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Throughout your law degree, you will find dozens of projects that will require your full attention, especially your ability to take into account small details.

However, few assignments can be compared with writing a law dissertation.

For this kind of project to be of good quality, it must be done with the greatest possible detail and emphasis on the philosophical, legal and literary foundations, being able to demonstrate a fact and developing a worthy analysis of law students.

What is a Law dissertation?

It is the most extensive and complete work that you will do during all your law studies. A dissertation is nothing else than your final thesis and its delivery and writing process is different from the projects you have previously submitted.

How is it structured?

After submitting your dissertation proposal, the next step is to draft your law thesis, for which it is advisable to follow this structure:

  1. Title Page: Where you will establish the title and place your data as an author.
  2. Abstract: it is a summary of around 300 words about what is inside the project.
  3. Content table: Where you clear the tiles and locations of the document.
  4. Introduction: The beginning of it, it should be about 10% of the total document.
  5. Methodology: explaining the methods used for research and analysis.
  6. Literature review: Where you analyze the sources of information.
  7. Evidence: explaining your discoveries and conclusions.
  8. Conclusion: put all the evidence and theory together to explain a reality.

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