The West of United States of America Written By “The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica”

The West of United States of America is the western portion comprising of the Great Plain and include the most of the part of the country. Federal Definition of The West encompasses the states of Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. However, it can be observed that virtually every part of US except for the Eastern Seaboard has “The West” at some point back in the history. It was linked with the popular imagination with the last of all frontiers for settlement of Americans. Specifically it includes the vast plain stretch of plain , mountains and the desert that is west of Mississippi that has the problem of loomed in a large American Folklore , Indians , covered wagons , prospectors and a complete society that is operating out the law (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2016).

The boundary limit of the West of USA has been depicted in detail with the further sub division that changed with the history over the period of time. After the movement of Human beings in this region, the formation and establishment of various colonies started that contributed towards creation of a separate entity. The population Distribution and increase in it has been depicted and required serious efforts to reduce the scale rate. However, with the increase in Living Technology, the Living Standard in the west has improved significantly. The article laid a stress on the importance of Historical perspective of the West. The West despite being the last region in the US to be developed and settled, has its history which dates back to the British Colonies on the east sea shores.

In 1540, the Spaniards reached Grand Canyon and San Francisco in the year 1542. In 1610 the famous Santa Fe was found and only after three years after that the British Founded Jamestown. The extensive settlements were however, still hundreds of years away.

Most of the West of USA became the part of complete United State in 1803 through Louisiana Purchase; the Southwest, thereafter in 1848 was Mexican possession. From 1804-04 the Lewis and Clark Expedition established much of what they became the Oregon Trail and facilitated settlement of the Northwest Pacific and area which was known for its richness in the timber, furs and salmon. The most significant of all the Discovery of Gold in California in the year 1848 bought a burst of migration to be West Coast and led California admission of Union in the year 1850 (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2016).

The writing is focused more on detailed information on many aspects, rather them giving a gist of all and focus on one of them. The author made an honest endeavor to squeeze such a vast topic in a small article. Most of the context was easy to understand and sounded sensible. The key aspect of focused writing was present in writing, which made it a bit unclear for the people who are not familiar with the West of USA in particular. However, the article was required to be declined more towards boasting the west part in comparison to the rest of US.

The article can be regarded in most of the ways a typical academic and routine article. The reading level of the article is quite high since its influence would not only be for the people living in US but for the rest of the world as well. Each sentence of the article is well though and gives a significant information to the reader in a quite simple language and context. The complete illustration of the article is simple which has the sole purpose to convey information about the West of US. The simple vocabulary and is based on the rhyming structured sentences that has a lasting effect on readers as a whole (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2016).

The article critically focused on the overall description of subject with the complete citation of history where required. The greatest strength of the writer is the powerful structured rhythmic sentences, where he explained a long context in a few words. The weakness in the writing was at the end where the writer could not finish the topic with a proper ending and concluding not. The article had a strong emotional response for the people of US in general and its West portion in particular. The personal connection with the article is very strong because of the attachment I have with the West of US.


The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica (2016). The editors of Encyclopædia Britannica. In Encyclopædia Britannica.

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