Role of Nurses in Healthcare System

Role of Nurses in Healthcare system

Nurses provide hands on care to patients, working tirelessly at the front lines of healthcare systems. Nurses are the most important part of the healthcare system, as they are always with the patient at every stage of the care process, tending to them, counseling the ill and improving healthcare processes.

The primary role of nurses in the healthcare system is patient care. Patients spend more time in the care of nurses more than all other care professionals combined, where the nurses assess and observe the patient. They help the doctors come up with healthcare plans as well as carry out those plans through medication and the administration of care interventions. In their role of providing patient care, nurses do diagnostics tests and take patient vitals then interpret the results. Nurses also engage in patient education, teaching the patients how to best arrive at healthy choices. They help patients understand their diagnosis, how to handle it, their treatment options and what to do after discharge (Shamian, 2014).  

Role of Nurses in Healthcare System
Role of Nurses in Healthcare System

As part of their role in healthcare, bedside nurses change bed linens for each patient every day, and in many instances, the linens runout in the linen cart, despite the number of beds in a unit never changing. The workaround here is to get linens from another cart, but searching for extra linens from other linen carts eats into the nurse’s time. The long term solution is to bring this up with someone in administration, and with organizational support, invest in more bed linens so that they are always enough and avoid nurses having to carve out time to go searching for bed linens from other carts.

Nurses have the duty of protecting, promoting as well as optimizing health. They help prevent illnesses and injuries, and relieve patient suffering through healthcare interventions. They have a legendary track record of creating workarounds to broken systems so as to increase patient safety and outcomes (Seaman & Erlen, 2015).

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