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In most colleges and universities you are required to write a research paper at least once in academic year. Sometimes you need to conduct some empirical research when you select a target group and give those questionnaires, tests, etc. Your practical research is the most important part of your research paper because it shows your ability to investigate scientific or social issues. There is no need to sit sleepless nights and struggle with your research paper or term paper. Following these simple steps can help you save much time and nerves:

Step 1. Think twice before choosing the topic

When it comes to choosing the topic for your research paper or term paper there is no need to hurry and choose a random topic. We recommend you to choose up to three topics you find interesting and take some time to check the research background and list of academic sources. Some topics lack research and it will be hard for you to write research paper unless you are Ph. D. student or professor. In most colleges, you will be asked to choose the topic during the first month of your academic year.

Step 2. Write a good plan

Once you are done with scanning research background of your topic, it is high time to single out the key issues you are going to investigate. Divide your research paper into two parts: theoretical and practical. Never forget to include the summary, list of references and appendix into your plan.

Step 3. Take some time for empirical research

Normally, your second part of the research paper should contain some practical research. Ask your freshman or sophomore friends to devote 5-7 min. and fill in your questionnaires or tests. You may also like the idea to conduct an interview or poll.  Considering the fact, that most students disregard the practical part of their research and continue rewriting theoretical stuff in the practical part, you will definitely impress your research supervisor.

Step 4. Better sooner than later 

Time is your best friend when you start writing your term paper at the very beginning of your academic year. There is no need to sit sleepless nights when you can devote at least one hour a day to writing your research paper. The majority of students who receive A+ are early starters. They had enough time to write the term paper, consult their research supervisor and do important corrections.

Step 5. Always consult your research supervisor

It is wise to consult your research supervisor at least once in a fortnight. In most cases, you are not his/her only student and we highly recommend you contact your research supervisor as soon as possible. Some students learn the name of their research supervisor one month before the deadline and really burn their research supervisor with delayed delivery. It is wise to have enough time ahead.

Step 6. Never hesitate to choose another topic

Sometimes your research can simply lack academic sources and research background, which makes it hard to write a research paper, especially theoretical part. Never hesitate to ask your research supervisor to give you another topic if you still have enough time ahead.

Step 7. Proofread your research paper

Take some time to check your research paper or term paper for spelling and grammar mistakes. Our professional writers can edit and revise your research paper as well.

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