Most Impressive Social Issues Essay Topics for your Paper

Social Issues Essay Topics

Are you in the middle of essay writing or a research paper and need to find a mind-blowing social issues essay topics? Or do you need to choose one for your assignment? Maybe you want to include one in your free-response questions for an English class. So, what makes an impressive social issue topic?

What are Impressive Social Issues?

Social issues essays are topics of various social and political dimensions. They can be controversial and require the writer to have a certain level of information and knowledge on the given issue.

How to Write an Essay On Social Issues

It is a common task for students to write an essay on social issues. Here are some tips on how to tackle this assignment:

1. Find an interesting topic

There are many issues you can write about related to social issues. However, you should choose a topic that interests you. You will find it easier to do research and compose a great essay if it is something you are genuinely interested in.

2. Research the topic

Whatever social issue you choose, do thorough research to develop a valid opinion and argumentation. Use reliable sources such as books, journals, and online articles written by experts to support your research. Do not rely solely on the internet for your research, as there is a great possibility of finding biased information here.

3. Examine the issues

Once you have chosen your subject, begin reading up on it. Do not be afraid to look at both sides of the argument. You want your paper to be as informative as possible, so make sure that you understand all aspects of the issue before writing your paper. The purpose of your essay should be clear from its introduction. The introduction should quickly tell the reader what the essay will be about and why they should read it. Many students mistake choosing an interesting topic but never really explain why they are writing about it.

71 Best Social Issues Essay Topics

Trying to choose the proper topic for your paper? Not sure which one is more relevant or would appeal to your professor? Here is a list of 50 amazing social issue topics that will help you choose wisely.

  1. The Issue of Gun Control in America
  2. Gay Marriage as a Social Issue
  3. The Right to Die with Dignity
  4. Gender Equality
  5. Abortion: A Woman’s Choice or Murder?
  6. The Legalization of Marijuana
  7. Prostitution: A Victimless Crime?
  8. Social Security: A Necessity for Senior Citizens or an Unnecessary Burden?
  9. Affirmative Action: Fair or Unfair Treatment?
  10. Poverty: A National Disgrace or Society’s Responsibility?
  11. Internet Censorship: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
  12. Same-Sex Marriage: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
  13. Is Pornography Harmful to Society or Does it Have Benefits That Outweigh its Costs?
  14. How do companies market harmful or dangerous products? What kinds of laws need to be in place to protect children from predators online?
  15. Should people who get abortions be punished by law?
  16. How do we define the quality of life? Does a person’s wealth define the quality of life, or is it defined by something more? Can it be both at the same time?
  17. What role does technology play in education?
  18. Why does bullying happen at schools, and what can people do about it?
  19. Do children learn better when placed in small classrooms or large ones? What impact does this learning environment have on students’ performance?
  20. Is social networking causing us to lose face-to-face interaction skills?
  21. How is technology changing your life?
  22. World Poverty
  23. Homelessness
  24. Child Abuse
  25. The United States Social Security System
  26. Health Care
  27. Violence Against Women and Children
  28. Elderly Abuse and Neglect
  29. Crime and Punishment
  30. Animal Abuse
  31. Environmental Pollution
  32. Do you think that parents should say what their children wear to school?
  33. What can be done to reduce pollution?
  34. Should governments give money to adults who want to complete their education but cannot afford it?
  35. Should religion and politics be separate? Explain your answer. How can bullying be prevented in schools?
  36. What is the best way to help homeless people find homes?
  37. Should gun control laws be stricter or less strict than they currently are?
  38. In what ways does poverty affect children?
  39. Is there any way to lower health care costs in the U.S.?
  40. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  41. Social Issues in the US
  42. Education Issues in the US
  43. Immigration Issues in the US
  44. Social Issues Around the World
  45. Abortion and Pro-Life Movement Around the World
  46. Gun Control Around the World
  47. Civil Liberties Around the World
  48. Civil Rights Around the World
  49. Education Issues Around the World
  50. Immigration Issues Around the World
  51. Women’s rights
  52. Social Security
  53. Global warming and environmental protection
  54. Abortion
  55. Homosexuality
  56. Smoking and drinking
  57. Corporations control over people
  58. Immigration policies
  59. Drug abuse and addiction treatment
  60. Family violence and divorce rates
  61. Poverty and homelessness
  62. Education system
  63. Terrorism
  64. Racism, racial discrimination, and conflicts between races in the United States
  65. Teen suicide rates in the US today
  66. Crime rates in America today (different types of crimes)
  67. Political correctness is today’s society (is it a good idea or not)
  68. Euthanasia (supposing this to be legal)
  69. Doping (use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports)
  70. Prostitution (legalization vs. prohibition)
  71. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of different companies worldwide (Walmart, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nike, Adidas, etc.).

Interesting Social Issues Essay Topics

To write an impressive paper on social issues, you need to show personal engagements with the subject and analytical ability to discuss its causes and effects. __

  1. Gender equality
  2. Ending world hunger
  3. Racial discrimination
  4. Animal rights
  5. Climate change
  6. Alcoholism and drugs
  7. Growing up in a divorced home
  8. Euthanasia and the right-to-die debate
  9. Political corruption and lobbying for legislation that is not in the best interest of the country or its citizens
  10. Teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexual abuse
  11. Issues of alcohol abuse and how it affects young people and their parents.
  12. Is obesity a social issue? How can it be solved?
  13. The impact of tobacco use in the modern world.
  14. How advertising influences teenagers and young adults to start smoking.
  15. Teenage pregnancy and what can be done about it.
  16. What are the main causes of gender discrimination? What can be done about it?
  17. Are IQ tests racist? Do they measure intelligence?

What are The Social Issues Of Today?

Today’s social issues are as important as they’ve ever been, and if you need to do a research paper or essay on any of these topics, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the top 10 most important social issues in America today:

  1. Health care for all
  2. Education for everyone
  3. Adoption of children
  4. Women’s rights
  5. Animal rights
  6. Gun control and violence against women
  7. Human rights
  8. War and peace in countries around the world
  9. The economy and jobs in America
  10. Gay marriage rights or gay rights in general

List of Social Issues for Essay Writing in 2022

Many social issues have been plaguing communities around the world. These are major issues that require immediate solutions to get rid of them. The fact that the concerned people are still discussing these issues shows that they do not have concrete solutions. Below is a list of social issues for essay writing in 2022:

  1. The issue of poverty and its effects on children and families
  2. The legalization of drugs and their effects on youth
  3. The issue of abortion and its effects on women
  4. The issue of obesity among children and adults alike
  5. The impact of war on civilians
  6. The issue of environmental sustainability and its effects on food production and distribution
  7. The issue of the LGBT community rights, especially those concerning marriage, adoption, and service in the military
  8. The Rise of Homophobia in America
  9. The Issue of Domestic Violence in America
  10. Fast Food and Obesity in America
  11. Gun Violence in America (against)
  12. Causes and Efforts to Reduce Poverty
  13. Environmental pollution
  14. Alcoholism
  15. Tobacco
  16. COVID-19 & Global Pandemic
  17. Healthcare Reform
  18. Discrimination
  19. Global warming
  20. Pollution of the environment
  21. Nuclear weapons and power plants
  22. Abortion rights
  23. The death penalty worldwide
  24. Stem cell research
  25. Human cloning and genetic engineering eliminate diseases, disabilities, congenital disabilities, etc.
  26. War on terrorism, human rights violations, Guantanamo Bay detention camp, torture of prisoners, anti-American sentiment in the Islamic world and the world in general, etc.
  27. Freedom of speech, the right of citizens to express their political views without fear or intimidation, freedom of the press (news media) worldwide and censorship by governments or private entities that threaten these freedoms, etc.”
  28. Racism,
  29. The Black Lives Matter Social Movement.
  30. Littering
  31. The Presence of the U.S. Military Troops in Afghanistan
  32. The Challenges of Remote Education
  33. Global Pandemic & Vaccination
  34. Global Unemployment Peak
  35. Healthcare Bias in Modern Society
  36. Discrimination against pregnant women.
  37. How to deal with pornography addiction.
  38. Polygamy in the US.


Social Issues are among the most interesting topics we have seen so far. The topics revolve around issues experienced by human beings, including environmental issues, social policies, domestic issues, and many more. These topics help you understand how a commoner lives these days, the problems they might face every day in the life, and how to solve them. Social Issues essay writing will not just enrich your knowledge about society and culture, but it will also help you gain a lot of skills to become an efficient writer of academic essays.