Amazing Opinion Essay Topics and Ideas

Opinion Essay Topics

Are you stuck on what to write about for your next essay? Are you looking for interesting opinion essay topics that will engage your readers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will provide a list of excellent opinion essay topics that will help get your creativity flowing. So don’t wait any longer – start brainstorming today!

30 Good Opinion Essay Topics

Various good opinion essay topics can be explored, but not all are equal. It’s really important to make sure that the topic you choose is suitable for your audience and will better illustrate your writing style. That’s why we’ve come up with 30 opinion essay topics that are interesting and worthwhile to explore in detail. These may include;

  1. The Death Penalty: Should it be abolished or implemented?
  2. The Pros and Cons of the Internet
  3. Do Social Networks Make Us Lonely?
  4. Is Homework Necessary?
  5. Can We Trust Wikipedia?
  6. The Benefits of Book-to-Movie Adaptations
  7. Is Music the Key to Success?
  8. Art, the New Religion
  9. The Negative Impact of the Internet on Children
  10. Does the Media Portray Women in a Negative Way?
  11. The Effectiveness of Mandatory Drug Testing for Students
  12. Do Violent Video Games Affect the Behavior of Children?
  13. Does Social Media Make Us More Creative?
  14. Are Dog Owners More Trustworthy?
  15. Does Music Affect How Much We Eat?
  16. Is it Necessary for Children to Learn an Instrument?
  17. Is Homework Necessary in Elementary School?
  18. The Negative Influence of Politics on Children
  19. Is the Internet Changing the Language?
  20. Do Violent Video Games Affect Teen Behavior?
  21. Do Violent Movies and Video Games Make Children More Aggressive?
  22. Is the Death Penalty Fair?
  23. Are Teen Moms Unfit Mothers?
  24. Is Homework Necessary in High School?
  25. The Negative Effects of Social Media on Teen Relationships
  26. Does Homework Prevent Learning?
  27. The Role of the Male and Female in Society
  28. Teens Should be Granted Voting Rights at 16
  29. Social Media Is Changing the Way We Communicate
  30. What is More Important? Athletics or Academics?

12  Opinion Essay Writing Tips

  1. Organize your opinions into different categories for easy understanding (for example, pros, cons, etc.)
  2. Avoid using subjective terminology (avoid words like “good” and “bad”)
  3. Use specific examples to illustrate your point better
  4. Use simple language and incorporate any relevant examples from pop culture to keep your readers interested
  5. Vary your sentence structure throughout the essay to avoid monotonous writing
  6. Use a conversational, yet authoritative tone in your essay
  7. Use transition words and phrases to move between ideas smoothly
  8. Try to keep your essay focused on one main idea
  9. Include a strong, debatable thesis statement at the beginning of your essay
  10. Use a conversational writing style to engage your readers
  11. Include a strong conclusion to wrap up your essay
  12. Be sure to proofread and edit your work for any mistakes

23 Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

Political science opinions essay topics revolve around specific political ideas or topics. They vary in their complexity, but generally, they take an opinion+-  and explore it in detail with different points of view.

  1. Abortion; should it be legal? (arguments for and against
  2. Arkansas’ ban on same-sex marriage
  3. The role of the Federal Government in education
  4. The Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United v. FEC
  5. The rights of the individual vs. the government
  6. Making English the official language in America
  7. The role of the President in foreign policy
  8. Life sentences for all federal offenses, even non-violent crimes
  9. The use of drones for domestic surveillance
  10. Capital Punishment; should it be abolished? (arguments for and against)
  11. The role of the free market in education
  12. How to decrease gun violence
  13. The argument against gun control
  14. The role of the Supreme Court in deciding election results
  15. NSA surveillance programs
  16. The definition of poverty
  17. The role of the US in Afghanistan
  18. Gay marriage; should it be legal? (arguments for and against)
  19. Uniting the country after a divisive election
  20. The role of protest in society
  21. The United States’ trade deficit with China
  22. The use of the filibuster to obstruct voting in Congress
  23. The 2016 presidential campaigns; should they be publicly financed?

20 History Opinion Essay Topics

History opinion essay topics are essays that adopt a specific stance on any general history topic. Generally, they explore the reasons behind the day’s issues, and they may rely on dates or names to provide context.

  1. The causes of the American Revolution
  2. The importance of the Emancipation Proclamation.
  3. The use of terror campaigns to gain political power.
  4. The Bush Doctrine
  5. The effects of the Vietnam War
  6. Who was to blame for the Great Depression?
  7. The origins of the Cold War
  8. The use of history to define the American identity
  9. Is it okay for a president to authorize a drone strike on American citizens?
  10. The legacy of the Nuclear Age.
  11. The causes of World War I
  12. The role of the federal government in regulating firearms
  13. The controversy surrounding America’s entrance into World War II
  14. Who is to blame for the current debt and budget crisis?
  15. The role of women in the American Revolution
  16. The effects of America’s War on Terror
  17. The role of the Supreme Court in key decisions regarding individual freedoms
  18. The history of slavery in America
  19. The events leading up to the Great Recession
  20. The role of World War II in ending the Great Depression

17 Environment Opinion Essay Topics

Opinion essay topics that take a stance on the environment range from critical analysis of historical events to policy proposals for the future.

  1. The role of the Federal Government in protecting the environment.
  2. The implementation of a carbon tax; good or bad for the economy?
  3. The role of the EPA in regulating emissions from coal power plants.
  4. The history of civil disobedience in America.
  5. The controversy surrounding hydraulic fracturing.
  6. The use of coal power to generate electricity in America.
  7. Should we be afraid of the potential dangers of genetically modified foods?
  8. The debate surrounding offshore drilling.
  9. The use of natural gas to generate electricity in the US.
  10. A comparison of the environmental records of Presidents Bush and Obama
  11. Effects of climate change on global agriculture.
  12. Is clean coal an effective method for reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  13. The risks of fracking to the environment and drinking water.
  14. The use of pesticides in American agriculture.
  15. The need for a more environmentally conscious lifestyle
  16. A critical comparison of the water usage of California almonds and olives
  17. The effects of American energy policies on global climate change.

10 Education Opinion Essay Topics

Opinion essay topics about education deal with public cultural policy, economics, and culture issues. In many cases, they focus on aspects of the educational system in America.

  1. The effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on education in America
  2. The privatization of higher education; good
  3. The role of social media in modern education.
  4. Assess the important historical figures in your life.
  5. A comparison of the views of Karl Marx and John Dewey on education
  6. The relevance of liberal arts in modern curriculum.
  7. A critical analysis of the Common Core Standards.
  8. The cause of the education crisis in America.
  9. Assess which historic person had the most positive impact on your life.
  10. The history of homeschooling in America.

11 Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

Nursing opinion essay topics are subjects that provoke debate or discussion about an issue related to nursing education, practice, or policy.

  1. The reasons why women still dominate the nursing profession.
  2. A critical assessment of the Affordable Care Act concerning nurses and their patients.
  3. The effects of globalization on the nursing profession.
  4. The concept of “nurse vs. midwife” and its role in contemporary medical care
  5. A critical analysis of the public health insurance option and its costs.
  6. Assess the impact of social media on the nursing profession.
  7. The nurse-patient relationship; do nurses hold too much power?
  8. The effects of the Affordable Care Act on nurses and their patients.
  9. A comparison of different types of health insurance; good or bad for the healthcare system?
  10. The role of nurses in the patient-physician relationship.
  11. The effects of the nursing shortage on health care delivery.

9 Social Media Opinion Essay Topics

Social media opinion essay topics explore their influence on the lives of individuals.

  1. A critique of Facebook’s privacy policies.
  2. The history of Twitter in American culture.
  3. The positive effects of Facebook on the lives of its users.
  4. The history of Snapchat in America.
  5. A critique of Instagram and its role in the lives of young people.
  6. The positive and negative effects of Twitter on American culture.
  7. An argument against the concept of a “smartphone dependency” among children and teenagers.
  8. A debate about whether or not social media has a positive effect on the lives of adults.
  9. The impact of Pinterest on American culture and society.


Here are some amazing opinion essay topic ideas to get you started. We hope this list helps you find a topic that speaks to you and your unique perspective on the world. Try one of these topics. If you need help getting started or polishing your final product, our team is here to help.