Is using essay writing service considered as cheating?

Let’s ask the difficult question. Is it considered cheating when using essay writing services online?

The short answer to the question of is getting an essay written for you cheating is no!

One has to look at this from many different angles. So, a lot of our customers come to us to write an essay for them because they come from a non-English speaking background, thus making it hard for them to write a long and detailed essay in quality English, which will bring down their marks despite learning the subject to its fullest. Another reason is they didn’t get any decent help from their professors at university; this is a surprisingly frequent thing we get told by customers. One other aspect related to this is that their lecturer hasn’t provided them with enough course materials. The most heartbreaking can be that a student has suffered an illness and he simply can’t catch up on his own.

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How our services should be used

One of the biggest things our essay writing service is used for is as great motivational learning aids, which help students achieve a much higher grade than they would do normally.

100% privacy is guaranteed and we stick to terms of privacy laid out by the 1998 Data Protection Act. Not one single person outside of Peachy Essay will know about you engaging our services. Also, only a very small number of our team will even know your name and contact details.

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