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What is Political Science all About? And why getting political science help is academically important?

Writings in Political Science is a peculiar one. This is due to the peculiar nature of the course. In fact, the peculiarity of Political Science often leaves people confused as to how to categorize the discipline. This is why some people often ask questions like “is Political Science a science?” Others are also often confounded to see elements of the Arts in it. This also makes them ask questions like “is Political Science a science or an art?”

The peculiarity of Political Science is partly because the discipline tries to study one of the most powerful influencing phenomena on man today. All over the world and everywhere that there are people, governance and government is a paramount factor that everybody tries to appraise themselves with. A very good example is the current United States of America’s presidential impeachment saga.

In this an intro to Political Science article however, we shall do justice to whatever doubts or confusion you have regarding whether “Political Science” is a Science or an Art”. Before we do that however, there is a need to understand what Political Science really means.

What is Political Science?

Political Science, also sometimes called “Politicology” has as many definitions as there are scholars studying it. There are several Political Science definitions by different authors. Because Political Science is a discipline that utilizes different approaches, so also there are different definitions to suit the approach of each scholar. Let’s examine some of these definitions then:

Some scholars define Political Science as a discipline which “explores relationships among and within governments, societies and individuals both domestically and internationally”. This definition stresses the fact that politics is not just limited to just governments and societies alone (what you might call macro-politics), but that it also involves individuals (what you might call micro-politics).

Some other scholars define it as “a social study concerning the allocation and transfer of power in decision making, the roles and systems of governance including governments and international organizations, political behavior, and public policies”. This definition cites exactly what politics does – it allocates and transfers the power of decision making. It also expands the agents of politics from governments, societies, individuals to international organizations.

Is Political Science a Science or an Art?

One of the constantly recurrent Political Science questions is whether Political Science is actually a science and not an art? Some says it is a science, others say it is an art, some others argue that it is a bit of both. This leads us to the question; what category can we actually pinpoint Political Science as belonging to?

Specifically, Political Science is a Social Science. Social science are sciences that study humans and their society. They often take into cognizance human relationship and interaction whether as individuals or as a wholesome society. In this regard, Political Science is a social science that examines human relationship and interaction, with particular interest in how they organize their governance and power-sharing. It is a systematic, scientific study of humans in their society.

While Political Science is actually not an “Art” in the strict sense, it can however be seen as one in a loose sense. What exactly do we mean? Have you ever listened to a true politician be it face-to-face, via the radio, television, newspaper, online broadcast or through whichever other means? One thing is common – all true politicians have a mastery of language. They are experts in using flowery language that achieves the aim of persuading people even if all what they are feeding to the people are lies. Persuading another person to believe and buy your lie is simply an “art”! Science does not and cannot do that.

Importance of Political Science

The importance of Political Science can never be over emphasized. This is because Political Science is one of the most powerful forces operating on people, communities and corporations today. A country is made or marred through political power-play. By extension, individuals within a society can suffer greatly due to decisions and policies that politicians engage in. A very good example is the World War I and World War II.

The first and second world wars are costly Political Science lessons. Certain political decisions were taken that either directly or indirectly caused and fueled the war, hence, causing the death of millions of the people. What can be more important than that which has the power of life and death inherent in it? This is the reason we now have public health and Political Science which is a branch of Political Science which attempts to study how political decisions and policies contribute either positively of negatively to the health of citizens.

History of Political Science

What we have today as “Political Science” was once an inseparable part of a discipline known as “Political Philosophy”. The modern field of Political Science, as a part of political philosophy which depended on other disciplines like Political Economy, Psychology, Sociology, Moral Philosophy, Political Theology and History itself. Aristotle is a popular figure considered by many as the father of Political Science.

The antecedents of “Political Science” can be traced as far back as to the Socratic political philosophers, such as Aristotle (384–322 BC). Aristotle was one of the first earliest scholars of Political Science to give a working definition of Political Science. He believed that it was a powerful branch of social science which holds special authority and control over other branches, such as military science.

Types of Writing and Sub-Fields in Political Science

There are various writings in Political Science which often necessitates students of tertiary institutions to constantly keep searching for Political Science writing help. There are various branches or sub-fields of Political Science. Hence, it is not surprising to hear students of Political Science asking questions such as “what are the 4 fields of Political Science?” They are as follows:

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