Creativity vs. Productivity: How to Manage and Sustain the Balance

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           Creativity vs productivity? Seems like a touch choice. Creativity refers to the ability of an individual to come up with novel ideas. It confers a great benefit to accompany if its employees are creative enough to match the needs for a forever changing world. In order to achieve success in a company, creativity needs to be balanced with productivity. In this paper, emphasis has been put on how this can be made possible.

            I work in my own office alone where my work entails doing manycreative designs and a requirement of high level of productivity. I develop design guidelines and conceptualise concepts about future products on a daily basis. Applying the following tips have enabled me remain creative and productive for the many years that I have worked in this company.

            I always start my job early and experience has taught me that I will never find any better time to be creative than in the morning when it is very early. The fact that my brain is in the process of waking up, my mental energy is usually very high at this time. When I come across challenging situations at this time, my brains stumble on unexpected connections giving me solutions that I am sometimes marvelled by. I have also realised that it pays to start the day with my most challenging tasks. A new perspective every day and the fresh energy are vital in handling this business. Moreover, distractions by phone calls or emails are absent making it the best time to focus on activity.

Balancing Creativity with Productivity

            I have been using mind maps since college and I have come to the realization that it is a very effective way of striking a balance between productivity and creativity. The advantage in using mind maps is that they enhance organization of content in a very effective way, allow for quick searching and increase content creation. They also allow me to be focussed by opening only the branches I am interested in. I have also used the mind maps in storage of ideas. In my line of work, I have not come across any better method to evolve new ideas, revisit oldones and combine them to generate better ones that improve efficiency. A project with much content can be broken into work queues making it manageable and ensuring that no part is ignored or overlooked.

Whenever I have a problem in coming up with a plan, I usually take a walk in a nearby park and I am always impressed by the results. I have found out that by doing this, I can think about the problem in the fresh air and come up with admirable solutions. The surroundings create an air of creativity just by being away from the work environment for a short time.

            Working in terms of creative batches has also helped a great deal. I have acquired the habit of creating a plan of batches of three-to-four hours where I work without disruptions by phone calls, text messages and emails. Another disruption that I have managed to curb with this plan is the enticement to use social media tools as I work. This act of making a plan and sticking to it closely has proven to be very effective. The gaps between these work batches are used to answer missed calls and reply text messages and emails.

            My creativity has increased since I started carrying a notebook in every situation. This has enabled me to jot down thoughts and observations at random. These thoughts prove very useful when I am back in the office. I always ensure that I finish my work before deadlines to avoid the last minute rush which would impact negatively on my creativity. I also try to collaborate rather than compete with them to enhance creativity and improve productivity.

            In a nutshell, in order to achieve success there is a need to balance between creativity and productivity and this I have been able to do by applying the methods explained above. However, different people may achieve the same by applying other techniques.


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