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Consider doing PhD in business administration, human resources management or finance? Choosing a business school can be quite complicated process because there are more than 5000 business schools worldwide. We have selected top 15 business schools for doing PhD and writing a business dissertation:

  1. Harvard Business School

PhD in Business economics; the program combines economics analysis with the practical aspects of business.

  1. Stanford Graduate School of Management

PhD in Marketing; students conduct marketing research in consumer behavior and quantitative marketing.

  1. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

PhD in Management; the program offers specializations in Human resources management, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Multinational management and Organizational Theory.

  1. London Business School

PhD in Finance; LBS offers an innovative research program in the business capital of the world. You will enjoy doing PhD and working as a research assistant together with world famous scholars.

  1. IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)

PhD in Human Resources/Organizational Behavior; IE is an innovative business school located in Madrid, Spain. PhD program prepares international scholars with a multicultural view of Human Resources management.

  1. Yale School of Management 

PhD in Financial Economics; Yale school of management is famous for its renowned faculty. If you decide to write your business dissertation at Yale school of management, you are very likely to have a world-famous scholar as your research supervisor.

  1. University of Chicago, Booth

PhD in Accounting; Booth school of business offers one of the best PhD programs in Accounting in the world. The school is renowned for its significant role in modern accounting research.

  1. MIT, Sloan School of Management

PhD in Economic Sociology; the students gain deeper understanding of sociological tools and concepts as well as organizations and economy.

  1. Columbia Business School

PhD in Finance and Economics; the program is designed for those individuals who want to get a better understanding of macroeconomics, corporate finance and financial economics.

  1. London School of Economics and Political Sciences

 PhD in Economics offers the program of the highest international standard. A lot of research students choose the option to study and work at one of LSE`s research centers like Toyota International Center for Economics and Related Disciplines.

  1. University of Cambridge, Judge

PhD in Strategic Management; students can choose two ways to obtain PhD in Strategic Management: conducting quantitative research using such approaches as behavioral statistics, experiments or econometrics or conduct research using qualitative methods such as case studies or grounded theory.

  1. University of Berkeley, Haas

PhD in Real Estate; Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Silicon Valley are renowned for luxury apartments. Haas School of Business is the perfect place if you consider your future career as a real estate manager. The program gives the opportunity to conduct research in capital markets, urban economics and housing.

  1. City University, Cass Business Scholl

PhD in Actuarial Science; Cass Business School has one of the best Actuarial Science and Insurance departments in the world. Students conduct research in life and general insurance, health care and pensions under the guidance of world-renowned faculty.

  1. Dartmouth College, Tuck

Joint MBA/PhD program; Tuck School of Business offers unique opportunity to learn best business practices and case studies together with conducting scientific research. The program is offered for Tuck MBA students only.

  1. University of Oxford, Saїd

PhD in Management Studies; Saїd Business School offers in-depth training in academic research. The program gives you the opportunity to gain teaching and research assistant research. You will definitely enjoy doing PhD in the intellectual capital of the world – Oxford.

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