Interesting Chemistry Essay Topics & Writing Tips

Doing research topics in chemistry is inevitable; students will always be called upon to research various topics. Coming up with an exciting chemistry topic is not easy as the issues should be captivating and academically relevant.

We have eased your burden by coming up with exciting chemistry topics and writing tips.

Top Interesting Chemistry Essay Topics

  1. Analysis of the atomic and nuclear structures
  2. Usage of nuclear chemistry
  3. Biochemistry in the field of nursing
  4. The importance of dilutions
  5. Critical analysis of acids and bases
  6. Avoiding pesticides in agriculture
  7. How machinery application is helpful in biology
  8. DNA and electrons delocalized rings
  9. The basic principles of electrochemistry
  10. Classification of bonds and their purpose
  11. The Lewis electron dot structure and study
  12. Interaction between hydrogen and dipole
  13. The effects of amino acids side chain
  14. Importance of periodic table and its alternative
  15. A detailed comparison between computational chemistry and computational chemistry
  16. A detailed explanation of Air and Combustion
  17. Discuss the concept of Acids, Bases, and Indicators
  18. Expound on the doctrine of Water and Hydrogen
  19. Discuss Carbon and some of its Compounds
  20. Discuss how you can test propellants and explosives
  21. Discuss the relationship between agriculture and chemistry
  22. Explain the formation of acid rain
  23. Why is it crucial to study chemistry
  24. Discuss the consequences of WW2 on computational chemistry

Main Branches of Chemistry

Chemistry has five main branches. Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical, physical, and biochemistry are the main branches of chemistry. Let us discuss them:

  1. Organic Chemistry: This branch of chemistry dwells on the molecules of life by looking at the structures and behavior of the molecules. They contain carbon and hydrogen. However, they might include other elements like nitrogen, halogens, and phosphorus.
  2. Inorganic Chemistry: Inorganic chemistry mainly focuses on materials. It focuses on the properties and behavior of inorganic compounds like metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds.
  3. Physical Chemistry: Physical chemistry studies how matter behaves on a molecular and atomic level and how different chemical reactions occur.
  4. Analytical Chemistry: Analytical chemistry obtains, processes, and communicates information concerning the composition and structure of matter.
  5. Biochemistry: Biochemistry is the branch that studies the structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living organisms.

Tips on How to Write a Chemistry Paper

Writing an exciting chemistry paper is beneficial to all students and researchers; for one to write a captivating essay, the following tips will be of great help:

  • Have an Outline

A complete research paper outline should have a thesis statement that dwells on the topic given. A good summary will structure the paper appropriately, avoiding unrelated scrambling ideas. Before doing your chemistry paper, you should outline the main points that you want to put across.

  • Use Active Voice

You should deter from using personal pronouns and passive voice and ensure that your paper is well structured.

  • Have a Proper Structure

A good structure has four parts, namely:

  1. Introduction that will tell your audience what the article is about
  2. Present the methods and materials you will rely on
  3. Results that entail the outcome of your experiment
  4. Discussions which consist of a summary of the relevance of your study
  • Style

Your writing should be grammatically correct with clear, concise, and formal sentences.

  • Use Reliable Sources

Avoid plagiarism and if you must quote someone’s work, use the correct citations and get your sources from the good sites.

  • Enticing Topic

For any writing, the topic you choose is paramount. An eye-catching issue will get more audience.

Top 47 Chemistry Essay Topics

The topic you choose will either be beneficial or detrimental to you. Always go for an enticing subject. Below are some compelling cases you could choose from:

  1. Discuss the laboratory skills needed for a chemical equation experiment
  2. Critically analyze Ernest Rutherford’s contribution to nuclear chemistry
  3. The new concepts of chemical engineering
  4. Technological advancement in the field of chemistry
  5. The effects of vitamin deficiency on our bodies
  6. Differences between the Bohr model and the plum-pudding and the saturnine model
  7. Discuss radioactive decay
  8. Explain the importance of Rutherford’s gold foil experiment
  9. Explain the oxidation process
  10. Discuss polymers and their characteristics
  11. Analyze the main physical and chemical properties of water
  12. Discuss the process of water purification
  13. Analyze the process of crystallization
  14.  Analyze the relationship between chemistry and production
  15. Drug abuse and chemical changes in the human body
  16. Discuss the chemical components in soaps
  17. Explain the top chemistry careers
  18. Analyze the practical implication of thermodynamics law
  19. Explain how to calculate a PH level
  20. Discuss the various branches of chemistry
  21. Effects of protein deficiency
  22. Explain the mechanism of enzyme inhibition
  23. Discuss the chemical process behind metabolism
  24. Analyze chlorine exposure and how the body reacts
  25. Discuss the importance of the isomerism program
  26. Discuss the cell metabolism process
  27. Discuss the different types of ecological disasters
  28. Discuss the causes and effects of global warming
  29. Discuss the dangers of pesticides to our health
  30. Explain how chemical reactions take place
  31. Discuss photocatalysis using 3D printing
  32. Discuss the Fritz Haber’s personality
  33. Explain the risks of Bioconjugation chemistry
  34. What are the chemical warfare ethics
  35. Explain the biological machinery application
  36. The chemist’s perspective on what to eat and drink
  37. Explain the chemical components in groceries
  38. Discuss the chemical makeup of ibuprofen
  39. Discuss the chemical dangers of air pollution
  40. Analyze the presence of pesticides and insecticides in different fruits and vegetables
  41. Discuss the chemical formation of diamond crystals
  42. Discuss the effects of acids on our teeth
  43. Discuss the ecological disasters
  44. Explain the impact of acid rain
  45. Discuss the connection between law and chemistry

32 Chemistry Projects Topics

Below are chemistry project topics you can choose from:

  1. Discuss what happens when iodine and starch react
  2. Explain the photosynthesis process and how to make it visible
  3. Analyze how to fiddle a wire through an ice cube without drilling holes
  4. Discuss water assessment and the contamination process
  5. Discuss the importance of organic waste in producing biogas
  6. Explain the chemical components in toothpaste. Does it pose any danger?
  7. Explain how to make a water filter
  8. How to chemically stop apples from browning
  9. Explain how biometric technology works: is it effective?
  10. Explain the process of making and breaking emulsions
  11. The effect of sugar on soft drinks
  12. Analyze the properties of extract plant oil
  13. Explain the process of growing crystals
  14. How the chemical compound  in wine affect its taste
  15. Analyze synthetic biology and gene analysis
  16. The side effects of ibrufen and chiral class drugs
  17.  The impact of chemical equilibrium
  18. Explain how the electronegative atoms work
  19. Discuss the study of Lewis’s structure
  20. Discuss a comparison of the solubility of carbon dioxide in water at different temperatures
  21. Explain the digestion of starch by salivary amylase
  22. Discuss the percentage of Ions in toothpaste and its safety
  23. Discuss the process of steel protection
  24. Evaluate the process of removing hydrogen from water
  25. Explain the process of hydrogen formation
  26. Discuss the electrolysis of potassium iodide
  27. Explain the chemical component behind hair dye
  28. Explain the process of alcohol metabolism
  29. Explain how you can use nanophotonic in aeronautics
  30. Discuss intermolecular bonding in solids
  31. Discuss the catalytic decomposition process
  32. Explain the chemical process of fermentation

37 Advanced Chemistry Topics for an Essay

The more you study chemistry, the more advanced the topics will be. Here are some advanced topics for an essay:

  1. Explain and differentiate the types of noncovalent bonding
  2. Access how you can synthetically produce molecular production.
  3. Discuss the effects of nanotechnology
  4. Discuss the connection between nanoscience and human life
  5. Differentiate the types of equilibrium
  6. Explain the chemical process behind equilibrium
  7. Discuss the purpose of polymers
  8. Describe how a spectroscope work
  9. Explain the chemical component found in meteorites
  10. The mystery behind radioactive decay
  11. Describe the properties of imino-disaccharides
  12. The applications of spectroscopy
  13. Discuss the relationship between collision theory and concentration
  14. Explain the process of water recycling
  15. Discuss the principles of the molecular orbital theory
  16. A comparison between the behavior of ideal and non-ideal gases
  17. Discuss the magnetism and coordination compounds
  18. Discuss the effect of nanoscience on your life
  19. Discuss the importance of chemoenzymatic synthesis
  20. Evaluate the relationship between stereoisomers
  21. Discuss and elaborate on the history of vitalism
  22. Explain the branches of organic chemistry
  23. Explain the process of turning alcohol into alkyl halides
  24. Describe the methods of aerosol formation
  25. Discuss the process of molecular tuning
  26. Discuss the side effects of organic chemistry
  27. Explain why aromatic compounds can be unreactive
  28. Discuss the toxicity behind phosgene
  29. Explain the different ways of preventing pollution
  30. Discuss the principles of green chemistry
  31. Describe the process of reducing paint toxicity
  32. Explain the types of bio-based renewable feedstock
  33. The benefits of bioplastic to the environment
  34. Describe the process of artificial photosynthesis. Is it beneficial?
  35. Explain the process of recycling plastic
  36. Discuss the effect of chlorine exposure
  37. Explain the main characteristics of inert gas


Chemistry is an essential subject that one should take the time to learn because it has diverse roles in society.

Chemistry has helped improve living standards in areas like the manufacturing of drugs to fight diseases, food production to fight hunger, and the production of fuels for transport and domestic use, including alternative fuels to reduce global pollution and supplement fossil fuels. Therefore, chemistry is a subject to be studied with keen interest.

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