How to Cite a Brochure in APA Format: Key Rules to Follow

Cite a Brochure in APA

When writing for academic or professional purposes, properly citing the source is essential. It not only assists readers in locating the original material source, but it also deters pilgrims and boosts the credibility of your work or the article. Social sciences, psychology, and education all make extensive use of the APA format. 

However, because brochures are not conventional academic sources, appropriately citing them might be challenging for you sometimes. Brochures and pamphlets could be helpful resources for every scholarly research project. So, APA citation standards for brochures are provided here in this complete guide for you. 

Today, the rules for APA style broacher citing is the topic of this article. This article will provide you with complete information and examples of how to cite brochures in APA style. This guide will also be helpful to utilise footnotes as a citation process.

Definition of Brochure

A brochure is an educational paper advertisement that can be folded into a leaflet, booklet, or template. Brochures are promotional materials generally intended to introduce a business, organization, goods, or services and highlight their advantages to the general public or prospective clients. 

Typically, they are inserted into newspapers, given out by hand, or positioned in brochure racks near rushy intersections.

Purpose of Brochure

A brochure’s primary goal is to increase the reader’s understanding of the particular subject it covers.

  • Its breathtakingly exquisite visual design grabs the attention of the intended audience right away.
  • Use common sense to market your services, goods, or agency.
  • Develop a relationship of trust with potential customers.
  • Brochures appear to be more economical than newspaper or television advertisements.
  • A tangible, tactile, and elegant booklet gains greater value as consumers grow accustomed to magnificent online marketing.

What is the APA Brochure Citation?

Brochures are informational booklets or pamphlets that frequently include simplified versions of data, instructions, or marketing content. These can be useful while writing academic research papers. They do, however, follow a particular APA style citation format because they are not conventional scholarly publications like journal articles or academic books. 

The bibliographic reference for a brochure written in the APA style is referred to as an APA brochure citation, and it is usually found in the APA references section after your academic work.

Things Needed to Cite a Pamphlet and Brochure

The following details are necessary for a reference to a brochure or pamphlet;

  • Writer or business writer
  • If the brochure is available online, the publisher’s title and URL
  • Publishing date

How to Cite a Brochure in APA Standard Format

In academic writing, referencing sources and in-text citations are essential to maintaining the standards of academic integrity by giving credit to the authors of the books you have consulted. Therefore, the following examples will serve as an illustration of the format for an APA brochure citation.

Format for APA in-text Reference Insertion of a Brochure

When referencing the brochure within your research paper, make sure to add in-text citations. An APA in-text citation often looks like this;


“Author’s Last Name, Year of Publication”

With an author be like  (Johnson, 2020)”

“Without an author be like (“Understanding Diabetes”, 2018)”

“Page numbers: (Jones, 2006, p. 1)”

“No page numbers: (Jones, 2006, para. 3)” 

“Parenthetical: (Canadian Ophthalmological Association, 2007)”

“Narrative:  Alzheimer’s Association (2008)”

Use a condensed version of the title if there is no author listed in your APA brochure citation.

Format for APA Reference Entry of a Brochure

Complete information about the brochure should be included in the citation in the reference list. The format should be;


“Author’s Last Name, First Initial. (Year). Title of brochure [Brochure]. Publisher.”

The title becomes the author and “n.p.” (no publisher) becomes the publisher in an APA brochure citation when neither author nor publisher is available.

“With an author and publisher, “(Johnson, B. (2020). Understanding Diabetes [Brochure]. Health and Wellness Press)”

“Without an author or publisher, “Understanding Diabetes. (2018). [Brochure]. n.p.”


“Jones, M. (2006). Women’s health: Facts of ovarian cancer [Brochure]. Washington, DC: American Group of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.. Source:

“Alzheimer’s Association. (2008, March). Behavioral and psychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease [Brochure]”

How to Cite an Online Accessed Brochure in APA Standard Format

You will not have trouble citing an online accessed brochure in APA format if you adhere to all these guidelines;

  • Writer; Include the name of the author in the citation if one is listed.
  • Year; Add the publication year, which is typically located on the first or last page
  • Headline; to signify the format, the title should be italicized and the term “Brochure” should be placed in square brackets.
  • Editor; Add the publisher as well. Leave the publisher if they are already identified as an author
  • URL; if available, include the brochure’s direct URL.

In conclusion, the format for citing an online brochure in APA should be like this;

“Author, A. A(Organization). (Year). Title of brochure [Brochure]. Publisher. URL”


“American Cancer Society. (2021). Breast cancer: Early detection [Brochure].

If your brochure is available in printed form then follow this structure;

“Author’s Last name, First initial. Middle initial. or Name of Organization. (Year the pamphlet was published). Title of pamphlet [Brochure]. City of publisher, State abbreviation or Country: Publisher”

How to Cite a Brochure Footnotes in APA Format

APA permits your presentation to use footnotes for copyright information. The footnote structure should be like this;

“1 From Women’s Health: Facts of Ovarian Cancer [Brochure], by M. Jones, 2006, Washington, DC: American Group of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, p. 1. Copyright 2006 by the American Group of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Adapter with permission. Source:”

Wrapping Up

So we have learned till now;

  • The publisher’s name, the brochure’s title, the year of publication, and the author’s name must all be included when citing a brochure in APA style.
  • The in-text citation must mention the year and the author.
  • Using the word “Brochure” in square brackets after the title makes the APA brochure citation’s source type more clear.
  • Using the title and date can be a substitute if the brochure doesn’t list an author or publisher.

It is important to remember that not all online brochures contain all the data mentioned. Then you can just leave out any missing information, such as the publisher or the author.

Furthermore, as various academic institutions may have varying requirements for citation formatting, you should confirm the correctness of the citation format with your instructor or the editor.