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Even though geography is considered one of the easiest courses at high school or college, a lot of students find it boring. We would like to share with you some tips on how to make studying geography interesting and easy process:

  1. Post a world map on your wall

You will learn countries, capitals, sees and oceans much faster when you reluctantly look at the world map. When you watch TV and hear some new geographical name, do your best to find it on the map. With the course of time, you will notice, that your knowledge in geography has improved significantly, even though you did nothing special but approached the world map hanging on the wall every day.


  1. Travel more

This is the most effective method of learning geography. It is based on your emotional memory when you discover a new country or city. We highly recommend you to visit local museums, art galleries or historical buildings to learn more about that specific town or city.

  1. Play games based upon names of countries and cities

You say a city, for example, Manchester. Your friend will have to name the city which starts with the letter “R”, Rome, for example, and so on and so forth. This is a great game to have fun and learn something new at the same time.

  1. Watch TV and YouTube travel blogs

There are a lot of interesting TV channels like National Geographic or Discovery. We also recommend you to watch interesting travel blogs on YouTube.


  1. Read more

You can find a lot of geographical encyclopedias at local bookstore. Browse through interesting statistical information that will help you prepare better for geography classes. Reading fiction can also help you broaden your knowledge in geography. Pay special attention to author notes at the very end of the book. They normally contain some historical facts and geographical data such as cities, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.

  1. Make pen friends with peers from abroad

There are a lot of Facebook communities, where you can meet interesting people from all over the world, who will gladly share with you some interesting facts about their city or country. Besides, it is always wise to have friends abroad who can show you the city and help with a night shelter.

  1. Ask your friend to check your knowledge

Some lecturers like to test their students on how well they know seas, capitals, rivers or lakes. You can ask your friend to check your knowledge before the test.

  1. Try foreign cuisine

Broaden your knowledge in geography going to China, Italian or French restaurant. If you are good at cooking, you can always try something new from other cuisines and read something interesting about the dish you cooked.

  1. Use countered map

It is scientifically proven, that we can memorize information much better by noting it several times. If you want to study geography effectively and have some relaxation, we highly recommend you to buy a countered map.

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