Interesting Maths Essay Topics and Research Papers

Maths Essay Topics

Mathematics is a unique area of study that deals with numbers, structures, shapes, quantities, and formulas. Even though math rarely deals with words, students in high school and colleges are sometimes tasked with researching math topics. Many students are always stuck on what topic to write about.

In this article, you will learn exciting math topics and the different branches of mathematics that you can choose.

Top 23 Interesting Math Topics

Math is a broad area that encompasses different topics. Below is a list of the top interesting math topics:

  1. Number theory in everyday life
  2. Logicist definitions of mathematics
  3. Multivariable vs. vector calculus
  4. Four conditions of functional analysis
  5. Random variable in probability theory
  6. How math is used in cryptography
  7. The function of homological algebra
  8. Concave vs. convex in geometry
  9. The philosophical problem of foundations
  10. Importance of numerical analysis for machine learning.
  11. Analysis of functions and complex equations in fractal geometry
  12. Cumulative and noncumulative algebra
  13. Critical analysis of Logarithms
  14. How to teach math to special children
  15. How to apply encryption and prime numbers
  16. The gender gap in math students
  17. Correlation between math and accounting
  18. An analysis of what Quadratics entail
  19. Types of sequence and their importance
  20. Difference between computer programming and applied math
  21. Are Asians the pacesetters in the mathematical field?
  22. Math and the technological advancement
  23. Discuss whether math is connected to another field of study

Branches of Mathematics

The main branches of mathematics include algebra, arithmetic, number theory, and geometry.  From these branches, other branches have come in place. We will discuss the several types of branches:

  1. Geometry: Geometry mainly encompasses the shapes and sizes of different objects. The practical side of mathematics is interested in polygons and geometrical objects. The three main geometry types are Euclidean, spherical, and hyperbolic. If you are intrigued by the shapes and sizes of objects, this is the branch that you should major in.
  2. Arithmetic: Arithmetic is an important branch of math as it is used in our everyday life for various reasons, from typical calculations to profit or loss computation. It mainly deals with numbers and their applications. Multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction are used to solve arithmetic problems, and they turn into more complex concepts such as exponents, limits, and other types of calculations.
  3. Algebra: Algebra is a significant branch of mathematics, and it deals with solving generic algebraic expressions and manipulating them to get the intended results. Unknown quantities solve alphabets that form part of an equation, and you will determine the value of each variable. It engages complicated formulas and solutions to get answers that will solve the problems in question.
  4. Number Theory: Number theory is considered the queen of mathematics which brought the relationship of numbers. It is one of the oldest branches of mathematics that introduces properties of integers such as additions, subtraction, modulus, and multiplication. Number theory builds complex systems like cryptography and game theory.
  5. Probability and Statistics: Probability and statistics depend on mathematical concepts to predict events and organize, analyze and interpret the collected data. This branch studies laws and principles that govern numerical data and events.
  6. Calculus: Calculus is an advanced branch of mathematics that focuses on change. Calculus has enabled mathematics to be studied in motion rather than in static objects. It is used in different fields and is categorized into differential and integral calculus.
  7. Topology: Topology deals with geometrical deformations like stretching, crumpling, twisting, and bedding. Topology is mainly applied in differentiable equations, dynamic systems, knot theory, and Riemann surfaces.
  8. Trigonometry: Trigonometry was coined from two Greek words, trigonous, which means triangles, and metron, meaning measure.  This branch of mathematics deals with studying angles and sides of triangles to measure distance and length. Trigonometry focuses on the relationship between angles and sides of the triangle and the different triangles and their properties.

Additionally, there are advanced branches of math, which include:

  • Matrix algebra
  • Numerical analysis
  • Game theory
  • Research operations
  • Set theory
  • Cartesian geometry
  • Complex numbers
  • Combinatorics

The above branches will aid you in studying various concepts methodically and gives students a helpful guide to select from when settling for a mathematical career.

Math Essay Topics for High School

Math is a study of science that majorly deals with logic, numbers, arrangements, and shapes. However, high school and college students are sometimes asked to do mathematical essays.

Most students find it challenging to come up with an exciting topic, below are some topics that you can choose from:

  1. Discuss the importance of Pythagoras’ theory
  2. Discuss the differences and similarities between the different branches of math
  3. How to solve linear equations
  4. Should math be a compulsory subject?
  5. How to solve a matrix problem
  6. The distributive property of multiplication
  7. How to overcome math anxiety
  8. Correlation between gender and math
  9. My experience with studying math
  10. How to improve your math skills and ability
  11. Is the classroom enough for studying and passing math
  12. How game developers use math
  13. expound on the differences between sine, cosine, and tangent
  14. Define and discuss linear growth
  15. Elaborate on whether a calculator is an essential tool in math
  16. Discuss the concept of derivative algebra
  17. What is mathematical biology, and how important is it?
  18. Analyze the symmetric Boolean function and their significance
  19. Discuss the Regiomontanus’ angle maximization issue
  20. Discuss the importance of complementary angles
  21. An analysis of approximation in limits
  22. In-depth analysis of Morita duality in algebraic structures

College Math Topics for a Paper

Essays come in handy when you want to elaborate on complex ideas. The following will be beneficial for your college research paper:

  1. Discuss the importance of n- Dimensional spaces
  2. Describe and explain how card counting works
  3. An in-depth analysis of how encryption operates
  4. What is set theory, and how important is it
  5. Discuss the practical application of game theory
  6. The topology of Mobius strip
  7. Discuss the different types of statistical methods
  8. Analyze the properties of a rotation matrix
  9. Discuss the degrees in polynomial functions
  10. Analyze the formation of fractals
  11. How you can solve soduku using math
  12. Discuss the concepts in number theory
  13. Explain the difference between a discrete and continuous probability distribution
  14. Describe the main problem facing computational geometry
  15. Discuss how you can divide complex numbers and solve it
  16. Discuss the main topological concepts in modern math
  17. The mathematical concept behind computer vision and object recognition
  18. Discuss the history of Greek symbols in mathematics
  19. In-depth analysis of the pentagonal number theory
  20. Critically analyze the topological concepts in modern mathematics

Advanced Topic in Math to Write

Advanced math topics prepare students for advanced functions to better grasp matters. Students will learn the advanced topic through discovery and applications to enhance the skills needed in solving complex mathematical problems.

Advanced math includes combinatorics, logic, topology, and computational math. Below are some of the enticing topics that you can write about:

  1. The fundamental properties of holomorphic and its functions
  2. How Cauchy’s integral theorem leads to Cauchy’s integral formula
  3. Analyze how Picard’s theories correlate with each other
  4. What is an algorithm, and how is it used in machine learning
  5. Discuss the different types of knapsack problems
  6. Critically analyze the problem with the wholeness axiom and kunen’s inconsistency theory
  7. What are elementary embedding and its importance in model theory
  8. The use of etale cohomology groups in calculating algebraic curves
  9. Analyze the concept of the abelian group
  10. An analysis of the Chinese restaurant process and its mathematical formulae
  11. A detailed analysis of the knot theory
  12. Analyze the different ways of solving inverse problems
  13. In-depth analysis of the Dempster – Shaffer theory
  14. Discuss the transferable belief model
  15. Critically analyze the orbit stabilizer theory

Math Research Topics for a Paper

To do an excellent math research paper, you have to choose an intriguing topic. Below are some fascinating math research topics that you can choose from:

  1. Expound on the history of calculus
  2. The significance of unresolved math equations
  3. How to design a train schedule for a country
  4. Examine the traveling salesman problem; can it be solved mathematically
  5. Analyze the effect of various groundbreaking mathematical equations
  6. An analysis of the quantum computing theory
  7. Discuss the strategies used to win a game of Go
  8. Explain the mathematical concept used in ancient Persia
  9. An analysis of how the Iwasawa theory relates to the modular forms
  10. Discuss the mathematical ways of finding someone lost in a maze
  11. Critically analyze the Fisher fundamental theory of natural selection
  12. How to effectively use Napier’s bones
  13. An analysis of how prime numbers are used in encryption
  14. The evolution of mathematics
  15. Expound on the Hanoi’s solution
  16. The mathematical functions of barcodes
  17. How math is used in artificial intelligence
  18. Analyze ant three mathematical theorem
  19. Analyze how the back and forth method works and how important it is in the mathematical field.


It is hard to look for a mathematical research topic, especially for those who don’t like math. However, it is difficult to handle other fields without math. Your own business will demand that you get some mathematical knowledge.

This list will come in handy whether you are a high school student or in college. The selected topics will aid you in your research work. Enjoy your mathematical experience!

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