Self-Care Plan


What does STRESS look like, sound like, feel like for you? What does WELLNESS look like, sound like, feel like for you?
 The following signs shows that I have stress.

Incomplete digestion.

Irregular monthly periods.

Often forgetting things, short memory.

Inability to drink water.

Too much sleep during the day and no sleep at night.

Weird dreams.

Constant throbbing.

Loss of appetite and weight.

Insufficient fun and enjoyment during hikes.

When I am well and everything is ok with me, I always feel the following.

Having soundful sleep at night.

During yoga time, travel time, having self-relief. The internal motivation to volunteer in community activities.

Having fun with myself, managing the costs of all my expenditure reflects the sense that I am well.

Fruitful work-life balance, being healthy and having fun during retreat.




Area of Self-Care Current Practices Practices to Try


 I always eat full diet regularly by taking a balanced diet.

Frequent visits to the family doctor for medical checkups.

In the morning, I always do morning runs before going to class.

I always make sure I sleep early so as to have the recommended hours of sleeping.

I am planning to start going to the gym to burn fats and to gain more body fitness.


 To avoid too much emotional stress, I do accompany my friends to the movies over the weekends. I want to practice swimming so that I can be going for swimming with my little brother who is a fun of swimming.


On Sundays I accompany my family to church for prayers, in school I am active participant in the Christian union.  In the coming charity works, I will ensure I get engaged fully. I am planning to be part of the community charity programme.


In my career, I will ensure I maintain team-work with my colleagues, this will ensure that I achieve a peaceful coexistence with them in the work place.  Avoiding conflicts in the work place will help have peaceful cohesion with my superiors and the management at the work place.


My family is the greatest thing I have ever had in my life, they have always been there for me in times of difficulty, thanks to my mother. Having a great social life is one of my future ambitions. I am praying to have an understanding partner that would always be there for me and support me.


I enjoy life, have fun whenever I have cash. This is my pride. Planning for my financial investment is my plan for the future. This, hopefully will assist me avoid making losses thus allow me invest in profitable things.


Internet sometimes can be awful, the content posted might at times traumatize us.

Reading science journals is fun, always finding new information in the science world.

 I am moving from social media platforms; I would rather watch BBC or CNN.




Emergency Self-Care Tools Helpful (What to Do) Harmful (What to Avoid)

Relaxation/Staying Calm


Listening to music.

Taking a walk in the evening.

Watchung movie with friends in over the weekends.

Too much alcoholic drinks.

Domestic fights.

Avoiding too much stress.




Having self-belief ha been helpful enough to me, self-composure and prejudice.  Emotional stress leads to distress, this has destructed my studies and personal life.
Social Support


My mother, elder brother, boyfriend, my boyfriends’ brother and my younger sister has formed the major contributors to myself development. My boyfriend and mother are my confidantes, they listen to me and gives me the emotional support that I have ever needed from them. Friends can be good or bad but having a wrong company of friends can destruct you thus destroying you completely. Choose your cycle wisely.


Listening to county music has always assist relax my mind.

Watching horror and action movies.

 On my day, I always avoid getting in touch with my friends, I would rather stay alone watch a movie or hang out with my boyfriend or with my younger sister.



During difficult times, my mum and boyfriends always assist me go through. Having a stubborn younger sister around you all the day destroys you a lot when in difficult times, they do not understand what you are going through.



Body Mind Spirit Emotions Relationships Work
Going to the gym

Morning runs

Evening walks.


Listening to country music.

Watching horror movies.

 Going for church and family prayers.  Making stories with my mum or boyfriend. Having a caring and understanding boyfriend Planning my work schedule and avoiding inconveniences.


Helpful Practices to do


Harmful Habits to Avoid


1. deep breathing

2. listening to music

3. meditation

4. sitting outside and have a nap

5. reading or exercising.

1. overreacting

2. dangerous driving.

3. withdrawal from family and friends.

4. smoking and taking of drugs such as cocaine.

5. crowded places.



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