Step-by-Step Process of How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

How to Write Critical Analysis Essay

Academic writing comprises of different forms that usually require essential reading and research. Critical analysis essay, a particular type of academic writing, is a challenging task. However, if you employ the right approach, the crafting process might be straightforward for you. The purpose of this article is to give in-depth and fundamental knowledge on how to begin critical analysis essays alongside the right format to use. It will also spotlight some of the relevant topics samples for your critical analysis essay and give you a suite of insightful tips for your writing. Stay put for incredible performance on your writing essays.

What is a critical analysis essay?

Typically, a critical analysis essay requires writers to give out a critical evaluation and analysis of a topic or argument. It reflects a demonstration of how a student understands a particular topic. The chosen topic may span from a modern or historical piece of literature to books, paintings, or even movies.

Critical analysis essays have the ultimate purpose of informing the reader about the specific subject, detailing its true meaning with various controversial points of view. The writer has a definite focus on the author’s thesis and offers a supporting piece of evidence. Also, he or she provides their point of view on the subject matter. It sums up the skills of critical reading, critical thinking, and critical writing.

Now that we have the necessary information on this type of writing, let us jump on how we can begin to craft a critical analysis essay.

How do you start a critical analysis essay?

Before you pen down the first word on your critical analysis essay, it would be wise to read the source of your art or play critically. Do not be in a rush to complete the writing task. You might gather effective sticking notes or even a pen and a book and concentrate on the essay topic. Always remember to pay attention to the crucial sections of the subject. In case you come across the unique concepts or terms, go the extra mile to do further research for a powerful sense of understanding.

If the work was assigned to you by your lecturer, comply with the assignment instructions and guidelines to achieve higher grades.

Also, you might formulate a strong title for your essay. The title should be concise and descriptive to assist you in laying out ideas. It will also help your reader glimpse a clear vision of the essay’s content.

Steps to write Critical Analysis Essay

Which is the right outline for a critical analysis essay?

An outline helps you in logically mapping your writing ideas.  It provides you with a simple and controlled flow of thoughts and assures you of an effective method of passing your message to your readers. If your instructor does not provide you with a sample outline for your writing task, it would be useful to craft one yourself.

Take a look below at a basic sample of an outline for your critical analysis essay.

  1. Background of the subject

The background section provides your readers with a concise context of your writing. It helps them understand the overall nature of the writing subject. Some of the information may include the title, author, and publication information alongside the topic statement and the purpose of writing.

Upon detailing the subject matter’s context, craft a thesis statement that will provide your writing reactions.

2. A thesis statement

Upon providing a concise summary and analysis, it is crucial to entail your thesis statement. It mirrors out your reaction to the work of your sources. Project your idea cautiously with a supporting argument to gain the utmost trust from your readers.

3. Summary of the context

The summary part of the writing includes a clear demonstration of your understanding of the source information. You need to critically read your sources to detail this part in your critical analysis essay effectively.

4. A critical analysis of the work

The critical analysis section constitutes your evaluation and interpretation of the subject matter. You present your ideas in a logical style based on reading the content of your sources. You might pinpoint the organization of the author’s message and point of view. Also, add up on how useful the reference was to the targeted readers.

5. A concise conclusion part

You might conclude the critical analysis essay by restating out your thesis statement. Do not forget to pen down your summarized reactions and final thoughts on the topic under discussion.

Topics to choose for your critical analysis essay

With the massive happenings of various events globally, be it political or pandemic events, researchers, writers, and students tend to have a vast pool of topics to select for their critical analysis essays. Finding a subject for your writing is a walk in the park.

Critical Reading

While deciding on a topic, you might consider the following:

  1. It would be helpful to pick a topic that will be easier to present its critical analysis. Topics from popular literature and controversial sources would be the wise picks for you.
  2. A topic with a broader discussion might be more manageable for you. You might follow up on other individuals’ points of view and add some personal opinions for a more robust supporting argumentative nature.
  3. Some topics may require extra effort and time. You might consider issues that will direct you to your favorite authors and narrow the subject context to avoid your work’s late delivery.
  4. You might consult your professors for brilliant ideas. They will help you out effectively.

Below are some of the topics you might pick for your critical analysis essays.

  1. Topics about culture

You might pick a cultural topic that fascinates you. It would give you some concrete sense of motivation and be simpler for your critical analysis essay writing. You might research the concepts that are unique to you.

Here is a list of the topics you might consider.

Obesity: The health condition is affecting most individuals globally. You might have solid research on its rates with official health websites such as WHO statistical information. Provide a concise summary and analysis of its effects on individuals and the overall society.

Identity of multicultural groups: In most cases, individuals need to identify themselves during numerous applications. However, it might not be easy as you might think for other people due to their diverse nature in a racial group. It would be best to back up your research with articles from trusted sources.

Modeling and women body size: For many years, what comes to most of our minds is that a female model needs to have a petite body. You might bring in the argument of elegant models with plus body size. Summarize your points well for or against female personalities in the modeling world with extra pounds.

Gender roles in the corporate world: There have been increased feminism movements and campaigns for the past decade. Women have fought for equal rights in the corporate world. You might bring in the argumentative nature of the improvements that have taken place so far in jobs for the past decade, alongside their impacts on social relationships.

Single-headed families: With the increasing rates of divorce and family disputes, single parents now lead most families. You might research the causes of the subject matter and provide a well-laid analysis of the repercussions on children and the community.

2. Topics on English literature

English literature is vast. Spanning from novels to plays, you might pick your favorite tool for your critical analysis essay writing.

Summary of a character change:  With your best pick, you might consider a topic that outlines a character transformation. You might analyze the dynamic changes and elaborate on their effects and significance on the play or book.

A student might pick a topic that examines the setting of a novel. With your favorite book, you might effectively elaborate on a setting and show its significance or contrast.

You might opt for an elaboration of an author’s background. You can do a thorough examination of one of the author’s works and elaborate on the influence made from it.

Also, you might produce a detailed description of how a short story employs irony. The irony is a fascinating feature in most plays, books, or movies. You might analyze how irony in a story creates some meaning.

You might give a clear explanation of the mood used in a story. Literary works have a variety of perspectives. You might analyze how to bring up a specific book’s mood to provide precise meaning to the readers.

3. Topics with a focus on movies

For the movies or series fanatics, you might consider a topic from the list below for your critical analysis essay.

Analyze a movie based on a reading book. You might provide a critical analysis of how the film portrays the book. You might outweigh the impacts the director’s work has on both the movie and the book to the target audience. Some of the popular books with movies may include Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings.

Pick a favorite movie to examine. You might highlight some of the elements that make the movie an incredible film.

4. Topics on social history

The recent social community has led to the rise of several issues. Some of the hot topics for your critical analysis essay may include:

Racism issues on police enforcement. Recent cases have involved police exploitation of a particular racial group. You might mention some of the causes of their happenings and the policies or forces that might decrease the exploitation rates.

Also, you might opt to bring up alternative anti-poverty programs useful for society. Discuss some of its policies and strengths.

5. Topics about economics

Economics topics are worthwhile for your critical analysis essays. For writers passionate about economics, you might find the issues below useful for your writing.

Performance of cryptocurrency trading: With the rising demand for bitcoins on the market, many different countries’ economy has had tremendous effects. You might touch on how trading works and how it affects the economy.

You might elaborate on a country’s stock market’s critical evaluation. Its performance is one of the vital elements of an economy. Therefore, you might pinpoint some of the current rates on shares and the overall market capitalization.

6. Topics in sports

Critical analysis essays do not need always to outline topics on literary related works. You can write an essay that touches on sporting activities and events. Below are some of the issues you might want to analyze on.

Drug abuse in sporting events: You might opt for a topic concerning a sporting activity recently involved with using steroids or illegal substances. Provide a diligent summary and analysis of the causes of the actions.

Sports betting and deals: A writer who is a fan of football or basketball might consider a topic that analyses the effects of sports betting and deals on the sporting community.

Top tips for your critical analysis essay

After having a basic overview of critical analysis essays’ fundamental concepts, alongside some topic samples and their format, let us feed ourselves with some useful tips to make our writing flawless.

Below are some of the tips you might put into effect while writing your critical analysis essay.

  1. Use persuasive language to persuade large crowds of people upon approaching your piece of writing. You might change the opinions they have on other literary works. It would help if you were cautious about your wording and language while writing down your critical analysis essay. It is preferable to select a formal style of language, especially when in an education setting. Also, you do need to be too serious. Make the flow of thoughts memorable and rich in words.
  2. Whether your view on the writing work is positive or negative, it would be best to back up yourself with substantial evidence and a pool of facts.  It would be best if you convinced the readers why you consider the respective point of view. Using the most robust arguments with no evidence will also not impress your readers. Also, ensure your sources are credible to win your lecturers’ or instructors’ hearts.
  3. While doing your critical writing, it would be helpful to proofread your work after several days. A fresh mind will be simpler to take notice of some of the pitfalls in your essay.
  4. Irrespective of the field of your essay topic, be it a sporting topic or an economics one, it will be of significant advantage to elaborate on all points. Do not assume every reader knows the technical term. Explain every abbreviation used in writing to pass the message effectively to the readers.
  5. As earlier outlined, the thesis statement and the introductory part are essential components of critical analysis essay writing. While doing your paper, you might consider starting with the other section first and then completing the vital parts. By doing that, you precisely fix your content and be aware of the critical information to include in your thesis statement and the introductory part.
  6. Writing a critical analysis essay is a daunting task. You can reach your close family member or friend to go through your final draft of the work before submitting it. The third-party might identify some errors that you mistakenly missed while proofreading your work.
  7. Come up with your style of writing. Every individual was once a beginner. Writing too requires consistent practice to hit the nail right on the head. Have your way of doing it. Do not imitate someone else’s work. It might be difficult for you to cope with eventually. Upon the mastery of your writing style, it becomes more exciting with more rewards.
  8. Avoid using rhetoric questions in your critical analysis essay writing. Base your content on your findings and tangible shreds of evidence.


  1. Come up with concise topic sentences in your paragraph

A topic sentence provides a summary of your paragraph. It would be wise to provide clear topic sentences when writing down your paragraphs. It would provide your reader with a glimpse idea of what to expect in the forthcoming section. Keep your thoughts straightforward, supported with factual statements, and need to align with the thesis statement.

  1. Manage your time well. It is crucial to tabulate all the necessary activities of your writing. Most writers ignore their work’s proofreading task, resulting in grammatical errors and loss of clarity in their critical essay writing.

Final Thoughts

Critical analysis essays are a common form of academic writing for most institutions. Each student should know how to craft one, to have an easy time in school. Writing a critical analysis essay requires maximum effort to structure it the right way. With the right approach, writing a critical analysis essay becomes more straightforward for you. In writing one, you build a reliable suite of competitive skills, including essential reading, critical thinking alongside analyzing abilities. They equip you with solid evaluation skills that will be useful even after completing your studies.