What Are The Different Types of Thesis Statements

Types of Thesis Statement

Importance of the thesis statement and why you should employ it in writing

It is a fact that most college students struggle with writing quality thesis statements. The reason is that they either were not taught how to write one, or they forgot. Regardless of whether you know how to write a thesis statement or not, you will be required to include a thesis statement in the many essays that you will write while in college. Have you ever listened to a story from a person who was not good at storytelling? You probably might have experienced difficulties understanding the story or following the flow of thoughts because some points that required further explanation were told in brief, or some concepts were explained using many meaningless words. Maybe, the information that was to be included in the conclusion was presented in the introduction. Just as a personal story can be so disorganized, an essay can also fall into the same category of being disorganized. Therefore, that is why writers need to include a thesis statement in their essays. In this article, we focus on the various types of thesis statements that you can use in your work and why each of them is unique depending on the type of papers that you are scripting. As a writer, your thesis statement should always focus on the central idea, which originates from the selected topic. A thesis is one of the longest sentences in academic writing, which may appear towards the end of your introduction paragraph. The thesis statement forecasts the main concepts of an essay and suggests how the information will be organized. Students striving to write quality essays need to ask themselves this one question, “what are the different types of thesis statements?” Well, learners struggling to write their thesis statements or dissertation can seek assistance from an enterprise providing essay writing services. There are three main types of thesis statements, which may include; analytical, argumentative, and explanatory. The importance of a thesis statement in any academic task cannot be underestimated and it is important that you understand why you should always use them in all the papers that you write. The importance that stands out is the fact that the statement helps you write better papers that your audience can easily understand. When you fail to use the hypothesis in your papers, it is likely that you will lose focus as you write which may make your papers unintelligible no matter how much time you spend writing. Let us explore some of the most common types of thesis statements used in the different levels of writing.

Three Types of Thesis Statement
Three Types of Thesis Statement

Analytical thesis statement

From the term analytical, an individual may conclude that the main focus is on analyzing a specific problem. When you are writing a paper that needs you to write an analytical thesis statement, you need first to define the topic. Afterward, you distinguish various aspects then; finally, you conclude with an evaluation of the topic. An analytical thesis statement first presents that subject, which should be discussed, and then provides a way to resolve it. Analytical thesis statements are mostly used in writing science and mathematics courses, where there is an analysis of data. Unlike persuasive thesis statements, which are mostly factual, analytical thesis statements are always tied to a specific study or text. If you find yourself struggling to write an impressive thesis statement, you can try using the free thesis statement generator by Peachy essay. The tool is not only free but also has a user-friendly interface. A perfect example of an analytical thesis statement is; “the college’s policy to begin its school day an hour later presented three related benefits: learners performed better in their assignments, were more positive in regards to their institution, and were more attentive and alert in class.” When you are using such a thesis statement in your work, it becomes possible to analyze the benefits of the school changing its school hours in comparison to what happened when a regular schedule was maintained. When you think critically and analytically, you can easily be explained why the learners performed better mainly because they had more time on their hands to make and adjust their schedules into something more achievable. The students also got more time to relax which improved their cognitive functions. You may also notice that the statement is strong because it is not based on factual claims. Although these types of statements usually seem more challenging to employ in academic writing, an experienced writer can easily use them to attract the attention of the reader since they are not obvious and the readers are forced to wonder what class hours have to do with the performance and positive attitude. These types of statements also force you as the writer to think from a very different point of view which is considered very important in advanced level writing.

Explanatory thesis statement

An essay that incorporates an explanatory thesis statement requires the writer to provide a detailed explanation of the topic to the reader. As a result, for you to be logical and clear, you are required to provide a description of meaningful or most significant ideas of the topic on you are supposed to base your arguments on. When you are writing an explanatory thesis statement, you should always keep in mind that you are presenting different aspects of your topic in the same order as they will be mentioned and thereafter discussed in the body paragraphs. It is important to note that these types of thesis statements are always centered on factual information. This type of thesis statement neither supports claims nor does it encompass personal information that cannot be supported by evidence. In other words, it informs the readers what the topic is, the major concepts that will be presented, and finally, how it will be discussed. A perfect example of an explanatory thesis statement is; “The life of a typical college student is characterized by time spend socializing with friends, attending lectures, and completing assignments.” In the thesis statement provided, a student’s college life is expounded using the mentioned three areas. When you employ such a thesis statement in your work, you will need to give explanations and evidence to support your position. We all understand the various things that you expect to go through during your college years but we have to keep in mind that we all have different experiences in college. Despite the fact that such a kind of explanation is meant to capture the larger picture of the life of the normal college student, there are also other factors that may interfere with your life in school. A good approach to such an essay using such a thesis statement would be to consider some of the factors that prevent students from achieving this kind of life including health problems and academic disruptions. The statement can however be used to explain the various things and issues that collegiate level students face in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Argumentative thesis statement

Through judging by the name of the thesis statement, it presents something common to an argument. An argumentative essay’s main focus is on presenting a strong argument by expressing sentiments on certain subjects and taking a stand thereafter. The body of your paper should aim at supporting your claims. Unlike in explanatory thesis statements where the information is based on factual information, argumentative essays, on the other hand, allows the writer to make a claim and thereafter, persuades the readers of their stances. A good example, if you are planning to write your essay on whether cities should make public libraries to stop operating, you may proceed with a thesis statement such as, “the government should halt the operations of public libraries since they do not make good use of tax because of rapid advancement in technology.” In the example, the writer has provided some of the reasons why public libraries’ operations should be stopped. In essence, the argumentative thesis statement’s main objective is to present an opinion and, thereafter, present information in a way that will persuade the readers to believe the claims. These kinds of statements are very common and should never be based on a fact. When you use such a thesis statement in your paper, you need to be prepared to conduct as much research as possible to make sure that you can support your arguments. One of the best approaches would be to show the audience why the public libraries are relevant and what impacts they make. You could also show why the government finds it relevant to continue financing such institutions. You are not limited to a specific type of research so long as you possess the ability to argue out all your points in a logical manner. In most cases, you will find these types of statements much easier to use in your writing since most argumentative essays are open-ended. You however need to take into consideration the conflicting arguments that have been used by other people as you employ such arguments. The essence of such a thesis statement is to direct you as you write and explain to the reader the position that you are going to take in all your arguments.

Challenges students encounter when writing impressive thesis statements.

You should never be fooled that all thesis statements are just a sentence long. Regardless of whether it is long or short, you should always remember that your entire essay’s quality depends on how well-written your thesis statement is. One of the challenges most writers encounter when writing their thesis statements is making it debatable. A thesis statement requires support as well as the debate that can lead to a discussion. Most students are fond of writing their thesis statement in the following format; “Every day students without cars go to school on foot.” The statement presented in the example is a fact that does not prompt any argument, and therefore, it is a poorly written thesis statement. It would have sounded better if the idea used in the same statement was written in this format,” The other challenge most college students encounter when writing a thesis statement is making it specific. The majority of the students have difficulty in making their thesis specific and sufficiently narrow. Always remember to avoid using words that sound too general, such as bad and good. Your thesis statement should be specific in the sense that it goes straight to the point. Finally, it would be best if you evaded from writing your thesis statement in the form of a question. In situations where you find out that your thesis statement is in the form of a question, you will realize that the actual thesis statement is the response you develop from the question. In essence, some of the challenges college students encounter when writing their thesis statements are making it debatable and specific.

Important points to remember when writing thesis statements

The placement of your thesis statement should always be at the introduction since it contains your paper’s main objectives. The thesis statements act as the central base and aid the reader in understanding the paper’s context. Always remember that the points discussed in the essay should not exceed those mentioned in the thesis statement. In regards to the composition of the thesis statement, it should not only be specific but also stick to the point. Using a generalized statement may make it difficult for readers to understand the objectives of the paper. On the same note, you may fail to gain all the marks because of not being specific. If you want to get impressive grades, always ensure that you evade using generalized terms or irrelevant information. Rather than concentrating on making your thesis statement long, you should focus on making it specific. The third point is clarity. The main ideas of your thesis statement should be clearly stated out. Rather than using jargon or complicated sentences, you should use a simple language that can also be understood by an individual who has not advanced their studies. In the thesis statement, you do not have too much space to make an extensive description of individual words or concepts. Most of the information should be provided in the body paragraphs. In essence, you should use simple words in writing your thesis statement. Finally, your thesis statement should discuss your position in regards to the topic. The reader should easily grasp whether your arguments are in support or against the topic. Your thesis statement should be able to clarify your point and provide reasons why you have selected a particular side of the topic. In essence, always ensure that your thesis statement is specific, explicit, and discusses your point.

Why students should use a thesis statement generator tool

Writing impressive thesis statements may be challenging for most college students. For you to score remarkable grades, you must come up with a quality thesis statement that will aid the readers in understanding the objectives of your paper without so much difficulty. Coming up with an impressive thesis statement requires the writer to think critically as well as be careful about the selection of words. The entire process is not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of effort. The following are some of the benefits of using the tool to generate your thesis statement.

     1. It is free

There is nothing as impressive to students as using a tool that they do not have to pay to use its services. College life is difficult for most students, and adding a price tag to the tool can make these learners’ lives more difficult. The majority of the students have to finance their education in addition to many other responsibilities. Therefore, the fact that a thesis statement generator is free

     2. Saves on time

Whereas some students can come up with well-written thesis statements effortlessly, the truth is that most college students spend a lot of time developing their thesis statements. The time that could have been used in other more important areas such as proofreading and editing or researching credible sources of information is used in developing a single sentence. The good thing is that the tool has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easier for any person to use regardless of whether they have interacted with the tool before. Also, the tool can generate an impressive thesis statement within a minimum duration. Students can, therefore, use their extra time to edit their work or advancing their skills.

     3. Aids in developing thesis statements that will capture the reader’s attention

A thesis statement is one of the last sentences in the introduction paragraph. One of the ways of capturing the attention of the readers is by having an impressive introduction. A well-written thesis statement will make the readers want to read your entire essay without stopping. College students may be wondering how they can come up with an impressive thesis statement that will capture the readers’ attention. Well, the answer lies in the thesis statement generator. With the tool, students can generate a unique thesis statement regardless of the complexity of the topic. Coming up with a well-written thesis statement is not a walk in the park. The writer is required to take a lot of time and careful thoughts to ensure that the thesis statement flows naturally. College students should always remember that when writing a thesis statement, it should focus on the central idea, which can be reasonably covered within an estimated page length. Although it can be time-consuming and difficult, having a well-written thesis statement will make it easier for the writer to develop and arrange their thoughts as well as more enjoyable to read. With the information presented in this article, college students can easily differentiate the different types of thesis statements. They will also be familiar with the best examples of different types of thesis statements. Although writing thesis statements is not easy, it is always worth the effort in the long-run. https://vimeo.com/661795519