How to Choose a Topic for Cause and Effect Essays – 50 Topic Samples

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

A quite number of students find it challenging to choose cause and effect essay items. At colleges, professors rarely assign specific topics to learners, but they provide students with general themes to create their ideas.

University essays aren’t easy; you must have excellent writing skills and advanced thinking to write high-quality papers. If it is your first time writing an essay, you will encounter challenges. Selecting the right topic will be part of the obstacles you will come across. If you want to overcome this, you will have to creative.

In this article, you will get insightful information on how to choose a topic for cause and effect essay. Let’s go!

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

A cause and effect essay is an academic paper about why things happen and what occurs as a result. Crafting this paper entails linking consequences to an event using facts.

How to Select Cause and Effect Topics

If you want to choose a perfect cause and essay topic, you must understand the reasons why some events occur along with their consequences. Ensure that the topic you choose isn’t superficial but a real one with an impact on society. For instance, topics related to pollution and global warming have a tremendous effect on society.

An excellent source for your cause and effect essay is something you have experienced before in the course of your life. Think of anything that you are passionate about in your life and research it to be your topic.

The following are the factors to consider when choosing the right topic.

  • Choose a topic that interests you most

It is essential to select an interesting topic. For instance, you may write on how your past life led to the present results. Also, you may decide to write about things that may affect your future life.

  • Choose a subject

Writing a paper is quite involving and time-consuming. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a topic that you understand.

  • Select a topic that is unique and thoughtful

The topic you choose should be challenging to enable you to express your views uniquely.

  • The length of your paper

If you are required to write a long paper, you must choose a topic with adequate content to write about. For instance, writing an article on the causes and effects of the First World War may not fit a two-page document. Also, crafting a piece on the origins of tuberculosis may be inadequate for a 30-page paper.


  • Your academic level

Before you select any topic to write about, it is essential to understand what is expected of you. For example, if you are a fresher, go for natural and common topics. However, a master student may select argumentative topics that require citations and referencing.

  • What matters to you

Ensure that you choose a topic that you are familiar with. An exciting topic will motivate you to research the content to write about; hence producing a high-quality document. It is vital to choose an idea that you are comfortable working with. If you want to learn something new, you may opt for a challenging topic.

Choose a Topic-Based on Cause or Effect

If you want to have a proper focus on the idea you are choosing, you must narrow your approach. Bear in mind that every cause result to an effect and every outcome is a consequence of a particular cause. Once you choose a topic, try researching its content with an open mind to get relevant and sufficient information to write about.

If you want to begin your writing based on cause and effect, there are several options to choose from. It is advisable to start from situations that have affected your life. For instance, if your parents were divorced, you may wish to craft a paper on the causes and effect of divorce.

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Note that the approach you use to write a cause and effect essay is different from the one you would require to craft a creative or an opinion paper. The following tips can help you compose a perfect paper.

  • Use peer-reviewed sources in your paper

Writing a cause and effect essay requires that you objectively prove something that has been said using scientifically evaluated sources, such as peer-reviewed papers.

  • Use primary sources

Primary sources entail actual research data collected through questionnaires, observations, interviews, or any other method.  It is advisable to use these sources because they are best when it comes to proving an argument.

  • Be systematic

When writing a cause and effect essay, ensure you present your position logically and progressively. Begin your paper by explaining the causes and the effects you want to prove and then compose your paper based on that.

Narrowing Down the Topic

If you want to narrow down the topic, pick a few ideas that you think are the best, and then select a topic from there. Ensure that the question you select is compelling and supported by data.

Tips on How to Choose Good Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

Selecting a topic to write about is not an easy task; therefore, you must identify a scenario where one event results in another. Ensure that the idea you choose is related to the significant theme your instructor gave you. The following are some brief strategies that will assist you to come up with topics.

  • Brainstorm to get best ideas that are relevant to the areas suggested by your professor.
  • Narrow down the broader topic to a specific action
  • Think of particular outcomes that an event caused
  • Focus on an exciting theme
  • Create a clear title for your paper

Cause and Effect Topic Suggestions

Crafting a perfect paper requires you to select the right topic. The following list can help you pick an exciting topic for your essay.

  • Causes and effects of obesity in people.
  • The effects of abortion on marriage.
  • The effect of chemical weapons on world peace.
  • The long-distance relationship causes mistrust.
  • Inadequate physical activities cause a heart attack.
  • Emotional eating results in poor digestion.
  • The low-income family relationship causes troubled sleep.
  • Native language affects the way people study a foreign language.
  • Working out helps people improve their mental and physical health.
  • The effect of pollutions.
  • Causes and effects of global warming.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Effect of school molestation on new students.
  • Dating before maturity.
  • Why women get into destructive relationships.
  • The effects of smoking on a pregnant woman.
  • The effect of globalization on the economy
  • What makes an individual to be a good teacher
  • What are the causes of heart problems?
  • Effects of distance learning
  • The influence of Uber on taxi drivers
  • How international travel affect life and personality.
Cause and Effect Essay Structure to Follow
Cause and Effect Essay Structure to Follow

Steps in Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Writing a cause and effect essay can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about. Here are the steps to guide you through the process.

  • Differentiate between cause and effect

If you want to understand causes, ask yourself, “Why did something happen?” However, to identify the effect, ask, “What occurred as a result of this?” For example, a car can’t start because there is no petrol.

Note that sometimes, many causes can lead to a single effect, and numerous effects may arise from a single cause.

  • Develop your thesis statement

A thesis statement is a position you take regarding the topic. Before you start writing, decide whether you are handling causes, effects, or both. After that, introduce your main ideas based on your decision.

  • Identify and organize your main ideas

Support your thesis with relevant ideas, and ensure that you logically organize these ideas. You may arrange your details based on chronology, importance, and category.

Chronological arrangement refers to organizing ideas depending on the order in which the events occurred. You may also organize your points from the least to most important or vice versa. The categorical arrangement encompasses dividing the topic based on categories.

  • Use appropriate transitions

Transition words can help your paper have a logical flow. Therefore, use words, such as since, consequently, as a result, because, due to, therefore, etc.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose a Topic for Cause and Effect Essay

Choosing a topic for a cause and effect essay can be difficult if you are inexperienced in selecting and writing academic papers. If you want to select an excellent idea, you have to adopt the following tips: brainstorm ideas, narrow down the more significant theme to a specific plan, think of a particular outcome that has been caused by the event, focus on an exciting issue, and select the right topic. In case you are facing challenges in choosing a problem, contact professional writers, such as Peachy Essay with proven track records, for help.