How to Outperform your Colleagues in School

Outperform your Colleagues

One of the things I love the most about college life is that students have a lot of freedom. An individual can engage in any activity that interests them without being judged or questioned by anyone. College life presents students with immense opportunities to work on their weaknesses, advance their knowledge, and meet new people, with whom they can share meaningful ideas. However, despite all the opportunities that college life has to offer, it is essential always to remember that time is a limited resource and hence, you cannot afford to waste it doing unproductive activities. In as much there is not so much academic competition as it used to be in college, there is no doubt that an individual would feel great when they realize that they performed better academically as compared to their colleagues. This article will discuss how students can outperform their colleagues academically.

Carry with you everything that you need and leave those that you don’t

One of the mistakes made by most students is that when they identify an ideal place to study, they like bringing with them things that they do not need. For example, whereas it might seem like a good idea to type notes into your laptop and go through them later, the truth is that a laptop can be a great source of distraction due to its versatility. Watching movies, texting, checking the social media feeds, and playing games are some of the distractions an individual has to deal with when studying using their laptops.

Whenever you are studying, you should ask yourself whether you really need the laptop to take notes and study for your examinations. As a student, the most effective way to take your notes is taking notes using the old-fashioned way of paper and a pen. You should always strive to carry with you the things that you need and leave those that you do not. As you go to your ideal studying place, you should ensure that you carry with you all the necessary resources. Apparently, there is nothing as wasteful and time-consuming as running back and forth because you forget a paper, a book, or an important studying resource. Essentially, if you avoid distractions, you will accomplish so many activities within a short duration.


I believe that it is better to fail a test that you had not revised for it rather than submitting a plagiarised assignment. Unfortunately, the current generation of learners is so used to taking shortcuts. For example, there might be a student wanting and desiring to score excellent academic grades, but they often spend their time on unproductive activities. For instance, such students will miss their classes, spend most of their time hanging around friends or watching movies instead of dedicating adequate time to their studies. If you want to be successful, you must also be disciplined. This will also include seeking assistance whenever you encounter any problematic situation.

Students must never forget that seeking help does not mean that they are weak. Instead, it means that they are strong enough to acknowledge that they do not know a particular thing but are willing and ready to learn. While at school, I faced too many challenges while studying because I was constantly surrounded by people who were not interested in their studies. The good thing is that you will never miss that one person in a group of friends who will always try to do things differently. One of my reliable friends noticed that I used to take too much time writing a good dissertation paper, and it was then that he gave me this link, which I used to learn everything about the topic. In essence, as much as you are disciplined, you should strive to seek help from the right people and places whenever you encounter any challenging situation. In essence, being disciplined will without any doubt aid you to perform well academically.

Rewrite your notes and create an outline

Most students find that keeping a standard outline format aids them in boiling down information to the basic components. On the same note, the majority of the people find that connecting similar concepts is a great way of recalling information especially when the examination dates are almost due. One of the essential things you need to remember as a student is that an outline works best when it is in your own structure and words. In addition, every person is unique when it comes to the way they combine similar information together. Therefore, whereas it is okay to copy other people`s ideas, outlines, and notes, it is essential to ensure that you translate the outlines and notes into your own concepts and words. Unfortunately, failing to do this might cause you to stumble when it comes to remembering important concepts.

Always strive to be unique

Sometimes, we concentrate so much on outperforming our colleagues that we forget that different people have unique abilities. Apparently, what might appear easy for you might be challenging for another person, which is one of the reasons why you should always avoid comparing yourself with other people. Researchers believe that when an individual is studying, it is always important to strive and use as many senses as possible. This is because information and various concepts are easily stored in the brain when other senses are involved. Writing notes is an effective way of studying since it allows an individual to put their thoughts into words using terms that they understand. On the same note, talking as you continue writing can be excellent for revising for the examinations.

Learn how to work smarter, not harder

Academic life can be very challenging and one needs to come up with a good approach if you ever want to attain success. One of the most used techniques that are used by students to improve their performance is learning how to work smarter instead of harder. It has been found that the smartest students do not really need to study 24 hours a day, but instead study for fewer hours and utilize them completely. This means that such students have found ways to work smart and therefore need to spend fewer hours of their time working. Once you are in school, it is important that you identify your strengths and weaknesses and use the chance to see where you can thrive. As you conduct your studies, ensure that you come up with a good and smart plan. This plan will not only make your college life easier; it will also help you to always stay ahead of your competitors.

The current academic world is filled with numerous competitions. People are constantly working tirelessly so that they can perform well in their studies, secure well-paying employment opportunities, and live comfortable lives. Hopefully, these tips will assist you in improving your academic performance and outshining your peers academically. You should never stop believing in yourself.