How to Write a Problem Solution Essay – Comprehensive Guide

How to Write Problem Solution Essay

Knowing how to compose a problem solution essay can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. The problem clarifies what the issue is clearly and explicitly. It exhibits that this isn’t only an individual grievance, however, a real issue that really influences the overall population. Why? Since it will appeals more to the audience. Anything that influences an individual, regardless of whether directly or indirectly makes the individual inquisitive or inspired by it.

The solution is the part that offers a solid answer for the issue. It clarifies why this one is the best response among others. The understudy or the essayist can likewise incorporate different answers for it and simply add which one the person believes is the most ideal choice. While introducing multiple problem-solution items, these must be introduced in an intelligent order to guarantee that they are effortlessly perceived by the readers or crowd of the exposition.

What is a Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem-solution is a strategy for examining and expounding on a theme that recognizes an issue and thus giving at least one answer for it. Problem-solution papers are ordinarily short articles that contend and persuade a reader to take on an issue or address it with a specific goal in mind. It is generally composed of an introduction, a problem, a solution, and a conclusion.

Components of a Problem-Solution Essay

Every problem solution paper should have four parts

Components of Problem Solution Essay

The situation

This is an introduction to the background of the problem.

Description of the Problem

Entails your description of the particulars of the issue and why it should be tended to. It will be essential to give a point by point clarification of the issue, and this will regularly include research. Demonstrating that the issue is genuine and deserving of consideration may likewise mean discovering a few measurements of its effect on individuals, nature, or a physical environment. Causes should likewise be distinguished in light of the fact that in those causes the pertinent solution could lie.


This is your proposed answer to the issue. The solution will be identified with the examination that has been led.


This is an overview of your previously stated ideas along with a call for action.

Now and then problem-solution exposition will address more than one issue, however, this move is just powerful when the various issues exist in a similar domain — else, you will think that it’s difficult to focus on the answers for the issues.

Step-By-Step Guide to Writing a Problem-Solution Essay

A decent problem-solution exposition will propose an answer that can be executed fairly and will, obviously, take care of the issue. You should stay away from any notions and adhere to a particular issue with explicit and actionable steps.

Here’s how to go about it:

Guide to Write Problem Solution Essay

Introduce the Problem

In your initial section, you will cautiously outline the issue. What is it and for what reason should be settled? After you’ve done such, express your thesis statement. In these expositions, your thesis will be your answer to the issue. State it compactly in a couple of sentences.

Mind about the Reader

Don’t simply depict the issue in dull definitions. You need to describe it from the readers’ eyes. Present the subject that will make the reader take an interest. For what reason does this issue make a difference? For what reason would it be a good idea for them to mind?

There are numerous approaches to draw readers in. Offer stunning insights that will stun them into taking an abrupt interest. Offer a genuine individual story that will pull at the heartstrings a bit. Or on the other hand, clarify how the issue advanced from an ordinary issue to a worthwhile cause.

Outline Your Solution

Whenever you’ve drafted your introduction, it’s an ideal opportunity to plunge into the body of the paper. Depending on length necessities, you should focus on three strong passages that talk about the solution. Obviously, you should start with clarity. Clarify your answer in basic terms that anybody could comprehend. Offer as many details as could reasonably be expected about how this will take care of the issue without getting unnecessarily wordy.

Where conceivable, refer to prove for your answer. Offer models where comparative solutions have worked previously. Refer to well-qualified assessment, insights, and studies. In the event that you’re proposing another solution that hasn’t been investigated previously, then you can depend vigorously on legitimate contention. Clarify why you think your answer will be powerful.

As you weave the body of your article together, think about sound logistics. Who will finance your solution? What amount of time will it require? If you can refer to any undeniable counters, begin to conclude your article with potential reactions to likely criticisms.

Paint a Final Picture

Painting a final picture is an ideal way to conclude the article. Describe the next stages that should happen right away. Illustrate what the world would resemble after your commonsense solution has been executed.

Probably the most ideal approaches to close an exposition are with non-serious inquiries, for example, “Isn’t this the kind of world we as a whole try to live in?” Or, you can refer to a type of source of inspiration. Request that others join the cause, or direct them to some other source for more information.

How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay?

How do you begin a problem-solution exposition? From the outset, you need to get yourself a point to talk about. It is useful to investigate potential thoughts for critical thinking papers and record those that are either identified with the class you are composing the paper for or those that you find sufficiently intriguing to survey.

It is critical to pick the most significant and fascinating issues, which can be seen from a few different viewpoints.

Tips for Writing a Problem-Solution Essay

Here are the tips for writing a problem-solution essay.

Tips for Writing Problem Solution Essay

Pick a problem that is intriguing

Choose an interesting problem for your intended interest group and is adequately unique, which implies that there are so relatively few answers for it.

As you should persuade every one of your readers that this issue is, in reality, significant, research it cautiously and pick respectable contentions to reinforce your decision of issue.

Make the reader care

Some disturbing statistics may come in handy in this case to make the reader care. If the problem you have picked is by and largely new, clarify its background in detail. The explanation behind it is basic – no one jumps at the chance to find out about the things they don’t comprehend.

It is also a good idea to tell some personal story if it relates to the problem under consideration and this is allowed by your teacher or professor.

Prior to picking the answers for the present in the paper, list everyone you have found and spotlight just on those that are reasonable, innovative, powerful, straightforward, and convincing.

You will be needed to demonstrate that your answers are achievable and merit the consideration of your crowd. Also, it will be imperative to persuade every one of your readers that your answers are simply in a way that is better than other regularly referenced other options. In this way, consider solid contentions.

Furnish readers with the “last picture.” Briefly outline the results which will arise if your answers are executed. Along these lines, you will show that what you offer has been thoroughly considered cautiously and can really help.

Problem-Solution Essay Outline

In contrast to a regular article, which for the most part offers just one way to deal with making a framework, a problem-solution paper permits you to make the blueprint in two distinct manners. These techniques are known as the Block and Chain strategies. Regardless of which kind of framework you choose to go for, composing an outline is a basic step on your way to a splendid article; since it will help you remain on point all through the composition.

Problem solution essay structure is the same as for regular academic papers:


Above all else, you should ensure that the introduction of your problem and solution article provides a clear description of the challenge and some relevant background information. Additionally, you need to attempt to clarify the reasons for that issue (if conceivable, obviously), just as its degree, impact, and possible outcomes if will remain uncertain. When all is said in done, your point is to assist your readers with understanding your techniques and give all the fundamental data too that.

The thesis statement of your paper may contend for the earnest need to handle the issue or for its single solution. The proposal you think of should comprise of one sentence as it were. Its purpose is to communicate the primary concern of your critical thinking paper. If you have no clue about how to create your thesis statement, you may find some customer service problem-solving examples online. Recall that this sentence is the main piece of your introduction.


The body of your task ought to describe a few solutions and foresee the results of these arrangements. It is additionally imperative to make reference to the upsides and downsides of every solution, just as their possibility. Obviously, if there is any data on endeavors that have been made to address the issue you are expounding on, you need to incorporate it as well.


The conclusion typically contains a source of inspiration, encouraging the readers to get included, either in making the proposed solution materialize or proceeding to look for the right answers. Future outcomes of the issue and the impacts of leaving it uncertain can be utilized as inspiration.

Problem Solution Essay Format

All things considered, there are no particular prerequisites for a critical thinking exposition design. You can arrange the paper as indicated by any style you like, for example, APA, MLA, Harvard, or even Chicago. In a perfect world, you ought to request your instructor what style of designing you need to adhere to and demand a guide if conceivable. If your academic institution has a writing center, they might be able to help you ensure that the formatting of your work is spotless.

Topic Ideas for Problem-Solution Essays

When it comes to finding a topic, stick to what matters to you personally. Is it true that you are an individual from an association that could utilize a little change? Or, perhaps you’re not faced with any specific problem at the moment, but you know you will in the future. In case you’re entering school, you may have an understudy loan obligation in your future. Maybe you’ll introduce feasible solutions that the public authority or colleges themselves can consider.

Here’s a shortlist of topics that might get the wheels turning:

  • Alcoholism
  • Harassing in school
  • Credit card debt
  • Dangers for procrastination
  • Endangered species
  • The issue in family relationships
  • An excess of time spent via web-based media
  • Contamination
  • Security issues in web-based dating
  • High scholar self-destruction
  • Infringement of Americans’ security rights
  • Work-life balance

How to Find Solutions to Your Problems

Before you can propose your own answers for the issues, you need to show your earlier examination on the issue by offering a portion of the solutions recently planned by different researchers. Examine whether they were totally fruitful, and if not, what can be changed about them. At that point, you can proceed onward to proposing your own answers for the issues featured in the prior pieces of the exposition.

The work on your answers can be partitioned into three simple steps:

Offer a strategy

Your answer should be basic and definite, perhaps in a step-by-step form. Think about the possible analysis of your answer and address it in a similar part.

Backing your answer with models

Regardless of whether it is photos, measurements, or just stories, there should be a solid foundation for your recently planned solution.

Provide a call to action

Rather than just offering a conclusion to your answer, be proactive, and urge your crowd to make a move. If the problem you’ve depicted is genuine and you’ve offered some certifiable solutions, the call to action will be compelling.

Proofreading Tips

Here are the means by which to ensure your composing fulfills the most elevated scholarly guidelines:

  • Subsequent to completing the paper, leave it for a couple of days prior to returning and editing it with a new standpoint.
  • Check whether your article covers each of the four components of a problem solution paper.
  • Ensure the thesis statement plainly alludes to the substance of the exposition.
  • Affirm that you’ve done the broadest examination of the issue.
  • Check whether the solutions offered to the issue are practical and can be accomplished.
  • Give extraordinary consideration to the conclusion: it needs to sum up the content, yet in addition offer a source of inspiration.
  • Utilize online services like Grammarly to check your spelling and accentuation.
  • Request one from your companions or relatives to edit your paper to ensure no punctuation or sensible errors ruin your final grade.

Two Ways to Write an Outline

There are two fundamental approaches to structure a problem-solution exposition. These are similar to the ways to structure cause and effect essays, namely using a block or a chain structure. For the block structure, the entirety of the issues are recorded first, and the entirety of the solutions are recorded a while later. For the chain structure, every issue is followed promptly by the answer for that issue. The two sorts of structures have their benefits. The previous is by and large more clear, particularly for more limited articles, while the last guarantees that any solution you present relate straightforwardly to the issues you have given.

In contrast to an ordinary paper, which by and large offers just one way to deal with making a framework, a problem-solution exposition permits you to make the blueprint in two distinct manners. These strategies are known as the Block and Chain techniques. Regardless of which kind of layout you choose to go for, composing an outline is a fundamental step on your way to a splendid exposition; since it will help you remain on the subject all through the composition.

Problem Solution Essay