Gender Essay Topics: An Overview of the Relevant Themes

Gender Essay Topics

Gender has been one of the most talked-about topics in society for decades.  However, when people think of gender, they often think of male or female – even though this topic can be split down into many different subsets of gender, with each subset being treated in its way.

Because the world is vast and there are many different types of individuals, it is necessary to investigate these subcategories separately to comprehend them and their relevance to life better.  This article provides an overview of gender essay ideas and some examples of the types of essays that can be written on each one.

How to Choose Gender Topics to Write About

There are many gender topics to write about, but it can be tough to decide which ones to focus on. Here are some pointers to help you pick the correct subject:

  • It’s critical to consider what fascinates you when selecting a topic because this will make it easier for you to study and write about the subject.
  • Choose a topic that is relevant to your audience.

Selecting an appropriate subject will help keep your readers interested in what you have to say.

  • Do some preliminary research.

Doing some preliminary research on your chosen topic will aid to understand what you’re writing about. You will also have a foundation on which to build your essay or article.

  • Select a topic that can be broken down into several subtopics.

Choosing such a topic will keep your readers interested in what you have to say.

  • Think about the tone you want to set when writing about gender topics. Do you want to be serious? Funny? Informative?
  • Above all, it is critical to follow the correct structure of writing an essay

What Are Some Current Gender Issues?

There are many gender issues that people face today. Some of these issues include:

  1. Gender identity: This is when someone identifies with a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth.
  2. Gender expression relates to how a person communicates their gender identity to the rest of the world. A person’s gender expression can be very different from their gender identity. For example, a transgender woman (someone who was assigned male at birth but identifies as female) may dress in traditionally “masculine” clothes. In contrast, a cisgender woman (someone who was assigned female at birth and identifies as female) may dress in traditionally “feminine” clothes.
  3. Gender roles: These societal norms dictate how men and women behave. For example, it is often considered “feminine” for a woman to be gentle, nurturing, and emotional, while it is often considered “masculine” for a man to be strong, assertive, and unemotional.
  4. Sexual orientation refers to whom someone is attracted to romantically or sexually. People can be attracted to people of any gender identity or expression.
  5. Violence against transgender people: Transgender people are disproportionately targeted for violence and abuse. For instance, in the United States, transwomen of color face the highest levels of violence.
  6. Discrimination in employment, education, housing, and other areas: In the United States, one out of every five transgender people has faced discrimination when looking for work. Additionally, 70% of LGBT students reported being verbally harassed at school because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  7. Stigma about menstruation: Some people believe that women who experience periods are “dirty” for having body parts that release menstrual blood — this is not true.

Menstrual blood comes from a uterus just like babies do, and it’s healthy to get rid of it every month. Many religions also involve ceremonies with symbolic shedding of uterine lining — these rituals should be viewed as spiritual blessings rather than something shameful to hide from others.

List of Gender Essay Topics

A gender essay should be a reflection of your own opinions and ideas, based on your own experiences. It’s important to keep this in mind as you consider possible subjects which could work well with a variety of writing styles– or even multiple essays.

The following list cannot possibly cover all possibilities because one person’s opinion differs from another, but these topics are still worth considering as examples.

  1. Gender roles
  2. Social norms of gender behavior
  3. Transgender experiences
  4. Gender identity, expression, and presentation
  5. Gendered toys and games.
  6. Women in leadership roles, such as Hillary Clinton
  7. Women in STEM fields (Science, Technology)

Gender Roles

The social expectations that govern how men and women act is known as gender roles. In each civilization, these roles vary, but they usually involve specified actions for each gender. In many cultures, men are expected to be strong and dominant, while women are expected to be submissive and nurturing.

Some people argue that there is a biological basis for specific gender roles, while others claim that these expectations are simply a product of our culture. Regardless of where these roles come from, they can have a powerful influence on how we think and behave.

One issue that often arises is whether or not gender roles should be challenged. Some people feel it is essential to break down traditional gender roles to achieve equality, while others believe they play an indispensable role in society and should not be changed.

This is a difficult question for which there is no simple answer. Both sides of the argument have advantages and disadvantages, and it is ultimately up to each individual to pick what they believe is best. However, it is important to consider how gender roles affect our society and ourselves.

Below are examples of gender role topics

  1. What is a gender role?
  2. Cultural expectations regarding gender roles can lead to discrimination against people who do not feel or act following their gender roles.
  3. The social role hypothesis states that gender differences are due to the expectations of individuals within a particular culture.
  4. Gender role stereotypes are the socially accepted norms and expectations of gender-specific behaviors based on sex.
  5. The primary purpose of gender role stereotypes is to reinforce societal expectations for men and women.
  6. Research on how parenting styles are influenced by gender role norms has suggested that mothers and fathers tend to treat their children differently based on their gender.
  7. Some studies have suggested that parents enforce gender roles and norms more often towards little boys than little girls.
  8. Parents who enforce gender role stereotypes try to eliminate the masculinity or femininity of their child’s behavior, regardless of gender.
  9. Parental behaviors that reinforce gender role stereotypes have been shown to correlate with an increased chance of their children engaging in same-sex romantic relationships.
  10. Traditional gender roles can benefit individuals by providing them with a clear picture of what social behavior is expected of them based upon their gender.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a topic that has been widely discussed and debated in the past decades since women started to make a name for themselves in work environments previously dominated by men. The extension of this debate to social media and other online forums has brought new dimensions to it.

This debate becomes especially interesting when it extends beyond simply discussing gender discrimination. It also explores whether discrimination against one sex can be beneficial for society. For instance, some studies claim that young girls who face discrimination based on their gender grow up with higher self-esteem, are more ambitious, and are better educated. This may be because they fight harder to overcome the obstacles in their path. However, others argue that this only further reinforces gender roles, which is an obstacle in itself.

Some of the most exciting research paper topics for students on this topic are likely to explore the extent to which humanity can benefit from both equity and equality approaches. Furthermore, it will be interesting to determine whether women gain anything by facing discrimination at work or whether their careers are ultimately hindered.

Gender role essay topics include

  1. Discuss women’s empowerment.
  2. Why is women’s gender-blindness a problem?
  3. Why are females more vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation than boys?
  4. Human trafficking victims are primarily women.
  5. Examine the managerial glass ceiling.
  6. The role of ideology in affecting gender relations
  7. Obstacles in African countries that impede girls from receiving a good education
  8. Why are there so few women in STEM fields?
  9. Women encounter many significant hurdles in the workplace.
  10. How do female athletes strive for equality?
  11. Women, sports, and media institutions are all intertwined.
  12. Women’s contribution to the global economy’s development
  13. Gender diversity’s role in scientific discovery and innovation

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a significant topic of discussion within academic research and policy-making circles. Gender Inequality essay topics are addressed in various ways, including discussions of women’s health, violence against women, the pay gap between men and women, work opportunities for women, education, and related fields. This issue also includes how society typically views gender as either masculine or feminine, with no overlap between the two characteristics.

  • Essay topic 1: Equality at work

One of the most well-known common gender inequality essay topics is the issue of equal pay for equal work. In 2014, women made approximately 79% as much as men did in the same job with similar experience. Therefore, depending on what line of work you are in, you could be working for free!

The question raised here is if this issue should be resolved, how it could be done, and the outcome. This topic can be challenging to write about since it is challenging to predict changing this law.

  • Essay Topic 2: Accessible bathrooms for women

One of the least commonly discussed is the issue of accessible bathrooms for women. The reality is that there are not enough public bathrooms available to women, and if there are, they aren’t always clean and safe. To compound the problem, women need to use bathrooms more often than men, yet many women are hesitant due to the lack of safe bathrooms. This is especially problematic for women traveling since there may not be available restaurants or stores with public bathrooms.

One of the questions to ask here is how many women fear using the bathroom when they are out because of the lack of safe bathrooms. Also, how many women would be willing to pay more for a product or attend an event if the venue provided clean and safe bathrooms for them?

  • Essay Topic 3: Dating issues

Dating is a widespread problem facing both men and women. This ranges from how to start a conversation, what is appropriate or not when it comes to physical contact, and the development of intimacy before actually being in a relationship.

These are common gender inequality essay topics that many people can relate to. You might also want to ask how these issues affect certain women and men, such as women with “traditional” family values and men who prefer a more “masculine” woman.

  • Essay Topic 4: Pregnancy

Many people are surprised to learn that pregnancy is considered a disability, which means that employers are not required by law to provide pregnant women the same benefits that they provide to other employees who are disabled. However, this is also an issue that men do not face since pregnancy cannot happen.

There are many questions to ask about this issue. For example, do you think employers should be required to provide pregnant women with the same benefits? If so, what is the reasoning behind this requirement? What problems might translate from such a policy change?

  • Essay Topic 5: Social media

Another common gender inequality essay topic is how women are portrayed in social media. The fact is that when you look at what men and women post online, the content is different. For example, men are more likely to post about their accomplishments and interests than women are. On the other hand, women are more likely to post about their bodies and relationships.

It is essential to ask why women are concerned about their appearance online. Why are men not concerned with these issues? Do you think social media has caused this difference? The fact is that many women feel the need to post flattering pictures of themselves for their self-esteem.

Another question to ask is whether social media is the root cause or a result of the way women have always been treated in society.

  • Essay Topic 6: Communication

Communication can be gendered in many ways, but the most obvious issue is that men are more likely to interrupt women during a conversation. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, regardless of whether or not men are aware of it, they might feel that their voice is more important than the women’s. Additionally, men are more likely to think that they have something important to contribute.

Another question to ask is whether this problem is due to the way men are socialized in society or a flaw in the way women communicate.

These common gender inequality essay topics give you an idea of the types of issues that you may want to research.

Gender Wage Gap

The gender wage gap is a term used to define unequal pay regarding gender in the workplace. In many countries, women are still stuck in a cycle of unequal pay.

The gender wage gap is a complex issue attributed to various factors. Some possible causes include gender bias in the workplace, women taking time off to care for their children, and women being less likely to be hired than men.

Although the gender wage gap is not as large as it was previously, there are still ways society can work to solve the issue. Educating women on their worth in the workplace is an essential factor, encouraging more women to enter science and technology fields.

Society needs to work together, instead of against each other, to solve the ongoing problem of unequal pay.

Examples of gender wage gaps topics include

  1. wage disparity between men and women in America
  2. Eliminating the wage disparity between men and women benefits society.
  3. An Examination of the Causes of Wage Disparity between Men and Women
  4. The Gender Wage Gap in America: A Historical Overview
  5. Pay Discrimination against Women in American Soccer
  6. An Investigation of the Various Aspects of the Gender Gap in Society
  7. Women’s Wages and the Impact of Experience and Education
  8. The Feminization of Poverty’s Outcome

Gender Stereotypes

Gendered norms can arise from many different aspects of a person’s life, including but not limited to: family, religion, school, and work. Some researchers opine that the leading cause of gender stereotypes is societal pressure, meaning people conform to what is expected of their particular sex. This learned behavior can affect a person’s self-concept and view of the opposite sex later in life. Most gender stereotypes stem from gender roles, which are defined as “socially constructed images that reflect the ideal qualities, characteristics or roles of women and men.”

Below are examples of Gender stereotypes essay topics for students

  1. Gender Stereotypes in the classroom
  2. Gender Preconceptions in the Film “Million Dollar Baby”
  3. Gender Preconceptions in the Film “Million Dollar Baby”
  4. In the United Kingdom, how do modern toys reinforce gender stereotypes?
  5. Television Gender Stereotypes Gender
  6. Stereotypes and Their Impact on People’s Lives
  7. Human Emotions and Gender Stereotypes