The Melting Pot of Immigrants

Throughout history, nations have mostly been characterized by homogeneity of ethnicity and race. In fact, attempts to create diverse nations have often ended in failure and a reversion back to homogeneity (Hanson, 2016). However, America is an exception given its history as a nation founded by immigrants who ably came up with a uniquely different constitution and diverse nation.

The American constitution defines Americans by their shared values, instead of their appearance or shared ethnicity. As such, everybody willing to immigrate into the USA often accepts and assimilates to these shared values and gives up their identity to become American. However, that has changed recently with the acceptance of multiculturalism (Hanson, 2016). That is, particular groups have been allowed to retain their tribal chauvinism.

Once immigrants immigrated to the USA, they were often viewed as individuals capable of living their own American dream. That is, each individual was entitled to live their dream as they enriched America with disparate foods, art, music, literature, and music. All these made the melting pot where several ideas were merged to come with unique American artefacts, practices, among other things (Hanson, 2016).

However, even when immigrants from different arts of the world interacted to create an American culture. America remained pre-dominantly defined by the Anglo-Saxon roots of its pioneers. Hence, groups from other parts of the world have often felt disadvantaged, discriminated, and oppressed. Eventually, strong critique of American melting pot unity emerged aimed at rectifying these past wrongs. Hence, multiculturalism was embraced with the aim of accommodating such minorities and rectifying past injustices (Hanson, 2016).

Nonetheless, America has managed to go further than any other country in history, to accommodate every immigrant who has earned their legal entry into the country. It has also continued to enjoy he fruits of its status as a melting pot for all immigrants. Immigrants who have continuously made America the global leader in creative ideas, business, military strength, technology, and many more fields.