Should carrying concealed weapons be allowed on college campus?

should guns be allowed on college campuses essay

Should college students be allowed to carry guns on campus?

Gun debates and the issue of carrying concealed weapons to school are stirred up by the mass shootings occurring in various places regularly. Carrying of concealed weapons to colleges and universities has been banned traditionally. However, some institutional and state laws allow for students to carry registered guns to the school premises. Carrying of concealed weapons can be a cause of insecurity and fear amongst the students and employees.

Allowing concealed weapons on campus is potential for prevention of many crimes in the campus premises. There have also been various instances of atrocities and mass shooting all over the world, for example, the Garissa University attack on 30th March 2015. Such cases can be avoided by allowing the students and workers carry guns to schools. According to Joslyn and Markel, most of the gun attacks typically occur in places where individuals are unarmed (430). The presence of weapons in schools might also help in preventing issues such as rape and assaults. Additionally, gun presence will also help cub violent criminal’s presences who mostly have weapons. Therefore, concealed weapons are essential in campus to enable students protect themselves.

Reasons why guns should not be allowed on college campuses

From most of the available evidence, like the case of the Garissa University attacks, police normally reach the crime scenes sometimes later, probably after the exit of the attackers. Therefore, a promise of the police presence for protection is not enough for preventing students and workers from carrying concealed weapons to campus. In cases where the police are late to respond to an attack, those with the weapons on the premises can help in containing the situations. Furthermore, concealed weapons are allowed in the United States Constitution under the Second Amendment for a licensed individual (Joslyn and Markel 435). Such rights should not be violated by the fact that one has joined an institution of higher learning, provided they have permits for carrying of guns.

On the other hand, carrying of concealed weapons to campuses is a base for potential risks in campuses. An environment composed of students comprises various disagreements. In such cases, students might engage in shootouts, thus, increasing the risk of campus stays. As Verrecchia and Nicole claims, concealed weapons on campuses will increase the risk exposure of students by increasing student hostility, personal harm, and reckless behavior enhancement among the students (67). Furthermore, some of the people on campuses, both the students and faculty members might have a mental illness. In such cases, allowing for concealed weapons might increase the risk for other students in case the weapons end up on the hands of the mentally affected individuals.

should guns be allowed on college campuses essay
should guns be allowed on college campuses essay

According to Verrecchia and Nicole, the school environment should guarantee safety for all the faculty members (63). Therefore, the debate about carrying concealed weapons for the safety and security of the workers and students does not hold water. Furthermore, some vulnerable students might not have an opportunity to acquire weapons in case of allowing them on campus. In such cases, the students’ stay on campus will be full of fear, as they will lack the ‘protection’ those fortunate have. Carrying of concealed weapons to campus will also allow the dangerous people to become a threat in the campus environments by having the weapons freely on the campuses.

Will allowing guns on college campuses make them safer

There should not be an allowance of carrying of concealed weapons to schools as such will not enhance learning environment security. The purpose of students is not to prevent crimes; therefore, the issue of security should be left for the trained personnel in the area. In cases of mass shootouts in schools, the police might have a hard time distinguishing the good people from criminals.

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