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One of the biggest challenges in writing a good descriptive essay is to create a full picture in your reader’s mind. The picture, which embraces all 5 senses – touch, smell, taste, sound and sight. Here are 9 steps to make your descriptive essay well – structured and appealing to your prospect readers.

Step 1: write an interesting beginning of your descriptive essay

Try to use stylistic device called narrative hook. Write unusual, odd or even bizarre title and first 2-3 sentences of your intro paragraph. Consider this example taken from “The Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury: “The sign on the wall seemed to quiver under a film of sliding warm water, Eckels felt his eyelids blink over his stare, and the sign burned in this momentary darkness:


You need to evoke emotions in your readers’ mind, make them see a bright and distinct picture while they are reading your descriptive essay. Even when you are tasked with writing a descriptive essay about a person, ensure that your audience is able to see, touch, smell, or even taste the person. This may seem very difficult but our experts are very talented and can offer you professional help and guidance on how to get it done in the timeliest mannerism. Descriptive essays are not always simple but we can make your work easier by showing you how to come up with a suitable descriptive thesis that will guide you throughout your essay.

Step 2: make up persuasive thesis statement

Your next step will be to write a solid thesis statement. It is actually a basic idea of your descriptive essay. Try to write a good intro paragraph to outline your topic framework. We are able to give you good descriptive essay thesis examples that will act as your guideline. We are well aware that coming up with such a thesis on your own may be extremely difficult especially when you do not have great levels of experience writing this kind of papers and Peachy Essay descriptive essayists are more than willing to help you out.

Step 3: create a well-structured outline of your descriptive essay

Normally, you are required to write a descriptive essay according to the specific structure provided by your lecturer. Good descriptive essay consists of title, into paragraph, thesis statement followed by several body paragraphs to prove the statement. The descriptive essay format is one of the most important parts of your paper and a good format will easily help you to score a good grade. If you are not sure about the best format to use for your descriptive essay, you can always consult our company and our team of professionals will offer you guidance on how to properly do the same. We are also able to help you on descriptive writing tips that will propel you towards creating perfect essays in this niche.

Step 4: make sure you use academic words

It is very important that your descriptive essay contains some percentage of academic vocabulary. Try to make your descriptive essay sound proficient using academic words such as ambivalent, burlesque, ephemeral, etc. The best way to do this is to conduct detailed research on your descriptive essay topics in order to ensure that you are well informed on the best words to use as you write your descriptive essay. In case you are not facing time constraints, it is also important to look at well written descriptive essay examples. By doing this, you will expose yourself to the kind of academic language that is employed by expert writers in this niches.

Step 5: enrich your descriptive essay with stylistic devices

Imagine that your descriptive essay is a canvas. It is silly to use only black and white when you have such a large choice of colors. Switch on your creativity and imagination! Imagine yourself a painter; don’t be afraid to experiment with such stylistic devices as similes, metaphors, puns, hyperbola, allusions, litotes, antithesis, etc.        

Step 6: avoid simple sentences

Use complex sentences, containing various adverbial and subjective clauses but don’t forget to make sure your sentences are grammatically correct.

Step 7: express your thoughts clearly

For your descriptive essay to sound well-structured, make use of transitional phrases like hence, furthermore, moreover, firstly, secondly, to summarize the entire above-mentioned, etc. The more transitional phrases you use, the more logical your arguments sound.

Step 8: write a good summary

Make your final paragraph a good summary of your descriptive essay. Try to make your summary well-written because it will be the last paragraph your readers will read. It is highly recommended that you make your summary sound appealing to prospect readers.

Step 9: double-check your descriptive essay

Make sure your descriptive essay is error-free and well-structured. We recommend you to read your descriptive essay aloud several times. You can read it one time, then take a short walk to refresh your thoughts, and read it one more time when you come back home. Give your parents or friends the opportunity to read your descriptive essay, for them to give you an unbiased feedback.

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