Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics to Write About

When it comes to psychology paper topics, you may be bewildered by the options that are available to you. Psychology is a relatively new discipline in human history and has a wider array of options than other, similar subjects. Additionally, you might have a hard time grasping the finer points of psychology, making finding psychology research topics more difficult for you.

Fortunately, with some research and understanding, you can choose from an array of psychology research paper topics to use in your next paper. There are a myriad of interesting psychology topics to talk about and we’re going to learn a few of them below.

Interesting Psychology Essay Topics

The important thing to remember about psychology essay topics is that psychology is a very open-ended discipline, giving you greater freedom and flexibility in choosing a topic. This can make choosing a topic seem daunting, but is also a tool that allows you to choose something that truly appeals to you.

One way to find psychology topics to write about is to narrow your focus to a specific branch of psychology, such as behavioral psychology or an individual social psychology topic. This is generally good practice when writing an essay on any subject, as a narrower focus typically results in a better thesis. When it comes to the topic of psychology, a specific focus on an individual branch is often better than a general essay that goes all over the place.

When it comes to social psychology specifically, good essay topics include social cognition, prejudice topics such as racism and homophobia, social control, nonverbal communication, and attraction and romance. There is an infinite array of psychology research topics you can find on this basis alone.

Good Psychology Research Topics

Another good way to zero in on good research topics in psychology is to focus on a particular disorder or therapy. Disorders and illnesses are always interesting topics in psychology due to the fact that they afflict so many people and science is always looking for ways to cure or treat them.

Examples of psychology research topics in this vein include phobias, eating disorders, cluster B personality disorders (such as narcissism or borderline personality disorder), schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder, and eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Who knows: with good topics for a psychology research paper such as these, you might stumble across research or findings that can genuinely help people.

Psychology Research Topics Aren’t Hard to Find

Other good psychology paper topics are ones related to human cognition. There are still many mysteries about the human mind that we have yet to unravel—that’s what the field of psychology is here for, after all—so topics like dreams and speech disorders are always good psychology topics to write about.

For less-research oriented papers, you can choose good psychology paper topics on books and academic articles. Writing a critique of a psychology book (famous or not) or looking into theories and ideas advanced by the psychology community is always a good way to find research paper topics for psychology.

Along this same line, you can also find a good research topic in psychology by examining famous experiments, such as the Stanford prison experiments. Experiments are the foundation of scientific knowledge, and by writing a critique of one in this fashion, you can help put a unique spin on the subject of psychology.

Finally, you can always propose your own experiment as a topic of psychology. If you are serious about pursuing psychology as a career, you will need to do this at some point, and devising experiments is a fun way to come up with psychology paper topics.

How to Come Up with Psychology Research Topics

Do you find the idea of coming up with psychology paper topics to be intimidating? You shouldn’t. While psychology is a very open-ended subject, you can make this open-endedness work for you by choosing a topic of psychology that appeals to your interests. In contrast to other disciplines, it is much easier for students to choose psychology research paper topics that are to their personal liking.

The psychology research topics in this article are but a small slice of the good psychology paper topics that are available to you. If you are looking for popular psychology topics, you can find them by combining your own interests with a bit of thinking. When it comes to psychology essay topics, the sky is the limit, so be sure to come up with one that is original and appealing to you.

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