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Peachy Essay TrustPilot Reviews: What You Must Know about Trust Pilot

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Are Peachy Essay reviews on TrustPilot fake? TrustPilot appears to think so, because they have decided to deplatform us from their website, removing a decade worth of reviews and a vital source of traffic and testimonials for our business. Peachy Essay reviews & rating TrustPilot have been an important way for our company to advertise our services and show potential clients that we have what it takes to help them. However, while TrustPilot may pose as an “unbiased” source of business reviews, the reality is far more sordid.

TrustPilot’s business model is based on shaking down businesses for money. Those who play the game are allowed to freely use their site, even if all of their reviews are fake. Businesses like Peachy Essay that refuse to cave into their demands are labelled as fraudulent and banned from the site, even if they are following the terms of service. We would strongly encourage any business considering using TrustPilot to think twice.

Has Peachy Essay Been Deplatformed by TrustPilot?

Peachy Essay used TrustPilot for over a decade to allow our customers to post reviews, allowing us to draw more clients in by showing the quality of our services. TrustPilot essay writing services by Peachy Essay worked very well for our business with zero issues. However, last year, TrustPilot sales team contacted us offering to sell us a “Pro” plan for $4,500 a year. We were perfectly happy with their free services, so we declined.

In a later phone conversation, TrustPilot threatened us with closing our account if we didn’t purchase the “Pro” plan. We politely told them that we would not give in to their blackmail demands, and in retaliation, they removed our account, which had over 550 reviews collected over the course of a decade. We are not the only essay writing service this has happened to either, with Essay Shark, EssayPro, and other services having been banned.

Are Peachy Essay Reviews Fake?

In more than ten years of operation, Peachy Essay has never paid for fake reviews or otherwise tried to deceive people into using our services. We strive for the highest levels of integrity. As part of that, we only request reviews from customers who have placed orders with us, ensuring that our reviews are real and accurate.

However, we have been targeted by malicious actors in recent years who want to drive us out of business. Our competitors harass us with fake reviews attacking the quality of our services. We have tried to fight back as best we can, but sites like TrustPilot turn a deaf ear to our plight. Peachy Essay Trust Pilot banning us is just the latest in a series of blows to our operations.

The Truth About Review Sites

Review sites like TrustPilot pose as “unbiased” arbiters of products and services, but the reality is that they are an industry like any other. TrustPilot makes money by intimidating businesses into paying for their outrageous premium plans, banning businesses who stand firm in the face of their blackmail attempts. Businesses who give in to TrustPilot’s gangster tactics receive preferential treatment, with their reviews being artificially boosted on every page of the site, even if they are fake.

Peachy Essay’s experience with TrustPilot has been a poor one, seeing our profile deleted after a decade without any issues because we refused to let them shake us down. If you are a business, you should be very careful when dealing with these review sites, and if you’re a customer, you should be wary of any reviews that you read on TrustPilot.

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