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What is a dissertation anyway?

During all your studies you have run into dozens of assignments; papers, essays, debates, exhibitions, practices, and even your internships.

Well, all this has been to prepare you for the real life of the career that you are going to play once you obtain your much-desired degree; but between the last rungs of that ladder is your thesis or dissertation.

This is, by all means, the longest and hardest assignment that you will see along any academic load, and it is a document that should not only be based on 100% reliable information but also have methodological systems that allow doing an advance in general knowledge once this is finished.

In other words, unlike your academic papers, your dissertation should show up real-life useful results, and therefore it will follow more or less the following structure:

·        Title Page:

Here you will show for the first time your title and place your author information.

·        Abstract:

Then, you add the abstract, which has a special page format and is a 300-words-long summary of what the document is about –No spoilers please-.

·        Content table:

Before you start with the nursing dissertation writing, you clear out where everything is placed inside the thesis, which also works for you to keep the order of the content. And then, you can proceed with the introduction.

·        Introduction:

Write this when you finish the rest, it should be as long as the 10% of the whole dissertation, which a good dissertation writing service will guarantee.

·        Methodology:

Regardless of the type of investigation that you do here –Can be a case study or just a rhetorical analysis-, you need to explain the methodology used to get, analyze and get conclusions about the information.

·        Literature review and evidence section

They go in that order, and you will then establish the useful information that you get from both field and literary research and the shallow conclusions that you could get from them.

·        Conclusion:

Then, you can put all your cards on the table and redefine the nature of your dissertation’s topic, showing up conclusions which change or enhance the way your main topic is seen, based in solid evidence.

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Our system is extremely easy to use!

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