Complete Guide & Tips On Writing a Strong Conclusion for an Essay

Complete Guide & Tips On Writing The Strong Conclusion For An Essay

Argument Essay Conclusion

As rarely as it is spoken of, writing a good conclusion for an essay makes it on the list of the top challenges in your academic life. Working on a conclusion gives the writer a bittersweet experience. You are excited as you are a section away from completing your assignment. On the other end, it is very challenging, to sum up, a compelling conclusion that makes the point you are trying to build throughout the essay.

What Is A Conclusion Essay

In general, a conclusion is the last section of your essay whereby your thesis and arguments are summarized. It gives the purpose of your essay to the readers and answers the question the lies amongst readers – “why should I care?”. An essay conclusion gives you one last chance to make an argument about your points and purpose to ensure that your message has been conveyed to your readers.

To guarantee that you have a good conclusion, there are five key subsections that you should include in your conclusion. You should first restate and reiterate the focus topic of the essay. Then, in summary, revisit your supporting ideas and arguments that proved your thesis. Finally, you should relate your former points to your closing arguments and offer a way forward and recommendations.

Good Ways To Start A Conclusion

The best route to take before you start writing your conclusion is to refer back to your essay outline. This is a mapping of your essay that you would’ve done before you started writing. The essay outline basically helps you stay in line, know your project, and be objective.

Thus, in each section, you would have identified which point goes where. Before you start to write your argumentative essay conclusion, revisit the points you had mapped out to reiterate your thoughts. Then, you will be on your way to writing your conclusion.

But there is always a lingering question of how to start a conclusion paragraph. The answer is simple. There are different ways to start a conclusion paragraph. However, the number one thing to note before jumping into the material is the word choice. The first word you use to start your conclusion paragraph makes quite an impact. As you go, your word choice eases you through the transition so you can naturally and effortlessly make your point.

When starting your conclusion, the first paragraph should restate your focus and objectives. Simply a summary of the first two sections written differently. The next 2 to 3 sentences should start to point out your actual conclusion on the findings or arguments you made.

Writing The Conclusion Essay

Employing transitional terms helps you to create a synergy through the essay from the argumentative essay introduction to the argumentative essay conclusion. This, in turn, makes your paper fluid and coherent. This means that when you are offering your conclusion proper use of transitional terms helps to create a logical connection between the paragraphs, sentences, sections, and the topic you are delivering on.

A good example is when you a giving a vivid and descriptive example to your point, you may use points such as “keep in mind”, “alert” or “which leads back to”. This helps to ease the reader back to the point you making rather than abruptly pushing them back to the point before they even understand or marinate on the example. In other words, the transitional terms should guide the reader to the reaction you are looking for to help them understand your logic.

How Long Should A Conclusion Be

To ensure that you master this transitioning skill, you must employ a multitasking mindset. Collectively think of your essay as you go. This gets you to thinking – how long should a conclusion be? when you have established this, your focus will elevate. This allows you to pick only the important and objective points. Typically, your conclusion should be at least 5 sentences. The first sentences restate the focus, the second to fourth sentences are the main part of the conclusion. The last sentence on the other end is the closing sentence.

Strategies For A Better Conclusion

It doesn’t hurt to learn some key strategies to further enhance the quality of your conclusion. One favored and effortless practice is to echo your points. This helps to bring the reader to reality and subconsciously make them remember your points. You can easily do this by rephrasing in a summary, an example from the introduction.

You may also extend an example from your introduction. You do this by adding up to the example, by telling in a conclusion appropriate scenario. Or you may even put in a bigger picture to relate to the topic that is discussed. This helps t the reader to easily understand the message without losing the context of the topic plus, the example is now consistent.  

Ending A Conclusion

When ending a conclusion, the last paragraph should create a sense of closure for your reader. The key take for your audience after you have ended the conclusion is to ensure the message is delivered. The conclusion should give your readers something to reflect on and the purpose of your essay. However, remember that the essay should not only rewrite what you had pointed out in the introduction and body. Your conclusion restates our focus to reel the reader back in and it ends with your reflections and recommendation and not new ideas.

What To Avoid In your Conclusion Essay

When you are writing your conclusion, it is easy for you to drift off. You have spent so much time at work. You may be exhausted, overly confident or simply want to get over and done with the essay. Thus, extra attention should be taken to avoid common mistakes.

Never include new information in your essay conclusion. This is especially when you are restating your introduction.  And remember it’s a summary, not a telltale story. Avoid a wordy conclusion, but rather, make it short, concise, clear, and objective. Never insert your reflections unless it’s a subjective self-reflective essay. For this matter, professional custom writing services also could provide huge help.