they are closest to the effect while ultimate causes are not really apparent and may even be hidden.

There are several topic categories for cause and effect essay ideas. They range from education, technology, health, environment, education among others.

Cause and Effect Topics on Environment

  1. What causes the most natural and fatal disasters?
  2. How does air pollution affect people in urban areas that are highly congested?
  3. Why is it important to manage wildfires?
  4. Impacts of poor conservation techniques by underdeveloped countries.
  5. The history of fish species.
  6. Why is deforestation illegal?
  7. What are some benefits of conserving water?
  8. The role of weather forecasts in preventing natural calamities.

Cause and Effect Topics on Education

  1. Is it good for male teachers to teach in a girl’s school?
  2. Is it good for female teachers to teach in a boy’s school?
  3. What makes students to perform poorly in class?
  4. How important is the British system of education?
  5. Effects of cheating in exams.
  6. Why is it important to put on school uniforms?
  7. The difference between private schools and public schools setup.
  8. How does homeschooling improve a student’s grades?
  9. Do parents play a role in a student’s school life?

Cause and Effect Topics on Sports

  1. What are the advantages of engaging in sports in school?
  2. What is the most enjoyable sport?
  3. What are some of the rules in soccer?
  4. Is rugby the most difficult game to play?
  5. Do sports make you physically fit?

Cause and Effect Topics on Agriculture

  1. Why is organic farming better compared to inorganic farming?
  2. What are some of the safest pesticides and fungicides to use?
  3. Is agriculture the backbone of any country’s economy?
  4. The relationship between agriculture and climate change.
  5. Why is soil testing important?
  6. What are some of the friendliest animals you can domesticate?

Cause and Effect Topics on Health

  1. What are the effects of covid-19 on one’s life?
  2. What are the effects of excessive drinking and smoking?
  3. What causes cancer?
  4. How to prevent yourself from contracting covid-19.
  5. Advantages of having medical insurance.
  6. What are the effects of a caesarian section delivery?
  7. What are some of the benefits of having enough sleep?
  8. What is the most deadly disease in humans?

Cause and Effect Topics on Relationships

  1. Why is financial stability and independence important in a relationship?
  2. What causes marriage infidelity?
  3. The benefits of being emotionally stable in a relationship.
  4. What roles do vacations play in families?
  5. How do children raised by single parents behave socially?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of long distance relationships?
  7. What are the key things for a long-lasting marriage?
  8. Why is intimacy important in marriage?
  9. How does divorce affect children?

Cause and Effect Topics for Technology

  1. What are the causes of cyber-attacks?
  2. What is cyber security and what are some forms of cyber security?
  3. How safe is our confidential information?
  4. How do you describe programming as a business?
  5. Why is data protection necessary?
  6. Benefits of owning a smartphone.
  7. Why are young adults attracted to video games?
  8. How much can you make from affiliate marketing?
  9. How analytics is revolutionizing digital marketing.

Cause and Effect Topics on Optimism

  1. The connection between great physique and a happy life.
  2. How can you improve your IQ?
  3. Why is positivity in life important?
  4. What are some of the things that make someone happy?
  5. How excellent communication improves customer service.
  6. How social media improves one’s self esteem.

Cause and Effect Topics on Pessimism

  1. Why do people prefer living a single life?
  2. What are some of the causes of depression?
  3. How does family interaction influence social anxiety?
  4. Reasons why long-distance relationships rarely work.
  5. What are some of the forms of discrimination?
  6. Why are there high cases of infidelity in marriages?
  7. Can parents be a cause of rivalry between their children?

Cause and Effect Topics on Social Life

  1. Why are people living with disabilities always discriminated?
  2. What are the effects of racism?
  3. Effects of having poor community setups.
  4. How social statuses affect one’s productivity.
  5. How does poverty affect the youth?
  6. Facts about men earning more than women.
  7. Why cleanliness is very important.
  8. How lack of food affects young children.

Cause and Effect Topics on Climate Change

  1. What causes the melting of ice and glaciers?
  2. What are some of the effects of global warming?
  3. Why is there a rise in atmospheric temperatures?
  4. The main agendas for cop26 in 2021.
  5. Effects of climate change on humanity.

Cause and Effect Topics on History and Geography

  1. How do maps help in location finding?
  2. What is Abraham Lincoln famous for?
  3. Why did the Montgomery bus boycott happen?
  4. What is your rainy day mood?
  5. What is your sunny day mood?
  6. What is the largest state in America?

Tips Before Writing Cause and Effect Paper

Describe the category well

Select your topic of interest and break it down into smaller sentences. Then choose an idea you want to talk about and make sure it is easily linked to your cause and effect essay. You can have one or several effects.

Choose a cause and effect topic that is fascinating

If you want to make the essay more interesting, ensure you capture the reader’s attention in the first paragraph. They should want to read on, more and more. People tend to lose interest in boring contents that are not engaging. The effectiveness of an essay is greatly determined by the audience. For instance, if you are targeting students of a business class, consider writing a cause and effect paper on technology.

Use concepts that have proof

Writing a cause and effect paper needs a lot of evidence and facts. In such a scenario, the credibility of your source of information is very vital. Make sure you get quality material. You can source your information from books, eBooks, newspapers, magazines, websites, documentaries etc.

Sample Cause and Effect Essays

There are several topics to choose from. Before you settle for one, make sure it is interesting and has its information available online. Also, remember to give facts and evidence. Here are some examples of cause and effect essays.

1) Climate change

Universal climate change that is caused by accumulation of greenhouse gases is likely to cause adverse health effects directly and indirectly. An average temperature rise by 4℃ globally will increase the number of days in USA with temperatures above 38℃ with an upsurge of mortality due to heat.

The main causes of death will be cerebral strokes, heat strokes, and heart attacks. The most vulnerable are those with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, the elderly, the very young, and the poor.

Without fast action, there will be loss of humanity eventually. Extreme high and low temperatures are unbearable. For instance, 84 people died in Philadelphia alone, during the two-week heat wave in July 1993 in Eastern United States.

2) Covid-19

  • Introduction

The covid-19 disease is the current serious pandemic in nearly all parts of the world. According to research, nearly one million people test positive for covid-19 daily. It is a difficult challenge to tackle mainly because it has several breeding areas and one can contract it through a number of ways. There is massive loss of lives, something that’s really gutting.

  • Causes

Basically, covid-19 is caused by contact with an infected person. Signs and symptoms include high body temperatures of above 38℃, flu, fever, cough, headache, dizziness, fatigue and loss of appetite.

  • Effects

Ever since the first case of covid 19 was reported globally, there have been massive deaths of people. This is really devastating as children are left without parents. People are losing partners, colleagues, and friends too.

One measure that is used to curb covid 19 is practicing social distancing. Basically, all you have to do is to avoid crowded places or rooms. This has seen lots of people lose jobs. Also, businesses have collapsed hence leaving people jobless.

Loss of jobs has led to depression. Imagine a situation where a family’s bread winners lose jobs. How are they going to survive? Who will cater for the rest of the family in order to meet their usual daily needs? What follows is depression.

  • Conclusion

To conclude, covid-19 is disaster that has befallen us and we need to do whatever it takes to completely prevent its spread. In the meantime, keep social distance, put on your mask well, wash your hands, and sanitize always. In the short run, we will all conquer it!

Below are some examples of course and effect sentences.

Cause: we received lots of rain this evening.

Effect: the ground was flooded.

Cause: I rarely brush my teeth.

Effect: I have tooth cavities.

Cause: I have been drinking alcohol for five years.

Effect: I have stomach ulcers.

Cause: the weather was foggy and misty.

Effect: cars had to stop for several hours.

Cause: I flipped the light switch.

Effect: the lights went off.

Cause and Effect Examples in Sentences

  1. The floods swept away the huts and as a result, those families were rendered homeless.
  2. The alarm failed to ring thus we were late for school.
  3. The noisy crowd was heckling, so the police threw teargas canisters.
  4. I always did my work perfectly and in time, so I was promoted at my work place.
  5. The chef didn’t follow the recipe so the pizza didn’t come out as we expected.
  6. Since there was no electricity, my laptop went off.
  7. Due to the goods price increase, sales went down.
  8. When there is pollution in the ocean, coral reefs die.
  9. A tsunami occurs when tectonic plates shift.


By now, we all know that a cause and effect essay is an action that leads to a reaction. Now that you have a clear idea and information about this type of essay, take a deeper dive and write one or two topics. Use the compelling lists above to help you brainstorm for topics that you want to write about.

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